Cheers...To New Beginnings: Chapter 7 P2
Published Apr 7, 2015

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Hello everyone; what an ending huh? I wonder how things went down! Shall we continue? I think we should!

Hello everyone; what an ending huh? I wonder how things went down! Shall we continue? I think we should! - September 2021 -

It was an amazing summer for some and for others it was the complete opposite; new found love, possible breakups and new experiences to take on. But now that summer is over and the summer fun is no longer in anyone’s brain, will they use this space to try and overcome the current obstacles that are still occurring?
For the young high school graduates Michaela, her boyfriend Buck and Leah's Daughter Miley, it was now time for them to overcome the many obstacles that were soon to occur and learn and embrace them in their new environment at Sim State University where they are starting their first semester.

The girls weren't aware that they were studying at the same campus, but it was nice to see another familiar face! Miley is of course studying Art, Michaela is going to study Technology and Buck is going to study Business.
- Hidden Springs, Colorado (19th September 2021) -

For the newly married couple and expectant parents, their summer was wonderful; in between going through the changes to her body, to just about getting over her morning sickness and then to Malik starting his training for the new season with his fellow footballers, it has been a blast!

They have even welcomed the autumn season and used their time wisely by going away for a week (during Malik's team's bye week) to a place where Gabriella can get some relaxation going on.
Though the pregnancy has been going well, Malik hardly wants Gabriella doing anything, but Gabriella isn't really the type to be sitting around all day doing nothing so that's why Malik suggested that they go to his place here in Hidden Springs where she won't need to do anything!

Gabriella: *walking up the stairs* It's been a while since we've been here!

Malik: It has! He responded as he followed her up the stairs with some luggage.

Gabriella: I'm starting to like your idea of coming here now!

Malik: I knew you would!..It's exactly what the both of us needs!..It's going to be a tough month!
Gabriella: It always is at the beginning of the season; you were on a break for seven months, you'll get into the routine soon!

Malik: I know, I know..but I'm kinda glad that we got this week, it's been so intense!

Gabriella: Well try not to think too hard about it! *caressing his shoulders* You're on vacation in the wintery slopes; enjoy it! Though I don't know how you will when your mother arrives!

Malik: I will, trust me! He kisses her on the forehead. Besides, I'm sure she'll be pre-occupied with Javed anyway! Caroline and her partner weren't officially invited, but when they heard that these two were coming here for a week, Caroline sprung up the idea that she and Javed will join them without even seeing if it was alright with Malik and Gabriella!

But Gabriella knew that Malik wouldn't say no to his mummy!
Gabriella: I'm pregnant and just went through a four hour and thirty minute flight and now I'm I don't know about you but I'm gonna take a nap, if that's alright?

Malik: 'Course! As long as you are relaxing that is fine by me!

Gabriella: Thank you babe. She kissed him on the cheek before making her way to the master bedroom. Malik brought their luggage upstairs then came back down to cook them something to eat.

He then hanged out in the games room until Gab's woke up from her nap which was late in the afternoon! As she made her way down to the kitchen she could hear noises coming from the game room, so she made a detour before getting something to eat.
Gabriella: So this is what you've been doing while I was asleep? She went and stood next to the pinball machine to lean on it.

Malik: Yup!..Did you just wake up?

Gabriella: A few minutes didn't even feel like I slept as long as I did!

Malik: Well you were jet-lagged, and pregnant! I just hope you can go to sleep later!

Gabriella: I will, I'll do something that'll tire me out! She gave him a wink and walked off. Is there anything downstairs to eat? Malik was grinning as finished his game and followed her downstairs.

Malik: Yeah I cooked something earlier!
Gabriella did fall asleep later on, it was about two in the morning as they watched a movie in bed; Malik fell asleep first and the next day was similar as they tried to get over their jet-lag by getting some extra sleep.

- 21st September 2021 -

Today Caroline and Javed's flight was coming into Colorado and Malik is going to pick them up. Gabriella took it easy in the morning as she had no choice 'cause Malik was around, but when he left to pick them up which was after twelve she was up on her feet and had the urge to bake, so that's what she did!

She had the music up loud and was having so much fun she almost forgot what it was like! She understands why Malik is so extra protective and she has concerns herself, but she can't be kept in a bubble during the pregnancy and that's what scares him so much!
- In The Car (Returning to the cabin) -

Malik: I didn't know you were coming too Gayle!

Gayle: Your mother asked if it was okay if I helped out for the week; how could I refuse.

Caroline: Exactly! Having extra hands around the house will be lovely don't you think?

Malik: Mum, you couldn't last a week doing certain chores on your own?

Caroline: I could!..But we have to take in mind that there is a pregnant woman in the house and you want her to rest; you can't do everything Malik!

Malik: I never said I could!..But don't you think Gayle has other things to be dealing with than coming all the way up here?
Gayle: Oh Malik love it's okay..thank you for your concern though.

Malik: Alright!...Well- *turning into the driveway* here we are!

Caroline: Home sweet home! You're gonna love it here sweetie! She assured Javed after Malik parked the car and they got out from the same side; she wrapped her arm around his.

Javed: *kissing her forehead* I'm sure I will! Malik went to the back of the car to take out some luggage and brought it upstairs; Javed helped whereas Caroline and Gayle went inside the house. The closer they got to the door, the clearer the music became!

Caroline followed the music into the kitchen where she could not believe what she saw. Gayle and the rest followed.
Gabriella: *singing along* Bamma, bamma bamma!....Bamma, bamma, bamma! She then felt as if she was being watched so she turned around cautiously to find the whole gang standing there watching her. Oh! *scratching the back of her head* You're here!

Malik: What are you doing? You're supposed to be resting, not breaking down to Soulja Boy!

Gabriella: Babe relax I've only been up for a little while okay, I'm fine..We're fine! *trying to change the subject* Look, I baked!

Malik: Yeah I can see that!

Caroline: And you thought we could handle some chores for the week! *turning around* Come Gayle, lemme show you to your room! And Gayle followed her upstairs.

Malik: Babe you need to take it slow okay?

Gabriella: You know that I am pregnant and not an invalid right? I can't just stay in one place all day long!
Malik: That's not what I'm asking you to do though...I'm not expecting you to stay in the house all day doing nothing! I just want you to be safe and make sure that you rest regularly!..I don't want anything bad to happen.

Gabriella: Oh baby..I can't promise you that everything will be fine because I can't foretell the future, but just try to relax like I told you the other day and...I will try and do the same..okay?

Malik: Okay. They gave each other a nice kiss while they remained embracing.

Gabriella: I didn't know Gayle was coming too!

Malik: You and me, I'll clean up and while I do that why don't you-

Gabriella: I'm gonna pee and come back and check on my cobbler! And she left Malik standing there looking at the mess that she made.
Later on in the evening Caroline treated them all to dinner at this restaurant called 'Angela's Bistro'. After delaying their departure as Gabby could not decide on what to wear, they eventually left the house and were on their way to have a nice meal. The restaurant was nice and the food was delicious; surprisingly they were having a great time even though they were dining with Malik's mother and boyfriend and had to see and hear certain things that a child should not hear from their mother!

The next few days in Hidden Springs was lovely; Gabriella and Caroline had a girls day out as they spent the day at the spa and Malik and Javed were hanging out getting to know each other while snowboarding.
They also made use of the snow and had a snowball fight, they made snowmen and even snow angels before their teeth began to chatter and went back inside in the warmth and had a nice cup of hot chocolate! Gabriella's agent even arranged a photo-shoot as she was given the opportunity to be on the cover of Ebony magazine, so the day before their return home Gabby was in the walk-in closet getting her hair and makeup done.

Malik isn't going to feature in the magazine with the momma to be, but he was nearby checking in from time to time making sure that his wife was okay.
The crew were here for about two hours getting the photos that they wanted and even though Gabby was tired she pulled through 'til the end. And then came the interview; Malik observed.

Journalist: So how are you?

Gabriella: Tired..but I'm good!

Journalist: And how has the pregnancy been so far? You're about five months now aren't you?

Gabriella: Just over four months actually! I'll be nineteen weeks tomorrow and already my belly is huge!

Journalist: You're carrying a baby it's natural! Or are there two buns in the oven?
Gabriella: I have been lucky and blessed with two beautiful and healthy babies!

Journalist: Aww! Congratulations! And have you found out what you are having?

Gabriella: No not week! I can't wait 'cause I haven't even bought any clothes yet and that's one of the things I'm looking forward to do! I've bought a lot of books for them though!

Journalist: Of course! But other than books is there particular gender that you are hoping for?

Gabriella: Well for Malik he is hoping for a little football player but I don't mind, just as long as they are healthy! Though it would be nice to have a girl and a boy but..we'll see!

Journalist: Yeah..aww I'm excited just thinking about it and they're not even mine! *laughs* Butuh you said you haven't bought clothes, is that the same for the nursery?

Gabriella: From the moment I found out that I was pregnant I was thinking about what we should do for the nursery; I think that when I know the genders it will help me, though I would like to keep the room neutral!
Journalist: Well whatever you decide I know it will be lovely; so when's the baby shower, when are you due?

Gabriella: Well I don't know about the baby shower but I'm due in January which is the same month as my birthday so I can't wait to see what happens!

Journalist: A birthday for three!

Gabriella: Exactly! Though it would be the best birthday present even though I'll be in pain!

Journalist: We'll at least you'll have everyone by your side! Are you having the baby in Miami or are you guys going back to LA where most of your family are?

Gabriella: I'll be having them in Miami 'cause my family is all over the place; we're in Miami, my parents, my brother, my grandfather are in New York and my aunt and her family are in LA so it's better that they just come to us!
Journalist: Makes sense! So is your family excited about this pregnancy?

Gabriella: Very! Especially my mother, she's been waiting for this since the day I was born I'm sure! *laughing* She's actually going to be staying with us in Miami for the last couple of months!

Journalist: Well that is a very supportive mother right there!

Gabriella: Yeah..I just wonder how long it will take before we clash! But I love her and she's sweet; 'cause Malik is back at work and he doesn't want me to be in the house alone.

Journalist: A protective father!

Gabriella: A very protective father!

The interview went on for about twenty minutes overall and Gabriella was glad when they had all packed up and left because she was hungry and tired. Gayle had cooked Gabriella's favourite so when she was finished it would be warm and ready for her; after that she went and had a nap.
- In The Evening -

When Gabriella woke up from her nap, she and Malik lounged around in the living room embracing the hours they have left in Hidden Springs!

Gabriella: I love my life!..I know I have gone through a lot of negative situations in my life, but I wouldn't want to change anything!

Malik: What made you think about that?

Gabriella: I don't know..maybe 'cause we're going back home and I can't stop thinking about what's going on with Jules and Garret!..I..I'm just shocked about everything!

Malik: I don't know man..'cause it seems like something was going on from long before that happened.
Gabriella: It did! It feels like ages ago, but you remember when we announced the pregnancy to everyone? Well not everyone but to whom we told anyway?

Malik: Yeah..that's was a good day!

Gabriella: It was wasn't it! You could finally unzip your mouth and tell everybody!

Malik: Yeah my mum was quite pleased to hear knowing that she's going to be a grandmother!

Gabriella: Was she?

Malik: She was..but she specifically noted that she doesn't want to be called grandma! Gabriella laughed.

Gabriella: Okay Caroline!...So anyway..
- 24th August 2021 (Past) -

The day after I was calling and calling Jules as she never attended, but there was no answer; later on I got a phone call from Michaela telling me Garret has left and that she had concerns about her aunt and was contemplating whether to go to uni or not!

I then called Aaliyah to ask her if she knew anything, but all she told me was that Jules called one day to ask her if she could take control of the salon temporarily; she said she hasn't heard or seen her since!

So when Aaliyah finished work, me and her went to Jules' to see what was going on!
We were waiting at the door for so long that I almost didn't think anyone was going to answer and at that point I was getting very worried, but then Jules came and answered the door looking..terrible.

Jules: Hi.

Gabriella: Jules what's going on I'm worried about you?

Jules: Nothing..I'm fine, go home. She was about to close the door but Gabriella spoke up.

Gabriella: We're not going home until you tell us what's going on! You are not okay Jules; Michaela called me earlier and told me that Garret's left and that she doesn't want to leave you here alone while she's at Uni!

Aaliyah: Please Jules. She begged. In the mood that Jules was in she would've shut the door in their faces and go back to the little hole that she came out from in her bedroom, but she needed to talk, she needed to let it out rather than keep it all bottled inside!

So she let us in and we went and sat down in the seating area by the fire and we waited for her to talk.
Gabriella: We're not going anywhere Jules, just reminding you! Jules gave out a sigh.

Jules: Coffee? Tea anyone? She asked getting out of her seat and making her way towards the kitchen.

Gabriella: *briefly looking at Aaliyah* Tea please.

Aaliyah: The same please. They sat quietly until Jules came back with the tea and sat down.

Jules: It's a long story so I wanted you to have something to drink, though I think you'll need something stronger.

Aaliyah: What's going on Jules? And after a quick sip of her tea Jules told them all about when Garret wanted a baby and how she gave him two options, to when she met Steven up to when she found out that she was pregnant and when Garret found out.
Garret: So I went into the bathroom to have a shower like I do after I exercise..and I'm washing my face and..while I was drying my face my head was looking downwards so when I was finished I saw this *picking up the pregnancy test* in the bin!

Jules: Garret let me explain...

Garret: I honestly have no interest in hearing your explanation right now, 'cause I know that that baby you thought you had was not mine ‘cause we only just had sex with each other not too long ago for you think that you were pregnant!

Jules: I'm so sorry Garret, please let me-

Garret: Who is he?..Huh? Who's the guy that you've been sleeping with? After everything that we have been through this year; making me choose between you and having a baby!

Jules: Garret-
Garret: I don't want to hear one word from you; I don't even want to look at you! He threw the pregnancy stick at her and went into their closet.

Jules: Please don't Garret. Please! She begged and begged but he was not interested. He got the suitcase from above the wardrobe and began throwing his clothes and other essentials into the suitcase.

Once he had all that he needed he picked up his keys from the shoe cabinet and made his way to his car. Jules knows that once he's made up his mind about something he will go through with it, so Jules remained where she was and fell to the floor in the bedroom crying her eyes out.
Malik: So..Garret wanted a baby but they previously had a talk about it and agreed that they weren't going to have any kids.

Gabriella: Yeah.

Malik: So 'cause Garret had changed his mind though hers hadn't, Jules basically told him that if he wants a baby he has to go and find someone else?

Gabriella: In a way yes!

Malik: So then all up to our rehearsal dinner they weren't really acting like a couple who loved each other?

Gabriella: Not really no; I knew something was up but I thought that she would eventually tell me, being that she's one of my best friends! We nosey in, in other people's business but when it comes to hers she keeps it all to herself!

Malik: Honestly Gab' what happened after she told you two everything?

Gabriella: Well...
- Back to the 24th August -

When she told us everything, we were completely speechless! All that we could do was sympathise though they were both guilty parties; but-

Malik: You're gonna stick up for your friend!

Gabriella: Garret is my friend too! I just feel that he shouldn't have left; she doesn't even know where he is!

Malik: I'll give him a call later and see if he answers; I was so busy with training that I was a bad friend and never even noticed he wasn't around!

Gabriella: You can't feel too guilty about that, you had a lot on your plate; your training for the upcoming with the babies!

Malik: Yeah..
Gabriella: Well continuing on with the story..we could see that she wasn't in a good place; she had remained in her room for almost the whole month with Michaela checking in on her from time to time, she said she hadn't even changed out of her clothes until about a week after he left.

She was looking terrible and sounded really depressed so I suggested something that I felt was the best thing for her!

Gabriella: I know it might sound crazy but I think it would be a good idea to get away from here, don't you agree Aaliyah? She nudged Aaliyah on the side of her rib.

Aaliyah: Uh yeah!..What about London?

Gabriella: Nah..I was more thinking about some place warmer, like Barbados!..You haven't been there this year!
Jules: Why, so I can be depressed in the beautiful sunshine?

Gabriella: No, to get away from it all! It's better than staying in the room, frowsy in your sorrows! Garret has gone somewhere where he can calm down and think about things so I think you should go away for a little while to just...kinda take your mind off it for a little bit rather than spend day and night thinking about it.

Aaliyah: Vacations are really good for reflection; there's a bad aura in this house and it's not good for a young adult to be living in just before she goes to college!..She's worried about you Jules; she even told me and Gabby that she was thinking about not going to university this year because she was so worried!

Jules: I know..and I wouldn't let her do that.

Aaliyah: But at the end of the day it is up to her, you just need to show her that you will be okay by getting up off that floor and doing something rather than drowning in your sorrows!
Jules: You're right guys...I should go; I hate Michaela seeing me like this!

Gabriella: I know you are not going to be alright at the click of your fingers, but you just have to have patience; Garret will come back because he is not that kind of guy and you know that, so until then, just worry about you and when the time comes then just be calm and take things slow..okay?

Jules: Okay..I'll book the flight right away! She gave them a small smile; it was the first smile that she had smiled in a long time.

Aaliyah: Now that we know that you are not dead, Gabriella has some news to tell you! But Gabriella wasn't sure if it was an appropriate time to tell her.
Gabriella: 'Leeyah!

Jules: What is it?

Gabriella: Soerr..yesterday me and Malik, well Malik told everyone that..we're having a baby!

Jules: Aww congratulations!..I'm sorry I missed it! How far long are you?

Gabriella: I'm just over thirteen weeks! And that's not even the best part!

Aaliyah: She's having twins!

Jules: Really?..Wow, good for you Gab's I'm happy for you!

Gabriella: Thank you Jules. They spent about half an hour there chatting away bout how her pregnancy has been and what she looks forward to and etcetera before making tracks and heading home.

Aaliyah was already out of the house making her way to her car, (it's really Trey's car) Gabriella took her time as she wanted to have a quick word alone with Jules.
Jules: *hugging Gabriella* Thank you for coming Gab’s; you are a really great friend!

Gabriella: It's okay..I was concerned you know! But I'm glad I came...can you promise me something?

Jules: Anything for you Gab's!

Gabriella: Next time there is something going on, please come and talk to me; my doors are always open!

Jules: I think I will take you up on that offer! I actually feel a little better now that I shared this burden with you two!

Gabriella: You see!..It's not good bottling things up, but I'm glad you know that now!

Jules: I do! Thank you again Gabriella.

Gabriella: No problem, I'll call you in the morning to make sure you booked that flight! She called out as she departed the house.
Malik: And so now she's in Barbados taking in the sunshine!

Gabriella: Yup! And she seems to be doing better..

Malik: When is she coming back?

Gabriella: Soon! She said the beginning of October.

Malik: Okay...I hope they get through it.

Gabriella: Me too!...I hope he comes home soon!...He will though won't he?

Malik: He will! He loves Jules too much just to end it without even talking to her first! Garret is too much of a gentleman!

Gabriella: Exactly! That's what I was thinking! *rubbing her belly*
Malik: You know I would never do that to you right?..To you or our kids!

Gabriella: I know!

Malik: *in a mischievous tone* Oh yeah? And why's that?

Gabriella: Why would I not know? I love you and I trust you..and I know that you're not that type of man!

Malik: I love you too! And I trust you! He leaned in to give her a kiss in which she accepted and gave him another one in return. If he wasn't so cautious and if Gabriella wasn't so big he would've carried her up to their room, however that was not the case.

Instead Malik helped her up from the couch and walked with her up to their room where they remained under the covers showing each other how much they appreciate one another.
- 1 Week Later -

After being in Barbados for six weeks Jules did not just come back with a tan, but she also came back feeling much better! She was still guilty about what happened but she took Gabriella's advice and put herself first for the time being and just waited patiently for the right time when it comes.

Jules came back to a quiet house as Michaela was studying away on the campus grounds; she turned on the heating and made sure that everything was alright on the ground floor in which it was. But then she heard a noise, and the noise was coming from the one place where she didn't look; the living area.
As she came nearer and near to the living area, just before she turned the corner Garret appeared from that corner to let the intruder he thought it was, know that someone was in the house!

Garret: was you!

Jules: Hi.

Garret: Hi..I've been waiting for you! I got here quite early!

Jules: I was..away; where were you?

Garret: I was in New York!

Jules: Oh.

Garret: Where did you go?

Jules: I went to see my mum!
Garret: Oh!..And how is she?

Jules: She's good.

Garret: Good.

Jules: .....Garret I-

Garret: Can I just say something first?..And I promise I'll listen. Jules nodded. Thanks..soerr..while I was away cooling down I was trying to work out why this happened and with the answers that I was giving myself made me feel like it was my fault!

Jules: But it wasn't your fault Garret.

Garret: It was both of ours, though I am not responsible for your actions!
I know there was a lot going on and we weren't like how we used to be before Michaela came here, but I thought we were improving! I then thought about all of the other things that we've been through and whether it is worth starting things over again, or to just move on.

Jules: Garret I tried owning up for my horrible actions back then but you didn't want to listen, though I understand as you wanted time for yourself and I can respect that. I have been waiting so long for you to come home so we could talk, so I could apologise for what I did to you and promise that it will not happen ever again!

I love you and I have missed you so much and I hope that you will give us another chance! Garret remained quiet for a few seconds before responding to that comment.

Garret: I just want to ask one question...who was the guy?
Jules: His name is Steven. Steven McKnight! Again Garret went quiet.

Garret: I am willing to let the past be in the past and start over and take things slow if you are, but I am not ready to come home yet.

Jules: I am Garret, I am!..But where will you be staying?

Garret: Michael has been very gracious and let me stay at his for now, so I will be there if you need me! He took a few steps and stopped beside her; they both looked straight ahead. How's Michaela doing?

Jules: She's okay, she's settled in fine!

Garret: Good *walking away* I'll see you later.

Jules: Bye. She did not turn around until she heard the garage door close and at that moment she looked to the sky and thanked God and was sure to be patient throughout this process.
And this is where I'm going to end Chapter 7: Part 2; I hope you enjoyed it as usual and be sure to look out for Chapter 8 which will be coming soon!

Oh and a couple of days after Jules arrival, Gabriella and Malik went to the doctors to find out what sexes they are having! I wonder what they are having! What do you think Gabriella is having?

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great job.

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Awwww!!!! They are having TWINS!!! I hope they get a boy and a girl. I also hope Garret and Jules get back together soon too. Overall great chapter as usual! \:rah\:

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