Cheers...To New Beginnings: Chapter 8
Published May 6, 2015

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Hello, it is now chapter 8 and I am sure you are very curious to see what's been going on! Ready to turn the page? Go ahead and I hope you enjoy!

Hello, it is now chapter 8 and I am sure you are very curious to see what's been going on! Ready to turn the page? Go ahead and I hope you enjoy! October had started off quite interesting and I wonder how it will continue throughout the weeks; as we all know Garret has returned but is currently staying at Michael's which leaves Jules homes all alone in her big house, Gabriella and Malik is back home and back to work..well Malik is anyway while Gabriella is at home with her mother.

But what's been going on with the others? How has our dear Adrienne been since the wedding and what has Michael been up to lately? We don't even know whether Virginia has made her decision yet! Well...
The long distance thing between Adrienne and Michael has been going well so far as they've been too busy during the week to have much time to miss each other, though they have their long phone calls in the evening before they go to bed.

A special day is also coming up for somebody (though it has already passed) as it's going to be Daron's 1st birthday! He was born on the 1st of October, but because of Michael's busy work schedule and planning his birthday with Adrienne's help they had to throw the party the next time Michael was free which will be on the 9th.

But he didn't do anything on his real birthday; they had a nice day out just him, Adrienne and Daron taking part in many activities!
- 1st October 2021 - (A week prior)

On his birthday Michael let him wake up when he was ready, then when Daron finally woke up Michael got him washed and dressed and gave him his breakfast in the high chair! Once he was all done Adrienne had some bonding time with him while Michael got ready; they left the house as soon as Michael was dressed!
He treated his son by spending the day at the 'Romper Recreation Playground' where they all had the time of their life! Well they had as much fun as you could at a park!

It wasn't too hot and it wasn't too cold so it did help them to enjoy themselves; Daron was running around like a sugar-hyper child and when he wasn't running around he would be playing on the slide, in the sandbox making a lot of mess or be playing on the swing rider! His favourite one is the pirate ship one!

And with all that running up and down they were ready, sooner rather than later to have their picnic.
While Daron munched away on his lunch, Michael and Adrienne reflected on their day so far as they munched away!

Adrienne: We've only been here for almost two hours and I'm knackered already!

Michael: Me too!..I'm glad I don't have to work tomorrow!

Adrienne: Mmm. I can't wait for him to have a nap 'cause that's when I'll be taking mine!

Michael: *moaning* Aww..I was hoping that me and you could spend some time together while he's asleep!

Adrienne: *in a flirtatious tone* Well maybe I can rearrange my schedule!

Michael: That would be great! He leaned in to give her a kiss.
Looking at his son and how much he has grown it has caused him to think about some things recently, but he hasn't brought these things up with Adrienne until now.

Michael: I can't believe he is one years old already; the time has gone by so quickly!

Adrienne: I know..we were just getting to know each other around this time! She hinted at him!

Michael: My gosh...we've almost been together for a year! Can you believe that?

Adrienne: I can't actually..'cause this is the longest I have ever been in a relationship!

Michael: And how do you feel?

Adrienne: It feels good! Strange..but good!
Michael: Well I'm glad you feel that way! *eating some of his food* A lot has happened this past year and though I was so reluctant and not interested him seeing his mother..but I..I don't understand how a parent could be away from their child for so long. Adrienne remained quiet and continued eating her food as she listened.

Months ago she was calling, texting and sending me e-mails, but when I saw her name I just automatically deleted it 'cause I had no interest in what she had to say!...But what if she wanted to make things right with Daron; what if she wanted a relationship with her son?

Adrienne: Michael, Marilyn left for whatever reason she had and that was her decision; you made your decision to protect your son because that's what you thought would be the best thing at the time to do!

I don't know why and it seems that you don't know why she was contacting you either, but it must have been important!

Michael: But what if she is only wanting to see her child just because the public know's and now it's affecting her career?
Adrienne: I don't know Mike..either she wants to see her son again to have a relationship with him or 'cause she wants to see him again just for publicity, I don't know; at the end of the day as he is in your custody it's up to you!

Michael: What would you do?

Adrienne: ..

Michael: I know you're not a mother but you sure do have those qualities!

Adrienne: *blushing* Thank you Michael..but I dunno!..If I was in your situation and I was you, I would listen my gut..though sometimes you have to take risks!..One day when Daron is old enough he is gonna ask about his mother and what are you going to tell him?

Michael: That his mother left him because she couldn't cope! Adrienne frowned. Okay well I would tell him when he is at an appropriate age as he has the right to know!

Adrienne: Well I would hope so!...But if you generally feel that she is doing this for the right things then go ahead; I can't believe I'm saying this but, meet up with her and discuss these things before you jump right into it and it's too late to go back!
Michael: That's true..You see, you have the qualities of a mother!

Adrienne: I think it's 'cause I've been surrounded by children for as long as I have known the gang! Leah already had her two children and then Amy had her ones..and now it'll be Gabby's turn! I think they brought it out in me!

Michael: I think they did! But I think you always were love your cat like she's your own!

Adrienne: I do don't I! Huh.

Michael: Uhuh!

After their lunch Daron was already feeling tired so once they packed everything away they returned home to get him ready for his nap.
After spending some time thinking about what he should do, he arranged a time to meet Marilyn to talk about why she called and to see what she has to say; Adrienne wasn't too pleased about this 'cause of their differences, but she is the mother of his son and if he does decided to let her in, in Daron's life then that means she'll be in her life too! - 6th October 2021 -

On a cloudy Wednesday, Michael sat inside Starbucks waiting patiently for Marilyn to arrive as he nibbled on his danish. A few minutes after the time they agreed to meet Michael was beginning to get annoyed and was thinking that she stood him up; just then Marilyn entered the shop and scanned the room for Michael, when she found him she scurried across the room.

Marilyn: Sorry I'm late; I was at a meeting with my agent that lasted longer than it needed to be! Michael had no comment. But at least I made it!

Michael: Yeah..I guess.

Marilyn: So what's with you contacting me now after you completely ignored me when I tried contacting you?
Michael: I'll be honest with you; I had no interest in hearing what you had to say then because I was upset about what happened at the exhibit..and I was still upset about what you did previously!

Marilyn: I know and I'm sorry about that, but that was why I contacted you because I wanted to apologise and make things right!

Michael: By doing what and apologise to who?

Marilyn: I wanted..I want to apologise to Adrienne for how I treated the situation, I also want to apologise to you for leaving you and Daron like that!..I should've spoken to you about how I was feeling...

Michael: Yeah you should've!..But your career was more important to you than your new born son! Did you even think about him after you left?
Marilyn: I did..and I felt guilty the moment I got in my car and drove away!..I wanted to turn back but it would've been too late!

Michael: It wouldn't have Marilyn, even if you weren't interested in being in the relationship, you could have still tried to be in Daron's life!...But you know what..I'm not interested in going back to that; I just want to know how you want to make things right and why?

Marilyn: I want to make things right because I can't take the guilt anymore..I miss my son and it is hard seeing him grow up when I see pictures here and there in tabloids and stuff! I still love and care about him..and that's why I want to make things right and bond with my son! Michael still wasn't sure if she was telling the truth, so he continued to question her.

Michael: But I don't understand why you couldn't cope and you had help!
Marilyn: She wasn't there twenty-four seven Michael and I couldn't have her do everything for me; I had to be a mother to my son!

Michael: But you weren't alone in all this Marilyn, I was there too!

Marilyn: And you are an amazing father Michael..but it was hard...but I am ready now..I am ready to bond with my son!

Michael: And what makes you think that you are ready? What makes you think that you won't do the same thing again?

Marilyn: I promise you that I won't; I've been in therapy for a while to understand why I was like that and seeing my son and not being able to..hold him is enough willpower to not go down that path again! Michael went quiet; he gulped down the rest of his coffee and took a deep breath out.
Michael: I'll be honest with you-

Marilyn: Honesty is the best policy!

Michael: I don't one hundred percent trust you and why should I?...But I am willing to give you a chance because I don't want to hold Daron back from meeting his mother as much as I wouldn't want to be responsible for accepting your wishes!

...Though his birthday was on the 1st, I'm throwing him a birthday party on Saturday. So if you want to come then be my guest!

Marilyn: Thank you Michael I really appreciate this!

Michael: ..Yeah, I'll send you the details. When Michael got up from his seat Marilyn did the same as their brief meeting had come to an end.

Marilyn: Again, thank you anduh..I'll see you on Saturday! She turned around and left the coffee shop; Michael made tracks once she was nearest to the door and returned home so he could give Adrienne a call as she was back in LA, then spend some time with Daron before he does some work.
- 8th October 2021 -

The day before the party Gabriella and Malik spent their morning at the doctors to finally find out the genders of their twins! It has been an anxious twenty weeks and five days waiting for this moment and it has finally arrived!

Gabriella: I don't know why I feel so nervous?

Malik: 'Cause you're about to find out the sex of your babies!..But I thought you didn't care?

Gabriella: ...Well I would secretly like a girl, but either one is fine by me!

Malik: I think it would be nice if one was a girl and one was a boy like you said.

Gabriella: Yeah..but I guess we just have to wait and see!

Malik: I know..what's taking them so long?
Gabriella: Babe you have to be patient! We're almost there.

*Ding!* Went the TV which showed Gabriella's name and told her which room to go to; Malik hopped right up and helped Gabriella up. When they found the room Gabriella knocked on the door and waited for a response.

Doctor Morgan: *opening the door* Hello Gabriella; Malik, come in!

Malik: Hi doctor!

Gabriella: Hi doctor Morgan: how are you?

Doctor Morgan: I'm good thanks..and you? How are you feeling?

Gabriella: Good!

Malik: Excited!

Doctor Morgan: Of course you are; you're about to find out the genders of your babies!
Malik: Yes indeed!

Doctor Morgan: Now before we get to that I just want to take some of your blood and run a few test just to make sure everything is alright okay?

Gabriella: Sure! And the Doctor prepared herself; while doing this she began the baby talk.

Doctor Morgan: So have you guys thought of any names yet?

Gabriella:'s going to be the hardest thing that we have to do! My mind is just blank! I think it's 'cause I don't know if we're having a boy or a girl I'm like, I don't want to be thinking of names until I know you know what I mean?

Doctor Morgan: Yeah I understand what you mean; you don't want to waste your time on thinking of names for both genders and then you find out you're having boys!

Gabriella: Exactly! *getting her blood taken* Ooo!

Doctor Morgan: Don't worry, soon done!
When the doctor was finished running her tests and checking her blood pressure, it was then time for the big reveal! Gabriella went to lie down on the bed, and then Doctor Morgan put some gel on her tummy and began to use the transducer.

Doctor Morgan: So what are you two hoping for?

Malik: A boy! Two boys would be fantastic but I wouldn't mind having a girl as well.

Doctor Morgan: And what about you Gabriella?

Malik: Either one would be nice, but I wouldn't mind having a girl also!

Gabriella was feeling very emotional just because she could see her babies so clearly, but after some searching they finally were able to see what gender their babies are!

Doctor Morgan: Congratulations guys, you two are going to have a...
- Back At Home -

Gabriella and Malik were ecstatic about the news and she couldn't wait to tell everybody, but for now she was just going to tell her mum and maybe a few other people until the baby shower.

Entering the house Gabriella called out for her mother.

Giselle: Coming!

Malik: I would love to stay baby, but I gotta get to practice!

Gabriella: Okay *giving him a quick peck on the lips* see you when you get home; remember your mums coming!

Malik: I remember..see you later!..And get some rest you had blood taken!

Gabriella: *shaking her head* I will!
Giselle: So..

Gabriella: One is a boy and the other is a...--!

Giselle: Oh how lovely! *hugging her daughter* Congratulations sweetheart, now you can start working on the nursery!

Gabriella: And names for them!

Giselle: Well you better get cracking then 'cause you've only got a few months left!

Gabriella: I know mummy and I'm starting to freak out! That's why I'm going to have a little chat with Adrienne about the baby shower and do some research and look around for some ideas for the babies room!

There was a lot that she had to do and she was planning again at a time when Malik would be away working, but thankfully she had her mother here to help as well as Adrienne when she comes down on most if not all weekends!
- The Next Day (Daron's B'day Party) -

Through time and consideration from his peers at work and help from his amazing girlfriend, the house was decorated and organised for the party that would be starting very soon! They had a bartender who was already there preparing himself and Michael also hired an acrobat as the entertainment!

Garret helped out as much as he could before he had to go to work, though he will be back for the party of course, though he is not so concerned about making an appearance as possibly Jules' and her pals will be attending and he hasn't seen any of them since after the wedding!
The party started just after four-thirty when more guests had arrived; they started early as he wanted Daron to be awake for most of his party of course, so they were sure to try and get him to have one or two naps before.

The acrobat they hired cancelled last minute which was disappointing but Michael was lucky that his pal knew one! Luckily Javed was in town at the time and happily came to help; he was doing a great job in entertaining Daron as well as his guests while he performed on stage and others were enjoying themselves elsewhere, mingling with each other, dancing and filling their stomachs with the delicious food that was offered.
As the party went on it was getting better and better...and for some it was getting awkward; while Javed was still performing outside, Jules went to the bar inside to get a drink, but she did not expect to see Garret there also.

This is their first meeting since his return.

Jules: Oh..hi! Garret turned around but was not too pleased to see her.

Garret: look..nice!

Jules: Thank you..and so do you.

Garret: This old thing! He cracked a small smile then his face turned back to neutral.

Jules: So *clears throat* nice party huh?
Garret: Yeah, yeah it is! He drank the rest of his drink and placed the glass on the counter. How's Michaela doing?

Jules: Oh she's fine; studying hard!...Have you not spoken to her?

Garret: Nah I err..I haven't got round to it yet, though I don't think she wants to hear from me right now.

Jules: ...I've told her about my part in why you left, but I think it would be nice for her to hear your voice and know that you're alright! She's not upset, she's just confused.

Garret: Why would she be confused if you told her why?

Jules: She..she just has some questions that is more suitable for you to answer as they are about you!

Garret: I'll see what I can do. He began to walk away but Jules didn't want their time together to be over already so she asked him:

Jules: How have you been?...Is err, is Michael treating you well?
Garret: He's treating me very well, I'm fine!

Jules: *nodding her head* Good to hear...

Garret: So uh..I'm gonna go..back outside so..see you later. He gave her one more quick smile and went back outside to watch the show.

Jules: Yeah.. Jules stood there reflecting on what had just happened, but rather than moping about it for the rest of the evening, she shook that feeling off her shoulders, then drowned it in alcohol instead. Jules wants them to at least be on speaking terms, but she has to be patient yet thankful that they can at least have a small chat.
Though Michael never let it ruin his mood, he had his doubts about Marilyn and it seemed that he was right to doubt as she had not arrived! They were halfway through the party and he was spending time with the birthday boy while catching up with Malik's assistant Monica, when a familiar voice caught his attention.

Marilyn: Hello Michael! Michael was surprised but was sure not to show it as he turned around.

Michael: So you made it!

Marilyn: Of course! I wouldn't miss it for the world! And I like what you've done with the place! She complimented.

Michael: Thanks.
Gabriella: *whispering* Babe we came down at the right time! Malik slightly shook his head as he knew Gab's loves some gossip! I can't believe she is wearing Burberry too!

Malik: Yeah but it's not the same dress!

Gabriella: Yeah but its Burberry! This time Malik kept quiet and watched Michael and Marilyn interact; the last time they saw this was at the exhibit and it wasn't a good interaction at all!
Marilyn: Hey Daron sweetie! She greeted, trying to get his attention as he was looking the other way. Happy birthday luv!

Michael: Say hello Daron! And Daron turned around and said hello to his mummy.

Marilyn: Hi baby!..I bought you a gift; I think you'll love it!

Michael: Do you remember her? That's your mummy! Daron tried pronouncing the word mummy which brought a smile to Marilyn's face.

Marilyn: *stretching out her arms* Do you wanna come to mummy?

Michael: *speaking low* Baby steps Marilyn. But Marilyn ignored him as Daron pulled himself away from his dad.

Marilyn: Hey baby, look at you! You're such a big boy! She gave him many kisses all over his face.
Marilyn hasn't been this happy in a long time and Michael was glad to see this! She tickled Daron and tossed him in the air which he loved and snuggled him some more while Michael and a few bystanders watched; they bonded until Daron was beginning to get a bit fidgety so she put him down and watched him walk into the living room to go and play with his toys.

Well that was nice!..Thank you for this!

Michael: You’re welcome.

Marilyn: I just need to go to the bathroom and then I'll give him his gift! Michael moved to the side and let her go. Adrienne was watching from outside at the back, so when she saw her going into the toilet she came in to see how Michael was.
Michael was just about to go upstairs to get something to eat when Adrienne caught up to him.

Adrienne: Hey babe, you alright?..I saw what happened.

Michael: Yeah I'm good! I'm glad that she is here and that she came and..seems like she generally wants to bond with her child!

Adrienne: *rubbing his shoulder* I'm proud of you!

Michael: Thanks..but how are you? Are you okay?

Adrienne: As much as it pains me of what she did, she is going to be in my life for as long as you're in mine so..I just need to get used to it!

Marilyn: Adrienne! She called out as she came out of the toilet.
Michael: I'll give you two a moment! But that wasn't what Adrienne wanted; she didn't want to be alone with this woman!

Marilyn: Thank you Michael.

Adrienne: *looking at Michael* Michael?

Michael: Its fine, I promise! And when he left Marilyn began to speak.

Marilyn: I know I'm the last person you want to see so I know this is hard for you just as much as it is for me..but I want to apologise for my behaviour and hope that we can at least be civil towards each other.

Adrienne: Me too!..As we are going to be in each other's life whether we like it or not I agree that that is the best thing that we can do to make life easier!

Marilyn: Well I'm glad that is settled. She reached out her arm hoping that Adrienne will do the same and shake her hand, in which she did!
As the evening was coming to a close Michael gave Javed a break and hit the stage and sang a few songs as he played his guitar. By then Daron was in bed and everyone else was outside listening; Gabriella used this time to check on her friend.

Adrienne: Hey girl, I don't think I even saw you today, you look good!

Gabriella: Thank you, you're too kind though I know you're lying!

Adrienne: Please, you look gorgeous!

Gabriella: You're making me I believe you! She grinned. So I saw the big meet, I'm surprised she came!

Adrienne: Me too and get this, she apologised to me for her behaviour!

Gabriella: Wow!..That's very big of her!

Adrienne: I know, I don't know if her apology is a hundred percent sincere, but as long as she tries to be civil like she said then we shouldn't have a problem!
Gabriella: You go girl! I'm proud of you 'cause I know it must be hard and it's only the first day!

Adrienne: Thank you...I'm just hoping that they don't become one happy family and realise the mistakes they made and want to give things a try!

Gabriella: Oh sweetie that won't happen; you two are too obsessed with each other and I don't think Michael will be forgiving her that easy!

Adrienne: Yeah I guess your right... But she didn't think so. Anyway''s the babies and what are you having? She whispered it in her ear. Aww *giving her a hug* congrats Gabby!

Gabriella: Thank you, so when you get a chance I'd love to talk to you about my baby shower!
Adrienne: I'm back in Miami next Friday so we can have a chat then! So you want me to throw your wedding shower? I thought you would've asked Leah or Amy to do it!

Gabriella: Well 'cause you're my favourite party planner I want you to help Leah organise it!...I would love to have Amy be a part of it, but she is preoccupied! We'll discuss this at our meeting!

Adrienne: Of course mummy Gabriella! She said in a babyish tone as she rubbed Gabriella's tummy; Gabby laughed.

Soon the party came to an end; Michael thanked everybody for coming and then they all went their separate ways.
As the leaves continued to turn yellow and fall to the ground, Gabriella was starting to think of ideas for the nursery as well as looking for amazing interior designers and making trips to baby stores where she bought so many clothes when there is nowhere to put them.

When she had the chance she spoke to Malik about the nursery and names for their twins! He wasn't too bothered about the nursery which was great for Gabriella, but to make up he was sure to be involved in the baby naming process which Gabriella would not let him hide from; it's been a hard process I just hope it gets easier.
- 15th October 2021 -

Adrienne arrived in Miami in the late hours of the morning before twelve and made her way to Gabriella and Malik's place shortly after stopping by Michael's to say hi and drop off her things.

Gabriella was excited and looked forward to sharing her ideas for her baby shower with Adrienne, but first they had to discuss a few things.

- At Gabriella's & Malik's Place -

*Intercom buzzing*

Gabriella: Hello, who is it?

Adrienne: *through the intercom* It's your favourite party planner!

Gabriella: Yay! Come in, come in! And she pressed the button to let her in and greeted her at the entrance.
Adrienne: And how is my favourite client?

Gabriella: Oh she is doing very well! *giving her a hug* And soon she's going to be ecstatic! How's LA? She entered the house with her arm placed around Adrienne's.

Adrienne: Same old, same old! How's Miami been since I've been gone?

Gabriella: Getting colder..and busier, but it is all for a good cause!

Adrienne: It sure is!..So I guess Malik won't be joining us for this meeting then?

Gabriella: Nah..he's at training, but he doesn't really need to be involved in this as it'll be you and Leah planning it for me!
Adrienne: So you've spoken to Amy and Leah about this?

Gabriella: Well I asked Amy if she would be interested in being the host, but as I already knew she's too busy right now, I asked Leah and she is very pleased!

Adrienne: And Amy is okay with this?

Gabriella: Course! She knows that if she can't do something for me then I would ask my other two best friends and as you are going to be organising it I just needed a host!

Adrienne: Okay Gab's, as long as they are alright then I'm good to go!

Gabriella: Cool!..Now there's one thing that I know I would like to have for the shower...

Adrienne: Sure, what is it?
Gabriella: Well..because I'm going to be having the twins here and it's cold at the moment, I was thinking that it would be nice to have the shower in LA where it would be slightly warmer!

Adrienne: Okay cool!

Gabriella: And seeing that there's a lot going on at Malik's place and the garden is small, I was wondering if we could have it at your place?

Adrienne: My Place?...

And this is where I'm going to end Part 1 of Chapter 8; I hope you enjoyed it and Part 2 will be out soon!

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