Cheers...To New Beginnings: Chapter 9 P2
Published Sep 28, 2015

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Hello guys, so here's part two of chapter nine; it’s been a while since you’ve not seen my peeps so I thought I’d post this one a week earlier.

So previously Gabriella and Malik were getting ready to return home as Malik needs to get to football practice on Saturday afternoon, and they were talking about Jules and Garret who we soon saw at the end of the first part sleeping in the same bed!

Shall we see what's going on? Let's!

Hello guys, so here's part two of chapter nine; it’s been a while since you’ve not seen my peeps so I thought I’d post this one a week earlier.

So previously Gabriella and Malik were getting ready to return home as Malik needs to get to football practice on Saturday afternoon, and they were talking about Jules and Garret who we soon saw at the end of the first part sleeping in the same bed!

Shall we see what's going on? Let's!
- 26th November 2021 (2 Days Prior (The Day after Thanksgiving)

After all that preparations for a day to reunite with your loved ones seemed to turn out very well for some and extremely well for others!

When Jules' family left and Michaela went to bed, Garrett stayed behind and helped Jules out with the cleaning as that was the least he could do; Jules assured him many times that it was fine, but Garret continued to insist. So they chatted away like nothing as they cleaned up the dining area and washed all of the dishes!

By the time they had finished it was after twelve!
Jules: Thank you for staying to help me out, but I can't believe the time! If it was me on my own I probably would still be cleaning!

Garret: Well that's why I stayed! And because I felt like that was the least I could do after you worked so hard and I came and sat down and ate!

Jules: It's okay..I'm just glad you came! They stood there and glared into each other’s eyes until things felt a bit awkward; Jules nervously scratched her head and preoccupied herself by drying her hands.

You's kinda late-

Garret: *looking at the time on his watch* Yeah it is! I better get going!

Jules: I was actually going to ask if you wanted to stay here..for the night!..You know it's not good to drive when you're tired. Garret had a small smirk on his face.
Garret: And I am feeling a bit tired! He took slow, small steps towards Jules. I guess I can sleep on the couch for the night; one night away from my bed won't hurt. Or were you suggesting elsewhere?

Jules: Welluh...if you are missing your bed at Michael's I wouldn't want to be a burden and make you sleep on the couch!

Garret: So what are you suggesting?

Jules: ...I think you know what I'm suggesting! When Garret was right in front of Jules she could feel his warm breath blowing onto her neck; he leaned in as if he was going to kiss her but instead he picked her up and carried her to their room.
- In The Morning -

At about nine in the morning the bright beams from the windows woke Jules up from her sleep; as she sat up, she realised that she fell asleep in just her underwear which triggered a recent memory.

Just before getting out of bed she looked behind her and saw that Garret was still there, still fast asleep which was quite surprising for Jules as he's usually up much earlier!

Jules got out of bed and quickly went into the closet to get her dressing gown then into the bathroom to freshen up; by the time she had washed her face and brushed her teeth Garret was no longer in bed! She went out on the balcony to see if his car was still there and it was; she took a sigh of relief and went downstairs to see where he was.
Garret: *flipping pancakes* Morning sunshine!

Jules: You're very chirpy this morning!

Garret: You know why? Jules kinda knew why but she asked anyway. Because I have missed you so much and waking up in my own bed, in my own home has been just what I needed!

Jules: Well I'm glad that you are satisfied...but I understand if you are still not ready to come home.

Garret: *leaving the pancake to cook, he went over to Jules* Are you kidding me! I have been acting silly these past months of not trying to work things out..I love you Jules and that has not changed-

Jules: I love you too Garret!..So does this mean that you forgive me?
Garret: I forgive you Jules; I just want to come home and work things out with my future wife...I want to marry you already!

Jules: Oh Garret! She was so pleased to hear him say this as she's been waiting for this for a long time! They briefly embraced until they were interrupted.

Michaela: *with a pleased smile on her face* What is going on here?

Jules: Garret the pancake! Garret ran over to the cooker and tried to salvage the burning pancake.

Michaela: Are we pretending like nothing just happened?

Garret: I made pancakes!..

Michaela: So I guess we are then!

Garret: I know you'll be leaving soon but I wanted to have a nice breakfast with my family before you leave!
Michaela: Your family...Does this mean-

Jules: Yes Michaela we are back together!

Michaela: Yay! She clapped as she went towards them and gave them a hug each. You don't know how happy I am!

Jules: We can tell!

Garret: I just want to say thank you for coming to me that day, 'cause if it wasn't for you and Rita I would still be at Michael's rather than being here, where I'm supposed to be!

Michaela: It's no problem uncle Garret, now let's have some pancakes; I'm not having that burnt one though!
- 5th December 2021 -

Since Jules and Garrets reunion and Gabby and Malik's return to Miami, they have yet to catch up on what's been going on, so Jules accompanied Gabriella to Malik's game and then went out for lunch afterwards, just the two of them.

Jules: So how have you been? How's the babies?

Gabriella: I've been fine, tired but fine and the babies are good; they're kicking away!

Jules: Well you've got Malik's babies in there so I'm not surprised!

Gabriella: I know!..But how have you been? How's the 'situation' going? Malik told me that Garret's not staying at Michael's now; I wanted to call so badly when I found out! Is he home?

Jules: Well...

Gabriella: Oh my God when did that happen?
Jules: Thanksgiving!..Well the day after.

Gabriella: What happened? Did you invite him?

Jules: Actually Michaela did! It was her scheme in getting us back together! 'Gabriella awed' And Rita had something to do with it also so I think I should pay her a visit and thank her!

Gabriella: Aww that is so nice! I'm glad that you two are working things out!

Jules: Me too! Things are going good!..So much that..we are going to get married on New Year’s Day!

Gabriella: What! Why so soon? Like I'm happy that it is finally happening because my gosh…but why so soon?

Jules: Well Garret brought it up and after some thinking we agreed to do it on New Year’s Day; start off the New Year as a married couple!
Gabriella: So where are you going to get married, you haven't got much time.

Jules: At City Hall! We will have a party still but on that day we are just gonna have our close friends and family and become husband and wife!

Gabriella: How sweet! Well I hope that I don't go into labour before my due date!

Jules: Me too!..I can't believe it has gone so quick! How many weeks have you got left?

Gabriella: Well I am 29 weeks today so I have ten more weeks left and I can't wait!

Jules: I'm sure! And I'm sure you're looking forward to your baby shower as well!

Gabriella: I am! Oh you should come by the house and see the nursery, it is soo...beautiful! I know that's not your thing-
Jules: No I would love to come by and see it; how about after lunch?

Gabriella: Fantastic!

So after their lunch Jules went to their place to see the nursery and soon after she dropped Jules home as Gabby was her ride after all.
- 8th December 2021 -

Gabriella flew to LA two days before the baby shower to make sure things are going well; Malik stayed behind as he has a game tomorrow but will be making his way to LA on the next flight.

Though Malik and his boys are also coming to Los Angeles they won't be attending the baby shower, but all of the men including Gabby's father, grandfather and step uncle AND Caroline's partner Javed will be having a guy’s day out fishing!

Because Gabriella and Malik will definitely be busy caring for two babies and juggling their careers they kinda of wanted to have a special day to bond with their pals before all the craziness occurs.
- 9th December 2021 -

Today the girls Jules, Aaliyah, Rita, Virginia and her two friends Sharlotte and Freya arrived in Los Angeles this afternoon ahead of the festivities and ahead of Malik and the boys, so they had basically the whole day to do something whether it involved sleeping or shopping!

Jules used her afternoon to have lunch with Rita so she could thank her for what she did; Rita was a bit concerned as to why it was just the two of them going to lunch, but she knew she hasn't done anything wrong!
So Jules and Rita left the hotel and went to Broadstreet Grill to have their lunch which wasn't too far from where they are; in a matter of time they had helped themselves to a table and got comfortable while waiting for the waiter.

Rita: It's such a nice day today compared to how we left Miami!

Jules: It is...How long are you gonna stay for?

Rita: Well I have to get back to work so I’ll be flying out on Friday morning and I should hopefully get to work for 1!

Jules: Why don't you just take the day off rather than going to work jet-lagged?

Rita: There's been a lot going on at work so I can't afford to take a day off just yet, but I will be around the holidays though.
Jules: Oh that's nice; how long are you going to take?

Rita: Just a week! The Christmas week the place closes anyway so I'll be taking the week after that! The waiter came over and took their orders and left; after a few minutes he came back with their drinks.

Jules: A nice two week break!

Rita: Yup!

Jules: And you have been working very hard this year, you deserve it! I'm proud of you.

Rita: Thank you Jules that means a lot to me hearing that from you; it's been a very hard year and then some for me; from mine and Mark's separation and the drama that came along with it, to being poor and have nothing to my name but the things I had with me on our trip to China.

Jules: But you got through it Rita...look at where you are today compared to this time last year!
Rita: I know, I've come a long way and it's because of Virginia and you guys; you still was my friend even though I wasn't rich anymore unlike thank you for that!

The waiter came back with their food and left them to enjoy their meal.

Jules: I want to thank you as well.

Rita: For what?

Jules: For what you told Garret on thanksgiving! Because of you, me and Garret are working things out, we're now living together again...and we're going to get married on New Year’s Day!

Rita: Oh congratulations Jules, I'm so happy for's nice to be a part of bringing two people back together again!
Jules: And I can't thank you enough; so lunch is on me!

Rita: Oh Jules you don't have're my friend, I'll always do my best to help out my friends!

Jules: I know, but if you weren't at the bar that day I'm sure we'll still be living separate lives!

Rita: Yeah, I guess.

Jules and Rita had their lunch and caught each other up with what's been going on in their lives as they haven't had much time to do so, then went and done a bit of shopping before they returned to the hotel.
- 10th December 2021 (BABY SHOWER) -

At eight-thirty in the morning all of the men met up at Malik's apartment for their day out; because there are ten of them they need to take two cars with them, so when they were all at the apartment and had everything in the cars, Malik said goodbye to his Mrs and began their journey to their chosen fishing spot.

The baby shower isn't until 3pm so Gabriella had enough time to get ready while Adrienne and her team were hustling and bustling, getting the last minute decorations and other things set up.
About quarter past nine the men had arrived at 'Buckshot Lake' and were already finding a good spot to fish and getting their things out; by twenty-five to ten they were all at the edge of the lake with their lines in the water, waiting patiently to catch a fish.

Raymond: I hope you'll appreciate the tranquility you experience today..'cause you ain't gonna get much of it when the babies arrive!

Malik: I know Mr Woods! That's why I'm doing this now; spending time with my boys 'cause I doubt I'll have much opportunities to do so!

Trey: You're saying that we ain't gonna see you as much? Even when you're off season?

Malik: That's not my plan, but I'll be busy dude; caring for not just one baby but two babies plus dealing with my job and other things in between!...You know I will try my best but I can't promise anything!

Michael: But aren't you hiring any help?
Malik: We are...but I still can't promise anything!

Garret: What was it like for you when Daron was born?

Michael: I'll admit it was hard, especially when Marilyn left; yeah I had help but you can't let them do every single thing for you otherwise your child probably won't even know who you are, so I kinda understand!

My career is similar to yours in terms of the travelling and the long hours and the active lifestyle with interviews and meetings and et cetera and et cetera; after all that you want to hang out with the boys and have a few drinks or crash and fall asleep on your bed, but you can't!

Trey: So you were so busy that you didn't see any of your friends for a year?

Michael: Not for a year; like Daron wasn't even a month old yet and me and Marilyn we're seeing our friends...her more times than me, but we brought him with us!...You will see us within the year don't worry 'cause we'll be stopping by to see you!
Raymond II: I would say give Malik and Gabriella at least three months to adjust and then take things from there; it's a big change son and you have to get used to it whether you like it or not!

Malik: I know Mr Woods!

Raymond: Call me Raymond son!

Malik: Okay...Raymond. *Raymond winked at him then brought his attention back to his line.
- 15 Minutes before Baby Shower -

Luckily for Gabriella she didn't have to leave too early as Malik's apartment is only about five minutes away from Adrienne's place, so Gabby, Angela, Monica and Caroline will be leaving five minutes before the soiree begins!

Gabriella already had her hair, makeup and nails done, and she already had her dress, shoes and other accessories on so all she had to do now was calm her nerves and wait patiently for Angela and Caroline to finish up.

Monica: Excited?

Gabriella: Very!...I've been waiting for this for so long and it's been hard 'cause I don't know anything about how things look and what's going on!
Monica: You'll love it I promise!

Gabriella: I know; Adrienne and Leah have great taste...I just hope their streak didn't end before they started planning for my baby shower!

Monica: Of course not; Leah and Adrienne know you very well so you don't need to worry! Just don't think about anything and relax for the next five minutes okay?

Gabriella: Okay Monica, okay. Gabriella did exactly what she told her and before she knew it Caroline and Angela were in the living room ready to go; Gabriella sprung up from that couch as quick as she could and waddled down to the ground floor.
- At Adrienne's House -

Adrienne: Come on ladies, we all have to be upstairs on the balcony before she arrives; I don't want anyone dillydallying around in the house! She shouted out; they had created this idea and didn't want it to go wrong.

Leah: It's going to work Ade’ don't worry! Most of them are upstairs already; Monica texted me when they were leaving so we have a few minutes!

Adrienne: Few minutes can go just like that! She clicked her fingers and made sure that everyone was upstairs!
*Doorbell Rings*

Adrienne: *whispering* Okay everybody, you know the drill! Leah was already downstairs as she's going to let Gabriella and the girls in.

Leah: Well hello mama to be! Come in, come in and let me lead you to the garden! But first you have to close your eyes!

Gabriella: Really?

Leah: It's all part of the experience!

Gabriella: *she sighs* Okay, but don't make me crash into anything!

Leah: I've got you don't worry! When she gave Gabriella a quick test on how many fingers she had up, Leah held her hand and led her to the garden
Leah: Okay we're here! Are you ready?

Gabriella: I am!

Leah: Well open your eyes!

Gabriella: ...OMG Leah! It looks amazing!

Leah: I'm glad you like it!

Monica: I told you that you'll love it!

Gabriella: I never should've doubted you guys! Where's Adrienne and the rest? Did you have me come here too early?

Gabriella: *covering her mouth as she became tearful* Oh my guys... *sniffling* Come down, come down! She signalled for them to come down which they did. For a moment I thought either I'm too early or no one came 'cause I would've called Malik right away and told him to bring the boys!

Caroline: Oh don't be silly sweetheart! Why would you think no one would come when you are so popular; you have amazing friends and family who adore you Gabriella, so don't ever feel like you are alone because you are not! She gave her daughter-in-law a nice hug before everyone else did.

Gabriella: Thank you Caroline. Hey guys! She sniffled just as she released from Caroline and went into another person’s arms! This happened for like twenty minutes until everyone had said their hellos and sat down at the tables.
Leah: Hello ladies and welcome to Gabriella's baby shower! Now I've known Gabriella for a long time and from seeing how close she was and still is with my children and Amy's children we knew that Gabriella was longing to have a baby of her own and I was so excited for her when she told us the news that she was pregnant!

Now after the wedding a few of us girls knew that during this honeymoon she was bound to get her wish and conceive a child, but she beat us to it and was pregnant before the nuptials, and then when she told me that she is having twins I just could not be more happier for her.

So today we are going to celebrate Gabriella and her soon to be born twins with games, filling our stomachs with the delicious food that's available, a few speeches here and there and of course the moment that we are all waiting for which is the gift opening ceremony and the announcement of the babies sex! Everyone woos!
Leah: So I hope you all enjoy and if there's any problems don't hesitate to ask Adrienne or myself! Everyone clapped and began to socialise, grab some food from the table and head to the kitchen to get drinks; the party was in full swing and so far things were going good!

When Gabriella had a chance she found Adrienne and had a quick word with her.

Adrienne: *reaching out to give her a hug* Hey girl! Enjoying yourself?

Gabriella: I am! I just want to say thank you for being a part of this and for everything else; you are an amazing friend and I know I am such a pain so I promise you that I will do something huge for you in return!

Adrienne: Oh don't be silly Gab's, I'm your friend, your personal party planner and your everything else in between; you don't owe me anything!
Gabriella: I don't care what you say 'cause I'm gonna do something for you anyway! Adrienne rolled her eyes.

Adrienne: If you say so Gab's. Adrienne walked with her to the bar to get a non-alcoholic drink and then some food when they returned outside; she was feeding for three so she needed to ensure that she is hydrated and has her stomach full.

Gabriella: Mind if I sit here ladies? She asked Amy and Aaliyah.

Amy & Aaliyah: Course!

Amy: How are you feeling?

Gabriella: Okay...peckish but okay.

Amy: Good!

Amy: Well you seem to be doing better than how I was when I was carrying Kieran and Kiera! And the best things is that you haven't put on as much weight as I did!
Gabriella: Well lucky me! But you looked fabulous when you were pregnant; it's natural to gain weight.

Amy: Yeah but it's not something that you hope for though is it? It's hard work getting rid of it you know!

Gabriella: I know, but look how amazing you look!

Amy: Yeah nine long months and I still haven't got rid of all of it!

Aaliyah: Wow!

Gabriella: Yeah but you looked amazing at my wedding and that was how long...three months?

Amy: I guess so; it was hard work!

Aaliyah: You have to be determined!
Amy: Very determined!

Gabriella: Like I don't think I will be in much of a rush to get back in shape as I want to be with my babies, but as we have a proper gym in the house now it shouldn't be too hard; I can hire a personal trainer!

Amy: I was like that when I had the twins and then after two/three months I was ready to get back in shape; with Abigail because by the time I had her I was a stay-at-home mum who does her work at home I had times in the day when I could work out while she was sleeping, you know what I mean?

You just have to be determined and find the right time to get your workouts in that's all.

Aaliyah: That will not be calling my name any time soon!
Gabriella: How come?

Aaliyah: Right now I just want to focus on my career and there's no room for a baby; there isn't even a man in my life to be having a baby anyway with!

Amy: When the time is right!

Aaliyah: Yeah... The music began to simmer as Leah used a knife to hit the glass to get everyone’s attention.

Leah: Ladies I'm pleased to see that everyone is enjoying themselves so far including the mama to be, but we have two lovely ladies who play an important role in Gabriella's life who have a few words to say before we start the games! Can Mrs Woods and Ms Austen come up please?

Giselle and Caroline went and stood in front of Gabriella's special seat and Giselle went first.
Giselle: Hello everyone, if you don't know I am Gabriella's mother Giselle and I'd like to say congratulations, I'd like to express my love on behalf of your father and your grandfather and tell you how proud I am of you!

You were my first baby and we thought you'd be our one and only but we were blessed with another child; a son! Me and your father protected you and loved you and brought you up to be the amazing woman that you are today, and I just know that you and Malik are going to be brilliant parents to these unborn babies when they arrive!

The guests clapped as Giselle stepped down from the platform and went to hug her daughter before taking her seat; then it was Caroline's turn.
Caroline: Hi everybody, if you didn't know I am Gabriella's mother-in-law, when I first met Gabriella I admit I wasn't so- welcoming, but as I got to know Gabriella I could see why my son was in love with her and wanted to marry her because a few years later I became a mother in-law and now I'm going to be a grandmother!

I remember just before Malik and Gabriella was leaving for their honeymoon I had a quick word with Malik; I told him not to make me a grandmother just yet but little did I know that Gabriella was already pregnant! I just want to say congratulations though I said it already and I can't wait to be a grandmother, but have them call me Caroline or Auntie Caroline; I'm not ready for that!

The guests gave her a round of applause as Caroline stepped down from the platform and gave her daughter-in-law a hug and a kiss.
After the speech they played a few games and then ate some more before it was time for Gabriella to open her gifts, then before she knew it, it was time for her to give a speech! Gabriella: You wouldn't believe how emotional I am feeling right now; I'm sure those of you who are mummies probably know how I'm feeling but trust me I feel like bawling! *some of the guests ahhed.

I'll be very quick so I'd like to say thank you to all of you for coming, especially those who flew to LA to just be here for my baby shower; I want to thank you all for the gifts they are all amazing anduh.. *wiping her tears* I'd especially like to thank Leah and Adrienne for all their hard work that they put into this day for me!

I feel really, really special and lucky to have friends like all of you in my life and I feel sorry for those who don't 'cause I have really hit the jackpot! So thank you again and before I forget 'cause I'm sure that's what you've all be waiting for, we are going to be having a baby boy...and a girl!
Her guests ahhed and clapped while Gabriella wiped her tears before being bombarded with more hugs and kisses; when that was over they began to take photos until Gabriella's back was aching a bit and she went and sat down.

It has been an eventful evening for the ladies as they went through a range of emotions, but the men were acting like men as they kept themselves together.
Their fishing trip was coming to an end but Malik was very grateful that all these men came out today. Though this was the case Malik respected Javed for trying to be a part of Caroline's life by trying to get to know Malik; it's going to take time but things seem to be going good at the moment.

Malik: Guys! He called out. Before we go I just want to say thank you for coming and I really appreciate it!

Garret: No problem man! *patting his shoulder* We are here for you!

Trey: Yeah; whenever you need a babysitter just holler at me!

Malik: I appreciate it Marcus...thanks for coming man it was nice catching up with you again!

Marcus: *man hug* Same here!
Soon they were on their way home where their beds were calling some and where their women were waiting for the others; it was nice being back in Los Angeles as always but for Gabriella, Malik and the rest of the gang it was soon time to pack up and return back to chilly Miami and prepare for the Christmas season.

And this is where Chapter 9 part 2 has come to an end; I hope you enjoyed the story as usual and be on the lookout for part 3 as this will be a 'Christmas' special!

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#1daniluvsims22Oct 1, 2015

Awww! The baby shower was just perfect and your screenshots were just perfect for the event! Ugh can't wait to see those babies though lol! Glad Jules and Garret are back together! Waiting patiently for the next chapter.

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