Not a Fairy Tale II
Published Oct 11, 2015

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Daisy and Vicente sat on their couch and looked at the monitors in front of them. It was time for their annual address to the Island.
Both smiled loving into the camera and greeted the people.
Daisy: Hello fellow Manu's. We are pleased to announce the growth of our country and how prosperous we have been in the last 20 years......
After the last good wishes from the Prince, the director called "cut" and the cameras shut.
Producer: Okay. We are just going to take a few shots of the lovely couple. Use for the papers and other publicity.
The cameraman sat in front of the couple and directed them on how to pose.
Cameraman: That's it. Great. Lovely
Producer: Can you believe it has been over 20 years since the Princess's marriage? Can we say there will be another royal wedding in a few years. Prince Vance?
Daisy: No. Not yet. He has a few more years until he is going to be betrothed. The Prince and I want to find the proper wife for our son.
Vicente: Of course now, it is suitable for someone to choose their own bride.
Daisy shot a look at Vicente. He was familiar with that look and knew that he had said something wrong.
Daisy: You must excuse me. I am getting a headache. Are we finished?
Producer: uh..Yes. I guess that is enough for today. Thank you again for your time.
Daisy: Thank you. I will have our assistant escort you all out.
She walked out of the room and up the stairs. Vicente watched as she left without saying another word to him. Vicente motioned for his assistant.
Vicente: Please summon Vance and Don.
Dontrez and Vance Pago. They were more like dueling brothers than cousins. Both sat outside Vicente's office. Vance was entering his last year in high school and it was time for his parents to pick his bride. Dontrez still had a few years to go before he could wed. Since he did not have a title as high as his older cousin, his relationships was never a concern to the Manus. But that didn't mean the media didn't like the more charismatic Pago. Every since they were little Dontrez was always following behind his Vance. Mostly because he did whatever Vance wanted and also because he idolized his cousin. Vance often went with his parents on their trips into different countries. He was adored by everyone, and he knew it. Most of the time he took advantage of it and partook in mischief from time to time. Don ran from the house and across the acres of land to the back garden. The faster he ran the quicker he was going to get to her. And as soon as she came in his vision he began to yell her name. Don: Tag you're it.
Roxanne: You're so immature.
Don: uh- uh.
Roxanne: I've been waiting here for almost an hour. What took you so long?
Don: Piano lessons.
Roxanne: Well what is it? What is my surprise?
Don: Nothing
Roxanne: What?!
Don: I just wanted to see if you would come all the way here if I wanted you to.
Roxanne: You jerk.
She began to hit him. He laughed each time her fists punched him and soon he began to run with Roxanne on his heels.
Roxanne and Don were still the best of friends. By now her parents put her in private school with Vance so she would only see Don when school was over. She was there until late at night. She hated going to her home. Her parents were divorcing and so it was constant yelling. Spending time with Don was her way out.
Don: How was it tonight?
Roxanne: Better. Now they are not talking at all. They talk more to me instead.
Roxanne: When I get married, that is it. I am going to make sure he is the one and we are going to stay together forever. Like Daisy and Vic. They are so lovely together.
Don listened as she continued to talk about her parents. He could hear the sadness in her words. Her voice was low and tone was soft. He reached his hand to her and held on to it as they continued to lay on the grass.
He gently squeezed her hand inside of his. She looked at him and gave a reassuring smile. It took a few moments but she went back to looking at the stars with her friend. Before reaching the Pagos home, Roxanne would often visit the gazebo. It was located in the center of the estate's garden. The king had it built for Daisy and Vicente's wedding and it was moved to their home. The wedding gift was a reminder of their commitment to each other.
Although it was not allowed, Roxanne would sneak up the steps to look at it.
She crept up the steps, looking over her shoulder to make sure no one saw her. When she reached the arch she stood admiring the workmanship. She closed her eyes and thought about what it was like for Vicente and Daisy on their wedding day. She held her hands together.
Roxanne: Do you, Roxanne Tiahuia Puea take...
Don: I thought I would find you here.
Roxanne: What?
Don: When you didn't come to the house I figured you would be here. You're always here.
Roxanne: So what, are you stalking me now. Watching my every move.
Don: Sometimes (the corner of his mouth raised as he looked back at her)
Roxanne: So you called for me to come over again. It better be something this time Dontrez.
Don: Oh it is. I have some great news.
He looked around to see the if anyone was around. Only the grounds crew were in sight. He leaned closer and lower his voice just above a whisper.
Don: I am joining the military
Roxanne: The military? But why?
Don: I don't know. Vicente did it and see where it got him.
Roxanne: To be a prince.
Don: No. Respect. I'm going to leave as soon as I graduate so I still have a few more years left before I go. I just made up my mind. You're the first person I told.
He took a deep breath of fresh air.
Don: So aren't you happy for me? You away at college and me in the military.
Roxanne: Well...yeah I guess....I'm happy for you. Congratulations
She hugged him.
Don: Thanks. Now i just have to tell uncle. He's going to be so proud I am following in his footsteps.
Roxanne held on to her friend longer than before. She shut her eyes tight to stop the tears from falling.
Later that week the family celebrated Prince Vance's 18th birthday. The entire day was filled with appointments, special appearances, and some community service on behalf of the family. It was an entire day of events celebrating his birthday.
By nightfall the family hosted a small party for the teen. It was his closest friends from school and family members. They made sure to keep the guest list no more than one hundred. The weekend would be the bigger celebration from fireworks to a carnival for the children of the Manuiu.
The guests stopped as the Prince was announced into the room. And when he was ready he signaled for everyone to continue.
Vance was greeted by his date and latest girlfriend. Lady Tita. Her father was high chief of the one of the Manu tribes. Gossip was circulating that she would be announced as his bride to be. But Vance had no intention of selecting Tita. He wanted to find the perfect bride, so until he did, he continued to date. Vicente: My son. I am so proud of you today. You have grown into a fine young man.
Vance: Thank you father. It really means a lot to me hearing it from you.
Vicente gave his son a firm shake and wrapped his free hand around his Vance. Vicente began talking more to Vance but soon his attention was somewhere else. In the corner of his eye he saw Roxanne. And she looked prettier tonight at his party.
His eyes watched as she walked into the main room. She joined the older guests as they enjoyed the piano music from Dontrez. She loved to watch him play. His face was so content and his fingers seemed to barely touch the keys. Dontrez was in a trance. He would get lost in the melody and forget where he was or how long he was playing. He closed his eyes to strengthen his sense of hearing. His head swayed back and forth in unison with the music. And when he was finished the guests applauded. It was almost 2am before the first guests started to leave. And slowly more people began to retire and leave as well. Don walked outside looking for Roxanne. He knows she would have never left the estate without saying goodbye. He walked past the gazebo but she was not there. He finally looked tos the lake towards the edge of the grounds. He quietly walked to the lighted bench that was next the water. There was Roxanne sitting to herself. She stared at the water. She tore a piece of bread from her plate and tossed it in. He could not tell if she was happy or sad. He stepped forward and she spoke
Roxanne: I know you are there.
Don: How did you know it was me?
Roxanne: I smelled your cologne. I bought it for your birthday remember.
Don: Right. So what are you doing out here this late at night? And by yourself.
Roxanne: I don't know. I needed to get some fresh air so I took a walk. And before long I saw the bench and sat down.
Don: Are you alright?
Roxanne: I'm fine.
Don: Rox
Roxanne: okay, okay. I'm just getting over you wanting to go to the military. I just thought going to college was something we both wanted. I'm going to miss you.
Don: awwh Rox. How sweet. I didn't know you cared like that.
Don placed his hand on her shoulders and moved her closer to him.
Roxanne: I'm serious Don. I never thought about us being separated and now, it's true.
Don: First, I'm not going to be gone long. And we can always stay in touch. Second, we have about 2 more years before I leave. I didn't mean to make you sad. I thought you'd be happy that I finally talk about the future.
He squeezed her more.
Don: Smile Roxanne.
Roxanne looked away and scooted to the end of the bench.
Don: Oh it's like that. Okay. I know how to get you to smile.
Roxanne quickly jumped when she realized what he was going to do.
Roxanne: No you better not.
Don: I will
Roxanne: No Don!
Don began tickling Roxanne. She screamed as he continued to move his hands over her mid area and to her back.
Roxanne: Stop! Don!
Don: Are you going to smile?
Roxanne: Yes.
Don: What? I can't hear you.
Roxanne: I said alright.
He clasped his arms over hers and brought her closer to him. She could feel his warm chest on her arms. He kissed her forehead.
Don: I love you.
He had said the words before but it never felt like this. She looked up at him.
Don: I love you Roxanne.
He kissed her forehead again, and then the tip of her nose. He took in her scent. His touch brought small chills down her leg. It wasn't cold but her body started to shiver.
Don: Are you okay?
She couldn't say anything. Instead she nodded yes.
He smiled one last time before kissing her. At first his touch was delicate. Her lips were closed shut and her eyes were tight.
Don: Relax Roxanne.
She lowered her shoulders allowing her body to release some tension.
Don: I'm not going to hurt you.
Roxanne: I know.
This time he moved closer to her.
Don: Close your eyes.
She did as she was told and allowed him to kiss her.
Don and Roxanne reveled in their first kiss. He kissed her neck and moved back to her mouth several times, making her sigh.
They did not notice that they were being watched. Vance had just arrived in time to see them kiss. His fists balled at his sides. He picked up a rock and threw it as he stomped back to the house.
Roxanne: So what is this. What are we now?
Don: I don't know. We've always been friends. I don't know what this means now.
Roxanne: I don't want this to hurt in the end.
Don: It won't. Promise.
They both left the lake and he walked her home.
For the rest of the school year, Roxanne and Don had made their relationship known only to their closest friends. Although Don was not as famous as the rest of the Pago family he was still part of the royal house. Don was always being followed by paparazzi so in order to keep others out of their new relationship they decided to not tell his family. Their teenage romance was going fast. Because they began as friends, it was less awkward when they went out. They were able to hide their relationship from outsiders by hanging out with others. Only they rarely paid attention to anyone else but each other. Their relationship was so easy. They had known each other for years and knew each others deepest secrets. Sometimes they did not have to say anything for the other to understand what they were feeling or wanted to say.
He placed her hand between his. He kissed the inside of her wrist. His eyes looked at her lovingly. His smile said more than any words he speak.
Raquel: So why are we here again. We already saw this movie.
Vance: I want to see it again okay.
Raquel: Hey isn't that your cousin?
Vance: Yeah and...
Raquel: So are you chaperoning for him or something?
Vance: Would you hush? I'm sorry but you talk a little too much for me.
Raquel: Excuse me.
Vance: Look. I really like the movie so let's just watch it okay.
Raquel: Okay.
Raquel sat closer to Vance and placed his hand over her shoulder. She snuggled under him and ate her popcorn, but Vance was not there to watch the movie.
Vance: So you and Roxanne huh?
Don: What? No.
Vance: Oh come on Don. You two have been best friends for sometime now. It was bound to happen. She's a nice girl.
Don: I know. I really care about her. Is this how it feels? To be in love.
Vance laughed.
Vance: I don't know. You are better off asking my dad. I've never been a one woman kind of guy.
Vance: So you plan to marry her?
Don: Marriage? I....I don't know....I'm not old enough to think about that.
Vance: Why not. Mom and dad have been thinking about my future wife since I was 13. And you are going to be next.
Vance: With a girl like Roxanne you need to have it all. Her father is well off. So he will only want the highest for her. Education, money, looks, everything. In the meantime, try to have fun as long as you can before you leave.
Don had almost forgot about wanting to join the military. Up until now he had only thought about him and Roxanne.
Vicente and Daisy invited Roxanne to a Sunday brunch. It was the first time she received a formal invitation from the family. She was nervous. She did not know why she was called to join a meal with them. She tried to act normally. It was not the first time she sat at their table, but today felt different. When asked questions she kept rambling answers, hoping her talking would help past the time away. When it finally grew silent, Vicente turned to Roxanne.
Vicente: Roxanne. I know you must be wondering why we asked you to spend time with us this afternoon.
Roxanne: Well I was a little curious? Is everything okay? Is Don alright?
Vicente: He's fine. Daisy and I wanted to spend some time with you. Get to know you. You have been part of our extended family for a while and we realized we don't really spend time with you.
Vicente: Daisy and I have noticed how you have grown into a fine, intelligent young lady over the years. And you have made such an impression on both Don and Vance. We just wanted to show our appreciation of you.
Roxanne: Thank you sir.
Daisy: Have you thought about your future? What you want to be after high school.
Roxanne: Well I want to go to school. I want to be a pediatrician.
Vicente: A doctor? What about getting married?
Roxanne: Eventually that will come. But I want to make my career first. I'm still young.
Vance: Do you have anyone in mind?
Roxanne looked down at her plate. She fought back the urge to tell them about her and Don.
Roxanne: No. Not at the moment.
Vance was satisfied with her reply.
At dinner the next night, Vicente and Daisy called Don and Vance to the table. He had some important news to tell them.
Daisy: Well the news is nothing new for us but your father and I have decided to begin arranging for your marriage. We have a few potential ladies in the towns that are suitable for a bride and princess.
Vicente: Yes...your mother and I..... (cough)
Vicente began to feel ill. He cleared his throat to begin to speak again.
Vicente: Daisy and I....
His face was turning pale and he was getting hot. Their was a sharp pain running up his chest and his head began to throb.
Don: Are you okay uncle?
Vicente : I'm fine. Must have been something I ate.
Vicente: Please excuse me for a moment.
As he raised from the chair then he quickly sat down. He held his head in his hands.
Daisy: Vicente?
This time he did not respond. His breaths became short and he began to panic.
Daisy: Vicente!
Vicente was hospitalized for weeks after that night. And for his last week, the princess requested he stay at home to get treatment. But nothing was working and doctors could not figure out what was wrong. A month after the being in the hospital, his strength had finally gave in. Prince Vicente Pago was laid to rest.
The church bell rang when it was finally announced the Prince had died. There was a massive ceremony and days of mourning from the Manu.
Vance and Don followed behind Vicente's coffin. Although the funeral was open to the public, the burial was private. Only the royal family were in attendance. Vance tried to keep an upbeat demeanor. He was not going to crumble under the pressure. His father taught him that.
Don on the other was struggling to compose himself.
Princess Daisy stood in front of the grave. She bent down to the kiss the coffin before it was lowered into the ground.
Daisy: Goodbye my love.
As with all royal funerals, there is a month of mourning. Although the rest of the world went on to regular business, the first days after the burial was solemn in Manuiu. Princess Daisy closed herself off from the rest of the family. She refused to make appearances on behalf of the throne. Instead she stayed in her room. Only Vance and her closest servants visited her bed.
Although the king was not pleased, he understood and did not push his daughter more. It was going to take time.
Daisy was finally improving. Slowly she was making her recovery and presenting herself in front of the people. But there was still something bothering her. She was ready to move on and move forward but she could not. She contacted her longtime assistant and confidant, Claire Buvei. Daisy: So I'm glad you came. I need your help.
Claire: Anything
Daisy: It's Don.
Claire: What about him?
Daisy: I need him to go away. To send him away for a little while.
Claire: Send him away. But why?
Daisy: I allowed him to stay for my husband. But with Vicente gone I just find him a burden on my health and well-being. I can't keep him here. I can't take care of two boys. Besides, he is always getting into something and I can't handle it. I need peace.
Claire: But what do I do? Are you thinking about this logically?
Daisy: I am. I need him to leave. It doesn't matter where. Just not here.
Claire: As you wish madam.

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