Not a Fairy Tale IV
Published Oct 28, 2015

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Vance: Did you have a wonderful sleep?
Roxanne: yes.
Vance: Just think in a few weeks you will be staying here.
Roxanne: Yes. But now we must stick to the customs. It is bad enough I spent the night in the guest quarters. Last night's banquet was just so long.
Don came into the dining room yawning and wiping his face.
Don: Goodness. I haven't slept like that in a long time. I almost forgot how comfortable the beds are.
Vance: Good morning Don.
Don: Good morning to you both. So what's for breakfast?
Vance: I'm not sure but it smells good.
Don took a big whiff of the smell in the air.
Vance: So are all those stories true. You know about you and the models in Hawaii, daughter of a chief in Madagascar.
Don: All hype. There was no Madagascar girl. Besides, I stopped dating a long time ago. I'm not looking for someone to settle down with. Too much drama.
He looked over to Roxanne but she was not looking at him.
Don: So you never said how the two of you got together. How did all this happened?
Vance: Well, we had time to spend together, get to know each other. And I proposed.
Don: So that's it. You just went from friends to lovers in just a few years.
Roxanne: There is no time frame for true love.
She smiled back at Don as she reached for Vance's hand. He placed his hand over hers and brought it to his lips.
Don tried to hold back his jealousy.
He began to laugh.
Don: Bravo. This is what I missed. This is what I never had. This....this true love. Congratulations. Where is the breakfast. I am starving.
The three of them sat in silence for a little longer. Don picked up the spoon in front of him, and looked at his reflection.
Don: On this day,I give you my heart,my promise. Wherever our journey leads us
Roxanne stood up quickly.
Roxanne: I'm sorry. I am not feeling well. I'm going to skip breakfast and get ready for home.
Don and Vance watched as she left the room and heard her scurry up the stairs.
Vance: I'm going to make sure she is alright.
The wedding will be held at the Haihiko garden located in the center of the Island. Haihiko was the favorite place of the King's mother and was made for her just outside the royal home. Roxanne was very fond of the place. It was her favorite hiding place when her and the boys would go and play. When she was finished finalizing the reception, she left the grounds wait for the driver at the entrance. She looked around the path of the parking lot but did not see him there. She looked at her watch impatiently. It was almost 2 and she had another meeting with the wedding planner and Mother Daisy. She kept looking around for the car but saw no one. She took her cellphone out of her purse and began to dial the number of the driver.
Don: Waiting for someone.
She stopped dialing. She wanted to ignore him and pretend he was not standing there. She answered without making eye contact.
Roxanne: Yes. He's late.
Don: No he isn't. I sent him off. I told him I would take you back.
Roxanne: But why would you do something like that? And how did you know I was here?
Don: The maid told me.
Roxanne: But why did you want to take me.
Don: I think I may have upset you a few days ago at breakfast. So I wanted to apologize.
Roxanne: No worries.
She began to walk past him but he moved in front of her path.
Roxanne: Don!
Don: Are you sure you're okay? I feel like you have been trying to avoid me.
Roxanne: Nonsense. Why would I need to do that? There is nothing to avoid.
Don: Right. Well at least let me take you home.
Roxanne: I'm not going home. I have more wedding planning to do.
Don: Oh. Well I can take you there.
Roxanne: I don't know if that will look right. What would Daisy say seeing you driving me around.
Don: I'd think she would say how nice it is that we are getting along. We are going to be cousins in a few.
Roxanne: Don?
Don: Yeah?
Roxanne: What happened to us? We used to be so close but now I feel we are strangers.
Don: It has been some years since we last talked. And by then you were dating Vance. We just grew up.
Roxanne: Did you ever.....
Don: Ever what?
Roxanne: Nothing.
Don sat on the bench in front of the piano. He ran his fingers lightly over the keys. He began to tap a bar several times before placing both hands over the ivory notes. He looked around to see if he could hear anyone coming. He closed his eyes and began to play. He was so into his music that he hadn't realized Roxanne entering the room. His eyes were still closed as he imagined the song in his head. She watched silently as she had always done. She could feel the emotion in his music. She took a breath each time the notes became intense. When he was finished he finally opened his eyes to see Roxanne standing next to the piano.
Roxanne: That was beautiful.
Don: Thanks.
Roxanne: Is that an original?
Don: I wrote it years ago while I was still at the academy.
Roxanne: Have you named it.
Don: "I used to love her."
Roxanne: Oh.
Don: I haven't played it in years though. It was easier to play it
Roxanne: Well
Daisy called to Roxanne from the other room.
Roxanne: I better go.
Don: You don't want to keep mommy dearest waiting.
Roxanne was getting worse as each day passed. The wedding was getting closer and she was becoming more worried. Had she made the right choice? And why was she still thinking about Don.
Roxanne: We were just kids. Young and stupid. There is no way we would have worked out.

She shook her head, removing the thoughts from her mind. She was going to marry Vance. She was going to be Princess Roxanne Pago.
Besides it was Don that broke up with her. He broke her heart and then started flaunting himself all across the globe. Why should she be consumed with worry over him. He didn't care then, so why would she care now.

Instructor: Roxanne, you need to relax and release.
Don walked into his room from a long evening. He hesitated when he saw that he was not alone.
Don: Roxanne?
Roxanne: close the door please.
He complied with her request and shut the door quietly. He placed his ear to the door to make sure no one else was near.
Don: What are you doing in my room?
Roxanne: I was waiting for you.
Don: okay...
Roxanne: I am going to marry Vance next week.
Don: I know. The whole world knows.
Roxanne: But in order for me to be at peace I have to know that you and I are okay.
Don: Why does it matter.
Roxanne: Because we are going to be related soon and we were once....we were once.
Don: in love.
She walked to the bed still looking at the floor. She sat down on the bed and looked at the ceiling.
Roxanne: I thought this would be so much easier in my head.
Don: Look. I don't want you to be upset. So if all this makes you happy then fine. Yes we used to be together but that was a long time ago. I'm okay if you are okay. Are you?
Roxanne: y- Yes. I'm happy.
Don: Then it is settled. Let's start from the beginning. Hello, I'm Dontrez Pago
Roxanne: Roxanne Tupeau.
Roxanne laid on the grass, She wrote her name in the air. "Roxanna Tupeau Pago"
Roxanne: Mrs. Vance Pago.
She felt nothing.
Roxanne: Mrs. Dontrez Pago
She smiled to herself thinking about how the name sounded.
Roxanne: I know you're there.
Don: What? How?
Roxanne: You still wear the same cologne I bought you for your birthday.
Don: It's my favorite.
Roxanne: So are you just going to stand there and watch me?
Don walked over to Roxanne and laid on a grassy spot next to her.
Don: How long have you been out here.
Roxanne: Long enough. When I need some fresh air or peace and quiet I like to come out here.
Don: This brings back memories. We always came out here to get away from Vance. It was our secret place.
Roxanne laughed.
Roxanne: Yep. We talked about our dreams and future.
Don: You were always going to be a princess because you father told you so. I was going to be this great warrior like uncle Vicente.
Don: Things are coming true for you.
Roxanne: Yeah. I guess it is.
They laid in silence for the rest of the time. Both thinking about the same thing. When they were young, when they were in love.
Cecile, the maid, called to her.
Cecile: Daisy is looking for you. You have another wedding appointment.
Roxanne: I'll be right there.
Roxanne raised up from the grass but Don did not join her.
Roxanne: See you later?
Don: Sure.
Wedding week-------------------

The wedding was just days away. The first day of the celebration began with a party for the entire island. The Pagos hosted an elaborate dinner for all the family and friends. A few selected members of the press were also invited to the event to help bring more media attention to the couple. For those that could not come watched the live production of the party.
Vance was shown doting over his bride to be on numerous occasions.
Vance: Are you having fun dear?
Roxanne: I am.
Vance: You don't appear as excited as I would have hoped. Is there something on your mind?
Roxanne: No. Not at all. The wedding is getting close so I'm just nervous. Aren't you?
Vance: No. I know I made the right choice. And being with you will give me a lifetime of happiness.
Meanwhile Don sat in the inside. Away from the media, and all the guests. He couldn't stand watching them fawn over each other. It was a happy day and he was the only one not celebrating with the rest of the island. Roxanne: You're being a party pooper.
He looked across the seat and saw Roxanne sitting next to him. He didn't realized she entered the room.
Don: I'm just not feeling well.
Roxanne: So you going to sit in here? I was looking for you.
Don: This stuff isn't really my thing. I never really liked all these fake smiles and fluff just for show.
Roxanne: Sorry.
Don: It's not you. Sorry. I thought I could do it. I thought I could....
Roxanne: Could what?
Don: I thought I could be out there but I'm just not feeling well.
Roxanne: Well I hope you get better. I could never stand these things without you. You were my person to lean on.
Don: But now you have Vance.
Roxanne: Right. I have Vance. And you have what's her name? By the way is she coming to the wedding?
Don: No. We broke up before I came here.
Roxanne: Oh. From what I hear you two were close.
Don: You can only believe 50% of what you hear. Besides I was not ready for a relationship with her. She just wasn't the one.
Roxanne: Well maybe you will find the one.
Don: I already did. It's just bad timing.
His words shot a small spark down her back.
Roxanne: Well I have to go. They are probably worried about me by now. I don't want people thinking I'm a runaway bride.
She laughed nervously.
Roxanne: Are you sure you don't want to come outside?
Don: I'm fine. You have fun princess.
For the rest of the week, Don made small appearances at all the parties and the days of wedding traditions. Before getting ready each day he would take a 5 mile run in the island. He was alone in his thoughts. The cool air wiped the sweat from his face as he began to run faster. When he finally stopped he was at Roxanne's home. Once at the door he reached to ring the door bell. He drew his hand back, second guessing what he was doing. He cursed himself. And he quickly pushed the bell. Roxanne answered the door with a confused look on her face.
Roxanne: Don? What are you doing here?
Don: I needed to talk to you. Are you alone?
Roxanne: Yeah. I was getting ready to leave but we can sit.
He joined her on the couch. She still looked at him curiously. He had memorized what he wanted to say but now that he was in front of her, he forgot everything.
Don: I don't.....I don't...I don't want you to marry Vance.
Roxanne: Excuse me.
Don: It's not right.
Roxanne: What is this all about? You come here, NOW! I'm getting married in two days and now you say not to.
Don: I know this is bad timing. But I came here thinking I was over us. I came here wanting to support you and Vance getting married. But I can't. But I don't want you to. I don't want you to be with him Roxanne.
Roxanne: I can't believe you. All this time, you've been saying you are okay with Vance and I and now you are not.
Don: Because I still love you Roxanne. I still want to be with you. And I know deep down you don't want this.
Roxanne: You don't know what I want. Years ago you sent me a letter saying it was over. YOU broke up with ME! Now I am supposed to just go back to you just like that. Vance was there for me when you were away. He has done nothing but care about me. I make him happy.
Don: But are you happy.
Roxanne: I am not going to talk about this.
Roxanne opened the door.
Roxanne: Please go.
Don: Rox
Roxanne: Just go Don.
Don reluctantly got up from the couch and to the door. He was about to say another word but Roxanne looked away.
He showered and dressed for the day. But he was not in the mood to talk. He was sluggish and spent most of the morning moping around the estate. Meanwhile, Roxanne tried to resolve her anger by making an appointment at one of the spas. But no matter how much she tried she could not relax. She was so upset that she let his words get to him. The time has come Manuiu. It has been named the greatest wedding of the century. Childhood friends are now lovers. Prince Vance Pago, son Crown Princess Daisy Pago and the late Prince Vicente Pago will marry his Roxannea Tupeau, daughter of Charles Tupeau.
It was just last year that she accepted his proposal of marriage and the island has been waiting for this wonderful moment.
Guests parked outside the garden entrance and were to walk the rest of the way to the main venue, an addition made by the King. Inside the guests were lead through the white and pearl hall that open to the ceremonial arch. Daisy had the arch moved from her garden and placed at the alter. It was decorated with the Islands's symbolic flower, roses. When the bridal music began everyone stood in the direction of Roxanne. Charles walked with her down the aisle where Vance stood waiting for her. Everyone was in awe as they watched her pass their seats.
Her stomach began to ache. She hesitated just a few steps before the alter. Charles gave her arm a little pull and she began to walk again.
Vance looked proudly at his bride.
High Chief: It is with greatest pleasure that I present to the land of Manuiu, Prince and Princess Vance Vicente Pago. The crowd outside roared at the sound of the wedding bells.
Vance: We did it.
Roxanne: Yes. We did.
The guest also stood and cheered as the couple was announced to everyone. Roxanne had finally calmed down. She couldn't believe she was married.
The reception immediately followed. Guests gathered in the garden and waited for the wedding party to arrive. Meanwhile Vance and Roxanne finished their wedding ceremony with the last of the rituals.
They danced and ate throughout the afternoon.
The butler tapped her on the shoulder and escorted her inside.
Butler: He asked me to summon you.
Don sat at the end of a small room. He stood as she approached.
Don: Sorry. I wanted to see you and I didn't want everyone to see us.
Don: Please sit.
Roxanne: I can't stay long. People will be looking for me.
Don: This won't take long.
He paused.
Don: I'm sorry what happened the other day. Me coming to your house and telling you not to marry Vance. I was wrong and out of line. I just always saw you as my girl and I haven't stop wanting you to be with me.
Don: I should be happy for you. I should be a better friend. But it is going to take some time.
Roxanne: I appreciate that.
He lightly placed his hand over hers.
Don: I'll never stop being in love with my best friend. I just know that someone else will be loving you too.
She laid her head on his shoulder.
She wiped a tear from the top of her cheek.
Roxanne: So are you going to come celebrate with us.
Don: No. It's going to take some time. You go ahead. I'll join you all soon.
Right as she was leaving, Vance came in the hall.
Vance: Honey. I came to find my bride. The people are wondering.
Roxanne: I'm ok. Just had to freshen up.
Vance kissed her cheek and led her back outside with the rest of the guests.
Don didn't stay for the reception. He left during the party and went to Daisy's home. He packed all of his things and was driven to the airport. He said goodbye to Manuiu.

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#1socajadeVIPNov 26, 2015

\:\)This story is awesome and deserves to be continued, I wait with bated breath for the continuation of this series.

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