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Published Dec 4, 2015

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Good morning Manuiu. It's Independence Day. Yes, 200 years of celebrating our independence from Europe and Alliance with her sister countries. The townspeople are getting ready for the annual parade. This year's celebration is promised to be bigger than all the rest.

Leading the parade this year will be Crown Princess Daisy Pago, sharing the carriage ride with her son Prince Vance Pago and Princess Roxana Pago. These two are just coming back from celebrating their 3rd year anniversary.
Daisy had moved in to Tupou Palace. Her father, the King was growing ill and so she took over duties while he remained in bed.
The Tupou Palace was made in the 18 century and although it was smaller than most well known palaces, it was the biggest home on the island.
Daisy did not want to be alone so she convinced Vance and Roxana to live with her.
Vance knocked on the door and was welcomed in by his mother Daisy.
Vance: You called for me mother?
Daisy: Yes I have.
She finished typing on her computer and turned to Vance.
Daisy: How are you doing son? How is Daisy doing?
Vance: Fine. You see us all the time. Are you okay?
Daisy: Yes, yes. Well....I guess you can say I'm a little worried.
Vance: Worried?
Daisy: You and Roxana have been married for 3 years now. Yet no talk of children.
Vance: We just don't want children right now mother. We are a modern couple and we want to live life like a couple before bringing up children.
Daisy: You are a modern couple? Or are you two just not doing anything?
Vance: What?
Daisy: I hear what the help are saying. That you are invited to her bed at night. That you sleep with everyone else but your wife.
Vance: Mother?! You can't believe everything you say.
Daisy: Don't take me for a fool. She doesn't take you in her bed so you seek other women. That is nothing new. All have done it before you and will continue after you are long gone.
Vance: Mother....she doesn't want me. What do I do?
Daisy: That's enough wining. You do what you have to do. Seduce her, woo her, I don't care.
Daisy straightened herself.
Daisy: I want grandchildren and that is it. I don't care how. As a future king you must produce an heir. Otherwise our legacy will end with you. Now leave me. I have other work to do.
Roxana looked over her shoulder to a table that was set to the side of her.
She closed her eyes each time she looked away to remember what she saw. Other the past 2 years she was learning to paint. As a royal it was essential that she learn a trade of a Lady. Daisy knit and her mother made pottery. It was old fashioned but it was tradition. She stood in silence letting the birds sing music in her ear.
Vance: Good morning darling. I see you have another drawing.
Roxana: Yes. I'm getting better. A few years ago I was drawing stick figures and now I can do this.
Vance: Who would have thought. It is beautiful. I would say it is a resemblance of it's creator, exquisite.
Roxana blushed.
Roxana: You always no what to say.
Vance: I was thinking you and I could go away. Spend some time together. Like a second honeymoon.
Remember what it was like when we first married.
Roxana: Yes. I remember.
Vance: You were so nervous and tense. But with time you relaxed. We had fun.
Roxana: I don't know. Mother Daisy has so much for me to do. When will we have time.
Vance: We can make time. You, me. A cruise. Us on the ocean. Just think about it.
Roxana: Well it would be nice. We haven't done anything like that in a while. Yes, yes that would be great.
Vance: Great. I'll make the plans.
Vance: Oh. i forgot to mention. Did you hear? Don is engaged!
Roxana looked up from her painting.
Roxana: Don?
Vance: Yes. Some actress he met a year after leaving the military. It's all over the news. I'm surprised you didn't know.
Roxana: I only believe 50% of what I hear.
Vance: Well this is true. He'll be bringing her soon.
He was about to walk away but turned back to Roxana. She heard him come back towards her and tried to fight back any tears.
Vance: I know I may not have been the best husband these past few years. It's hard being a Prince and a husband. But I know we made the right choice to be together. I know we were meant to be.
He hugged his wife before returning back to the house.
As soon as the door shut Roxana dropped the brush and the paint she was holding.
Roxana: Engagement?
She placed her hand over her chest to slow her breathing. She lightly patted chest after taking one last long breath.
Vance and Roxanna had been gone for two months. They had put aside all their duties and tasks to be able to restart a new life. Daisy was eager for their return, hoping that the time together meant she would become a grandmother.
Roxanne and vance were greeted by the butler and their assistant who took the bags. The walked hand in hand in to the greeting room.
Vance: Happy Mrs. Pago.
Roxanne placed her head on his shoulder and wrapped her arm around his. She was about to reply but heard something familiar. The further they walked in the home, the more she was able to hear the sound.
Roxannea let go of Vance's arm and walked towards the back of the home. The melody put her mind in a trance. The song was her song. She heard it plenty of times before. Her steps were faster. It couldn't be her song. There was only one person that played it for her. As she reached the entrance of the room she stopped sharply. The sight drew her breath away.
It was Don. She couldn't move. She couldn't talk. She just stood watching him play.
But he didn't finish. He stopped just before the end and turned in her direction.
Don: Hello Rox.
Roxanne took a step back.
Don: Rox?
She walked away from the room and up the stairs to her room.
Roxanne drew herself a bath and soaked in the tub. She knew he was coming eventually. She knew he was going to bring his fiancee. She had practiced how she would greet him, how she would act. But seeing him there in front of her, she could not react.
She soaked in the bath for almost an hour. The maid called to her and she reluctantly left.
Roxanne sat in the den of the guest quarters. It was always quiet on the other side of the palace. It was also her way of not seeing Don. Three years had gone by since they last spoke. He left the night of her wedding to Vance and they never spoke. No letter, no emails. Only when she watched entertainment news did they do a story on him. For the most of the day she tried to avoid seeing him. Each time she would see him come into a room she would make an excuse why she had to leave. she avoided eye contact with him by looking at the floor or in the other direction. She couldn't understand why she was so nervous around him. Don on the other hand, was just as curious to find why she would not say anything to him. Was she still upset that he left? He wanted to talk to her and ask her but every time he had the chance, she would rush off. One time she walked right past him in the hallway and said nothing. She stared at the floor and when he raised his hand to say hello she wouldn't say a word. He couldn't understand what he had done that was so wrong. Now Roxanne sits quietly on the other side of the house. She was mustering the courage to talk, to say something.
Roxanne: It's just Don. Childhood friend Don. Vance's cousin Don. You are being ridiculous Roxanne.
Roxanne walked in the room just as Vance was hanging up the cellphone. He motioned for his assistant to leave. Roxana watched curiously as the assistant rushed past her and out of the room.
Vance: Good afternoon darling.
Roxanne: What was all the commotion about? I heard you in the other room.
Vance: Oh. Just the usual. Royal duties and all.
Vance: Since grandfather is ill I have to make his annual trip. Mother can't do it so I have to be the one.
Roxanne: Great. When do we leave?
Vance: I'm afraid I have to go alone.
Roxanne: Oh
Vance: You wouldn't like it anyway. A lot of political things, signing contracts, business talk. Surely it would not be fun for you. I wouldn't be around much at all to spend with you. You are better off here with mother and helping her. I'll be leaving in a few days.
Roxanne: But what about...
Vance: No worries my dear. It will only be a few weeks and I will be back home and in your arms. Then we can start on a family.
Roxanne: Are you sure I can't go. I would really like to get out of the house more. It may be good for the family image.
Vance laughed before kissing her on the cheek.
Vance: I assure you this is one trip that is not fit for the wife to be on. Lots of traveling and no time for site seeing. There will be more chances for us to go places. Just not this time.
Vance hugged his wife and kissed her cheek.
Roxanne wasn't worried about him leaving, but her being left alone.
A few days passed and Vance left for his travels. Meanwhile Roxanne would spend her time with mother Daisy. One morning she woke to the wonderful smell of bacon. As the princess she had a strict diet to upkeep her looks and bacon was not allowed. The smell danced around her nose and led her down the stairs to the kitchen. Surely cook knew better than to make such a delicious dish. She opened the door to the kitchen.
Don: Good morning!
Roxanne: um, Good morning. I didn't think you were here.
Don: I left for a few days. Get some fresh air. But there is always home. Want some?
Roxanne walked closer to the stove to take in the maple brown sugar smell. On the skillet, next to the plate of bacon he was making pancakes.
Don: Whoops. I'll keep that one for the dog. Are you sure you don't want any. You look hungry.
Roxanne: I can't. I'm fine. I'll just have a plate of toast and an orange.
Don: Really? That's not breakfast. Come on.
Don made two plates of food and walked to the dining room. He motioned for Roxanne to follow and she joined him at the table.
Roxanne: Thanks for sharing.
Don: I knew you would like it. I made all your favorites. Pancakes and lots of bacon.
Roxanne: I really shouldn't be eating this.
Don: The princess diet? I remember when Daisy used to eat grapefruit and that was eat.
Roxanne: Well I guess I can do it once.
Roxanne let out a small sigh as she tasted the bacon. Her eyes opened wide.
Don: Good huh?
She began to dig in the breakfast, stuffing the food in her mouth. She lost her ladylike manners.
Don: So what are you up to?
Roxanne: Oh the usual. meetings, appearances, photo ops. I have a strict schedule for the next weeks while Vance is gone. I think Mother Daisy wants to keep me busy.
Don: Well I was thinking if you have some time that maybe you and I can hang out. Like old times.
Roxanne: I don't know.
Don: Oh come on Rox. Let's have a ditch day.
She looked down at her plate. The food was already half gone. She remembered what it was like when her and Don would run around the island. They would sneak in movie theaters, take the fruit from the royal garden. When she was with Don she felt free. Sure she had gotten in trouble a few times by her father. She would apologize and then do it again.
Roxanne: Okay.
Don stood at the train station waiting for Roxanne. He looked at the clock it was a little after 12 and he was getting worried that she would not be able to get away. A few minutes later he walked to the exit. Roxanne: Looking for someone.
Don: You made it. I thought you chickened out for a minute.
Roxanne: And miss a ditch day? It took a little longer to avoid Daisy but I was able to escape the prison.
They both laughed.
Don: Come on.
Roxanne: So why are we taking the train?
Don: I don't know. I figured it would be a garanteed way to be alone without onlookers. That's why I got us a private room. What's with the disguise?
Roxanne: Same reason. I don't want people to see it's me. You know what will happen.
Don: Got it.
The road the train around the island. It was a three hour trip but it didn't seem like enough time for Don and Roxanne. They talked as if time hadn't passed between them. They laughed about themselves and what the media was saying about them.
Don: Two princesses! Can you believe it? That's just too much work for one man.
When the train finally returned back to the station they continued their conversation at the diner across the street.
Don: We should do this again.
Roxanne: Yes. We should. It was nice to do something different for a change.
Don: What about tomorrow?
Roxanne and Don began going out more together. When she didn't have a full schedule, they would meet at a cafe on the other side of the island. They didn't want people to see them together and begin starting rumors about their relationship. When they were seen together is was often with a group to hide their true intentions. Because the people were more interested in her she had to disguise herself when she left. Only her assistant knew where she was going and would often help create diversions for Daisy so that she could get out. It was an adrenaline rush. Just like when they were young.
Don enjoyed spending the time with Roxanne again. He knew that she was Vance's wife. But tucked away in the corner of his heart were his true feelings for Roxanne. No matter who he had met or been with, they were not Roxanne. There were several times he wanted to reach out and kiss her again. Don: Hey!
Roxanne: You started it...What? You can't finish.
She splashed the water in his face again laughing each time her hand slapped the water.
Don: Okay that's it.
He dove into the water and pulled her further under.
Don: Go out with me again?
Roxanne: We've been hanging out for the past two weeks now.
Don: I know. This time I was thinking of something a little more special.
Roxanne: uh okay. How special are you thinking?
Don: You'll see.
Roxanne met with Don on the bench behind the Princess Palace.
Don: Do you remember this? Our first kiss.
Roxanne: I do. It was my very first kiss. But why are we here?
Don: I've really liked spending time with you. These stolen moments meant alot to me.
Roxanne: You've helped me a lot as well. Life just seemed so boring. And then you came back. I always felt like there was something missing. Being a princess isn't everything.
Don: I came back to you.
He placed his arm around her shoulder.
Roxanne: Don.
Don: Rox. Don't spoil it. I just wanted to tell you the truth. I'll stop if you want me to.
Roxanne: I don't know what to do when I am around you. I shouldn't be feeling this way. One minute I see you as a friend. And the next.....the next....I
Don scooted closer to her.
Don: Just let me hold you.
She rested her head on his shoulder. He was warm. She hugged his waist while he held her closer.
Don: I'm never going to stop Roxanne.
Roxanne: I know.
He looked into her eyes. He waited for a sign. Something to tell him to stop. But he knew looking at her, she was telling him it was alright.
He kissed her.
For a short moment Roxanne had forgotten about her commitment to her husband. After their kiss under the stars, the two of them were a little more daring. They would share secret glances. At gathering they would stand close enough to hold each others hand when people were not paying attention. Roxanne was happier when Don was around. A few nights had passed. Don stood on the small bridge looking over the small pond in the middle of the estate. He tossed a tiny pebble into the water. His face was sad and nervous. He looked over his shoulder at the sound of footsteps in the grass. It was Roxanne. She smiled at him as she approached. She was so happy to see him she nearly skipped up the steps to meet him.
Roxanne: Wow, I've never been this far off from the house before. I didn't know this existed.
She started to smile again but quickly changed when she saw his face.
Roxanne: What's wrong?
Don: Adrianna is coming?
Roxanne: Adrianna....the singer you have been dating.
Don: Yes. She's coming to my performance at the Music Theatre. Daisy invited her.
Roxanne: Oh. I see.
Don: I didn't want her to. I've been trying to end things between us but since I came here and saw you...
Roxanne: It's okay.
Don: But
Roxanne: No. We shouldn't have went this far. We should just stop now before things get out of hand.
Don: Out of hand? Rox
Roxanne: Don. If you wanted to break up with her you would have done it sooner. And if I wanted to be single I would have divorced Vance by now. But we haven't. And I'm not angry. What we are doing is wrong and this is a wake up call.
Don: Rox.
She kissed him on the cheek. And forced a smile to her face.
Roxanne: I have to go. It's getting late.
Don grabbed her arm before she could leave.
Don: It's not over Roxanne. You know that as much as I do.
Roxanne: Yes it is Don. It has to be.
The night of Dontrez's performance, he was joined by girlfriend Adrianna Garner and Princess Daisy. They waited in the living area for Roxanne.
Daisy: I wonder what is taking her so long. I just sent her assistant up to retrieve her.
Adrianna: Beauty take time your highness.
Daisy: Well let's all sit and wait. There is no telling what that girl is doing up there.
Don: It's no big deal. I don't have to be there for a few more hours anyway.
Daisy: Yes. But she has been acting rather odd lately. Have you noticed anything.
Don: No.
Daisy: Well hopefully everything will be back to normal once Vance comes back. Now what about you and Adrianna. I've heard there may be wedding bells for the both of you.
Roxanne: hello.
Don nearly jumped out of the chair to avoid talking more and him Adrianna. He quickly met Roxanne before she could enter the next room where they were sitting.
He stopped at the entrance. She looked beautiful standing at the bottom of the steps.
Roxanne: Sorry I took so long. My first dress was not working.
Don: You look wonderful. I could wait for you forever.
Roxanne began to blush.
Roxanne: I wanted to look nice for you- your performance.
Don: I am flattered. I've been trying to talk to you since the other night.
Roxanne: I wanted to make sure you spent time with Adrianna.
Adrianna: Dontez honey. Are we ready?
Adrianna stood next to Don and clung onto his arm.
Don: Yes. I was just getting Roxanne.
It was the first time Roxanne had met Adrianna in person.
Roxanne forced a smile on her face and nodded to Adrianna who gave a clumsy curtsy in response. Roxanne led the way into the room where Daisy was waiting.
People came from all of the neighboring islands to be the first to hear Dontrez Pago's performance. The Crown Princess turned it into a royal affair. The young boy she mothered since he was a baby, welcomed into her home and made part of the royal family. Everyone gathered in the main lobby before being allowed into the hall. And when Daisy arrived with Adrianna and Roxanne, the crowd went silent. After the three women were seated, the lights dimmed and Don entered the stage. The audience applauded. He bowed to the crowd and in the direction of Daisy who was on the balcony. He turned to the piano and sat down on the bench. He closed his eyes and placed his fingers on the keys. He took one last breath before beginning to play. Halfway through the performance he began to play Roxanne's song. She perked up listening to the additional melody he added. It was his call to her. She couldn't help but smile as he continued to play. His music always made her emotional and tonight was no different. She tried hiding her tears in the darkness of the balcony.
When he finally finished, the audience raised from their chairs and cheered. Roxanne wanted to join them but instead sat down with Daisy and clapped.
The ride back home Daisy was calling back to the Palace to make sure everything was set for the after party. She wanted to make sure that all of the celebrities and famous names that attended the performance were also going to attend the party. Meanwhile Roxanne didn't say a word in the limo. Instead she stared out the window the entire ride trying not to look at the couple on the other side of her. Instead of staying for the party, Roxanne excused herself to her room.
Roxanne: I am not feeling well. I don't want to ruin the party so I will just rest in my room.
Daisy was not happy but allowed her to leave. Don wanted to go after her but opted to stay with Daisy and Adrianna instead.
Roxanne avoided seeing Don the next day. She went out with other royal wives and attended a tea party with Daisy. She was quiet, spending most of her time upset and jealous that Adrianna was there. When the day ended she retired to her room.
Roxanne: What are you doing here?
Don: It was the only way I could see you.
Roxanne: You shouldn't be here. What if someone saw you.
Don:They didn't. I need to talk to you.
Roxanne: We don't need to talk.
Don: I sent Adrianna back home. I didn't ask her to come here in the first place. I wanted to be with you that night.
Roxanne: Do you hear yourself? You want to be with your cousin's wife. I'm married Don. And no matter how you feel we can never be together.
Don: I don't believe you want that.
Roxanne: You have no idea what I want. But right now I want you to leave Don.
Don didn't leave. He walked to Roxanne.
Roxanne: No. This is not right. I have a husband.
Don: Are you happy with him?
Roxanne looked at the floor. She tried to hide her face from Don.
Don: Are you happy with me?
Roxanne: You can't ask me that.
Don brought her face up to his. He pulled her hips to him and placed a kiss on her lips.
Don: You make me happy Roxanne. I want you to be happy.
Before she could object her silenced her with another kiss. She welcomed his touch by bringing him closer to her.
He lifted her in his arms and placed her on the bed.
Don: Let me make you happy.

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