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Published Feb 26, 2016

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Looking for an affordable cozy place for you and your significant other. Well look no further than The Grove suites. One bedroom apartments made for that special someone with high class needs on a low budget. Stop in and take advantage of the beautiful neighborhood and wonderful view. Our door is always open..... 2A: Jack and Kait Strauss were the eldest of the neighbors in the complex. They had lived in the building since both retired and decided to downsize from their home. After the children left the nest, they decided to sell their home and live the rest of their lives together, peacefully. 2C: Dia lives down the way from the Jack and Kait. Although she was not born in the 70's you could not tell from her nostalgic clothes and flower child way of life. She hopes to become a famous folk singer and has a steady job working at The Pit, gas stop and bar for truckers. 1B: Nobuo Tanaka. He lived in the apartments the longest. He has been a residence of The Grove for the past four years. He spends most of his time on his computer. Along with being a computer analysis for a high profile company, he spends the rest of his time trying to write the next big seller. Nobuo lives a very simple life. His collection of books are his most prized possessions and and spends most of the time in his apartment. Jack and Kait enjoyed the company of their younger neighbor. When he wasn't reading, he joined them for a few games of cards or dinner.
Kait: So when are you going to have a girl over?
Jack: Seriously, Kait. Leave the boy alone.
Kait: I'm just curious. I've never seen a girl over there since we moved here.
Jack: Well maybe he doesn't like girls.
Nobuo: No, I do. I do.
Kait: Well...
Nobuo: I'm not dating because I'm waiting for the one. But when I see her, I'll let you know.
Kait: Well I know this wonderful young lady at the grocery store. She has a small tick but she is just so sweet.
Just as they were speaking the entrance gate opened. They looked in the direction of the footsteps.
Nobuo: Who is that?
Kait: Her? That's Shane. She lives right next door to you.
Nobuo: I've never seen her.
Jack: I'm not surprised. She leaves at night and comes back in the afternoon. There is only one type of woman that does that.
Nobuo: Who?
Kait nudged Jack.
Kait: I hear she works at the night clubs as a dancer in one of those cages.
Nobuo could barely hear the rest of their conversation. He couldn't stop looking at her as she walked past them. She walked as if she was a model, her hips dancing to a tune in his head. She glanced over at them and nodded before entering her apartment.
Nobuo: Shane
Nobuo began paying more attention to the ins and outs of the apartment. Almost anything that sounded like doors opening, talking, or laughter.
He jumped from his computer and peaked out the window hoping to get another glimpse of his neighbor. He wanted to say hi. But each time she came out she quickly left with a group of friends or a new guy.
He would take his books outside to read and keep him company while he waited to see her.
Nobuo: Okay. You can do this. All you have to do is get up and say hi. Knock on her door and introduce yourself.
He raised up from his chair but quickly sat down.
Her front door opened. She and a group of friends left the apartment singing and laughing. He hid behind his book not saying to word to them. As they were leaving the area he lowered his book from his face.
Nobuo: Shane.
Shane Hawley worked at the one of the clubs in town. She was in charge of promotions and entertainment on their special nights. It is because of her line of work that she had a large number of friends and acquaintances. She dropped out of college after her first semester to be a professional dancer but after many tries she gave up. In the meantime she was going to work her way to pay for college. It was nearly 5 in the morning when Shane arrived home. Her feet hurt from all the dancing and being on her feet all night. She couldn't wait to get home. She reached for her clutch. But there was nothing there.
Shane: Shoot
She opened the pot next to her door. Her key was not there. She forgot she used it the last time she locked herself out.
She looked around the apartment complex to see if anyone was up. She noticed the light of apartment 1B was still on. This was Nobuo's home. She almost gave up after a while of knocking on the door. Just as she decided to leave she heard shuffling from the inside and the door opened.
Shane: Hi. I'm your neighbor.
Nobuo wanted to say something back. But each time he tried to reply only a small sound came out. Instead he stood smiling.
Shane: Oh. Are you deaf? Goodness. I'm so sorry, I don't know how to sign. Nevermind.
Nobuo: Wait!
Shane: What? So you can talk?
Nobuo: My name is Nobuo. I haven't met you officially.
Shane: Shane Hawley. I locked myself out and I don't have a way of getting in. I think I left my purse in my friends car. It has everything in it. I just need to call her if you don't mind.
Nobuo led her into his apartment to use his phone.
Nobuo: It's a little cool outside you can wait here if you like.
Shane: Thanks. She didn't answer so I left a message.
Shane looked around the apartment.
Shane: So this is what the other places look like. Who's your interior decorator?
Nobuo: Decorator? I don't have one.
Shane: I kind of noticed from the lack of furniture.
She picked up the book on the coffee table.
Shane: You have a lot of books but no tv.
Nobuo: I like to read. It helps with my own imagination.
Shane: Charles Khan.
Nobuo: You can read?
Shane: Of course I can.
Nobuo: I mean. You've read his books.
Shane: I have a small collection. I'm a big sci-fi geek.
Nobuo: Me too. At least that is what I'm told.
Nobuo: I hope you don't mind. I made some tea.
She gladly took the warm mug. She blew into the cup releasing the steam from the top and inhaled the smell. She took a long sip.
Shane: This is good. Really good.
Nobuo: Thanks. It's my own recipe. You can't find the ingredients here so my family ships them to me.
Shane: You should try Perk's.
Nobuo: What is that?
Shane: Perks. Only the best tea and coffee place in town. Well maybe second best on tea now that I've tasted yours. It's just a few blocks away. I can't believe you have never seen it.
Nobuo: I really don't get out. I'm usually here.
Shane: Well then you should get out more.
Nobuo: I'm trying to become a writer. That's why I have all these books.
Shane: How many have you written?
Nobuo: Well, none. But I am trying.
Shane: So is that what you do? How do you make money.
Nobuo: I work. It's just not what I want to do all my life.
Shane: Understand. I feel the same way. I want to be a dancer. I'm going to go back to school.
Nobuo: Why did you stop?
Shane: I was dumb. You know, It's amazing how you meet people. I never knew who you were before now. I never really talk to anyone in the building. Well except a hello and goodbye to Kait and Jack
Nobuo: They are a great couple.
Her friend finally called back and was outside waiting for her.
Shane: Thanks so much for the help. It was really great of you for letting me wait here.
Nobuo: It wouldn't be right if I left you outside.
Shane: Well I'll have to find a way of thanking you one of these days. Have a good night.
Nobuo: You too.
For the next few days Nobuo typed frantically on his computer. His encounter with Shane gave him the best idea for a book to write. Once he started typing he couldn't stop. His mind was going faster than he could type and at times he would stop to write down a new idea on his notepad.
He didn't come out of his apartment and barely ate. He turned off his phone to concentrate on his work. "She stood confident and statuesque, even Aphrodite would envy her beauty."

He smiled at that last line.

He continued to write, not noticing his fingertips were becoming numb. There was a loud scream from outside and he stopped to see what was going on.
The scream was followed by more screaming and laughter. It was Dia and Shane, playing in the small pool in the back of the apartment.
Shane: Okay, stop! I'll tell you.
Dia: So what was he like?
Nobuo was curious and slightly opened his window to hear more.
Shane: Nice I guess?
Dia: Nice?
Shane: Yeah.
Dia: I always thought he was mysterious. The dark black hair, and dark eyes and sexy smile. He barely says anything to anyone.
Shane: Well he talks to me?
Dia: So?
Shane: So what?
Dia: Well are you going to ask him out?
Shane: I don't think he's interested.
Dia: I think he is.
Shane: I'll see. I haven't seen him since so I will see.
Nobuo quickly closed the window.
Nobuo: She thinks I'm nice......
He looked in the mirror and wiped the crumbs from his shirt.
Nobuo: Hello Shane. Remember me.....No......Hey Girl.......No, no.
He walked to the door but froze before he turned the knob. He was nervous again.
Nobuo: She's going to laugh at you. She's going to turn you down. A girl like that would never be truly interested in someone like me.
Instead he went back to writing. He reread his last pages and made a few edits here and there. It was late at night when he finally finished and decided to go to bed instead. -----------------------------------------------------------
Shane: Hey Nobuo.
Her voice sent a good chill down his back. He turned to her as she walked to meet him at his door.
Nobuo: Shane. Hey girl.....
He hit his head for saying that but she didn't hear him.
Nobuo: Hi.
Shane: I never got to thank you for the other night.
Nobuo: It's no problem. We're neighbors.
Shane: i know but it's been like a few weeks and I haven't seen you around.
Nobuo: I've been writing. This is the first real time I stepped out and that was to get groceries.
Shane: Well I can come with you. I'm on my way to the market. Maybe you can let me treat you to that drink I owe you.
Nobuo did not hesitate to agree. Was this their first date?
Shane led him to one of the small shops around the corner from the groceries. He never really paid attention to any of the stores on his way to get food. It was a nice neighborhood filled with small boutiques and eateries.
Inside the store was decorated with different art from graffiti to contemporary. The furniture didn't match but he figured it was done on purpose.
She took him upstairs to the another area of the shop.
Shane: It's much quieter up hear. They also have a small section where local artist would come and just paint away. Downstairs there are bands playing in the evening.
Nobuo: This is nice. Three years and I've never been here.
Shane: That means you need to get out more.
Shane: So where are you from. With a name like Nobuo, I would say you are not from here.
Nobuo: Nope. I'm from Oregon.
Shane: What? (she laughed)
Nobuo: My parents were born in Japan and moved here before I was born. It's just us, me and my parents. They wanted me to become a doctor like my grandfather. But I wanted to write.
Shane: How did they take it when you told them.
Nobuo: I haven't. It would kill my mother. My father would probably disown me. That's why I work on computers. I don't love it but I'm good at it. I want to write.
Nobuo: What about you?
Shane: Raised by my father when my mother passed away. I wanted to become a professional dancer. Spent years competing and winning. But I wasn't dedicated to go to school for it. So I dropped out. I thought school was holding me back. But I was wrong. So now I work at clubs as the "entertainment".
Nobuo: You mean.
Shane: I attract the men to come and spend money. (she sipped her coffee) It pays the bills so I continue to do it in order to help me get back to school.
Nobuo:And your father?
Shane: I wouldn't tell him what I'm doing. I told him I was taking some time off to find myself. That dancing wasn't something I wanted to do anymore. He would drag me back to New Jersey if he knew.
They continued to enjoy the scenery and sip their drinks, getting to know each other in between.
Shane: So are you dating anyone?
Nobuo almost choked on the air.
Nobuo: Well no.
Shane: Well you should. Someone like you.
Nobuo: I never dated in high school. I was the quiet kid in school that stayed reading. College was no different. I don't know how to date. I didn't go to parties or dances.
Shane: Well if you decide to start dating let me know. You are too nice to not have someone.
Nobuo couldn't help smiling. Was she inviting him?
After shopping they went back to the apartment complex.
Chad: Hey baby!
Shane stopped before reaching the gate.
Shane: Don't baby me.
Chad: What? I said I was sorry. I fell asleep and my phone was dead. I couldn't call you.
Shane: You expect me to believe that lame excuse. I've heard better.
Chad: Oh come on baby.
He looked at Nobuo who was just a few feet behind Shane. She rolled her eyes.
Shane: He's just my neighbor. Why? Jealous?
Chad: Can we talk about this inside?
He rubbed her shoulders down to her arms with his large hands.
Chad: Come on. You know you can't stay mad at me.
Shane's voice softened.
Shane: Stop (her voice just above a whisper)
Chad: Come on.
He licked his bottom lips slowly. Nobuo curled his lips in disgust watching him try to swoon her. He pulled her other hand and led her through the entrance gate to her door.
Nobuo watched him take her away. It was so smooth she didn't have time to say goodbye.
Nobuo: Who was that? With his dark black hair, slick smile, perfect tan and body.
He then realized it was him that Dia and Shane were talking about that day in the pool. Was he her boyfriend? She never mentioned him. But then, he never asked her.
He realized the bags were getting heavy in his arms. He tried to wait to see if she would come back out but she didn't. He sluggishly walked to his apartment and closed his door to the rest of the world.

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#1curtisdragoDec 31, 2016

This is amazing! Nobuo seems so dope. I didn't know what stories were like on TSR, so you're the first I've read/seen.

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