The Kirby Twins- Chapter 14
Published Aug 29, 2015

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Hello Readers, TSR users, and Visitors! Welcome to Chapter 14 of The Kirby Twins. Visitors and Newbies to this story, please read chapters 1-13 to understand what's going on in the story. As for the rest of you, enjoy the 14th chapter of The Kirby Twins.

Hello Readers, TSR users, and Visitors! Welcome to Chapter 14 of The Kirby Twins. Visitors and Newbies to this story, please read chapters 1-13 to understand what's going on in the story. As for the rest of you, enjoy the 14th chapter of The Kirby Twins. Stella will be the first narrator of this chapter. In this scene, she's still in the hospital. Enjoy reading the first part! I had no more visitors today, so I just relaxed on my bed to watch the weather channel. Time goes by quick in this world, we've got three more days until spring. I sighed as I go into thought of the last guest that I had. Ever since David came and confessed his feelings for me, I couldn't get him out of my mind. And just because the feeling is mutual and we kissed doesn't mean we're an official couple, YET. I'm still processing the negatives of what happened to me. I turned to the door because I heard knocking. I was surprised that I had one more visitor. I didn't even know what time it was.

“Come in!” I answered.

The door slowly opened and the visitor was a stranger.
“Hi,” The blonde girl greeted me as she walks in.

Who the heck is this? I never seen this girl before.

“Hey,” I greeted back.

“How are you feeling?” She asked.

“Not good,” I said sounding wary this time.

I'm in no mood to be dealing with this! This girl better not be a P-Team member! She IS wearing black. Then again, she's not covering her head. This girl isn't wearing ALL black, she's wearing white stockings, white gloves, white sunglasses, and a red fashion belt.
“Oh my watcher, I can't believe you're here,” She sounded sad when she said that.

“Umm..Excuse me?” I was confused by her words.

“I'm so sorry Stella, I really am,” She quavered.

Who is this chick?! And what is she apologizing for?!

“Um...girl?” I tried to question, but she interrupted me.

“I heard about Dona too, she was such a nice girl. Good thing you're still here,” She said.
I was confused! So I asked, “Have we met?”

“Yes we have, but I came here to warn you about these dangerous men in black,” She explained.

“How do you know about the P-Team?!” I blurted out.

“Because they're after me too,” She replied.

How does she know that those creeps are after US?

“So who are you? And how do you know my name?” I asked.
“I'm the best girlfriend you ever had! That's what!” She smirked.

“I bet you're lying! How do I not know you're one of them?!” I accused.

“If I was lying, how come I saw Becky out there along with bad boy Randy? They were standing outside the hospital going who knows where,” The blonde girl pointed out.

“You knowing my sister and her delinquent friend doesn't change a thing! Who ARE YOU?!” I demanded in a serious tone.

She sighed and smiled at me saying, “I don't know about you, but I can't wait for SUMMER to come back. I've been wanting a tan for a while, so I decided to go to the beach on Leisure Day. Then one of my besties wanted to go with me, but I didn't let her.”

Why does everything she say sound familiar? I asked her, “Why?”

“Because she has beautiful skin, AND a beautiful heart,” She answered.
I gasped at those last words as she looks amused. Those same words the day that...WOAH!

“I-Is it really you?!” I stuttered.

She nodded and said, “It's been a while has it.”

I don't believe it! Even though she's standing right in front of me!
It's HARMONY! Tears slowly running down my face I just hugged the girl tight with no hesitation. I remembered those words when I hung out with her at our house during the summer time. Plus summer is her favorite season. I've known this girl forever, so Becky and I should know that! But I still can't believe Harmony's here and as a BLONDE?

“What's with the hair, girl?” I asked.

“I just thought I'd try something different. Besides The P-Team gang believes I'm a brunette girl, so I had to change my look,” She explained.

“Smart move! I missed you so much!” I said hugging her again.

“I missed you too, Stella. I saw Becky too, but I didn't have time to reunite with her. Visiting hours are ending soon, so I had to see you first,” She replied.

“Good! I'll be getting out tomorrow anyways, so lets make this visit the best!” I chirped.

“You got it! So what did I miss?” She asked right away as I told her, “A LOT!”
“I can't believe what a selfish jerk Damien turned out to be! AND having the nerve to force a goodbye kiss on you? He's so pathetic! But one thing I can tell you about Debra is: I Told You So,” She snickered.

“I know Harmony, you were right! So I've gotten detention for kicking her butt,” I said.

“I wished I was there to see you gave her that beating,” She pouted, and then asked, “So how's Amelia and Sara?”

“They're doing good, Amelia's still going strong with Robbie and Sara's still daydreaming about Fernando,” I answered. She laughed at that and said, “I love those two!”
“Even though Damien was a heartless playboy, I'm over it. And I'm over him! My mom told me there's plenty of fish in the sea. So I'm ready to move on,” I conceded.

“Good for you, Stella! Guys like Damion don't deserve a real woman like you! Your mom's right, you should move on,” She said proudly.

We both laughed.

“But just out of curiosity, if you do find another boyfriend, will it be David?” She raised her eyebrow.
“Umm...” My smile faded away when she asked me that. That IS her ex-boyfriend. But how does she know I like David?

“Because I saw him today, as I came in the building. I lied, I didn't break up with him because he was boring. The guy means well, but he doesn't know our situation with The P-Team. Plus I met a guy named Estevan Richardson who's also another target. They want our souls to resurrect these evil twins called the Hickey Sisters,” She explained

“I heard about these girls, but who are they?” I asked.
Harmony's Explanation: The Hickey sisters are these crazy twins witches who have been causing trouble and massive destruction many years ago. I believe it was around the time our grandparents were BABIES! They both died differently, the blue witch, Chloe died from haunting curse and the pink witch Zoe died from drowning. The P-Team wants to get energy from us to resurrect these witches to rule the world. I know it sounds crazy, but these people are insane. “The easiest way they can capture your energy is to cast the spell on you, which is The Doom Curse,” She explained more.

It hit me again. These people are crazy! Bringing back she-devils in the world to cause trouble to our world?!

“Do you know any witches that have the power to undo the curse?” I asked.

“There's a witch named, Darbie Rubies. But she's WAY in Dragon Falls Town. Why you ask?” She replied.

“I'm cursed,” I answered sadly.

She gave a look a fear and sadness in between then she looks down. Poor Harmony, she must be going through a lot right now. Then she gave me a serious look and implied, “You need to leave town for a while and go to Dragon Falls.”

“What?!” I wailed as she gets up to leave.
“Why are you saying I should leave town?!” I asked in shock.

She stops and tells me, “I just told you about that powerful witch Darbie. One thing you should know about high leveled wizards and witches is that they have the power to undo The Doom Curse. Go to Dragon Falls and find her, she can help you.”

“I don't think I can go out of town solo! In case you haven't noticed, we're still teenagers!” I disagreed.

“That's what you have Becky for,” She turned half way with a smile.

“We're minors Harmony!” I pleaded.

“You'll be fine, Stella,” She said with confidence.

I sighed heavily. Why me?! No wait, why US?!
“One more thing, if you choose to be with David, just be careful to avoid that Brea girl. She's got a nasty attitude. That's why I chose to let David go in the first place. I can't be with someone who tolerates negative people,” Harmony said.

“Brea doesn't scare me, Harmony. I won't give David up because she's insecure!” I barked.

“Good!” She replied back.

I said goodbye to her as she walks out the door. Seeing her leave made me sad, but knowing that she's okay is always good news. Even though she had to leave, I've got a feeling that she'll be back. She's got a lot of explaining to do anyways.
It was my first day out of the hospital and I still feel like crap. All because I have The Doom Curse. I haven't heard from Annie yet, and I'm anxious. I don't even know how much time I have left to live! Harmony was right, I had to leave town to find this witch. Since Becky knows about the P-Team and is also a target, I had to tell her everything. And of course she got upset and barked out, “Why didn't you tell me you saw Harmony?!!”

“I'm telling you now, Becky!” I replied.

“I don't believe this! That girl! That was Harmony!! I saw her too! But she didn't say much! She never greeted ME! That JERK!” Becky pouted.

“She wanted to see you too, but didn't have time,” I reasoned.

Becky took a deep breath a sighed. She looked to the ground and said, “Sorry sis, I'm just still mad about yesterday.”
“What happened yesterday?” I asked.

“You know Brea Nooks? David's Friend?” She asked.

I frowned and answered, “Yes I do! What about her?”

“She's been working with those P-Team creepos the whole time! Michelle showed me proof too! And they also declared Kenny missing!” She explained.

I gasped at her words. I knew it. I KNEW it! I knew something was off about that girl ever since her nasty attitude towards me! I can see why Harmony chose to stay away from David.
Just then, Becky started to cry making me feel saddened. It's been a long time since I've seen Becky cry like this.

“Becky...” I said.

“I can't believe this is happening to us!” She cried.
She started to sob even harder.

“I can't lose you, Stella! I just CAN'T! You're not only my best friend! Your my twin sister! My BLOOD!” She continued sobbing.

“I know Becky, YOU may not be cursed, but you're still a target, I don't want to lose you either,” I said.

“We gotta do something about those demons!” She demanded.
“First thing I'm gonna do is break Brea's FACE! Once I see her, she'll regret messing with the Kirbys!” I growled.

“AND what good will that do?! You're still CURSED, even if you do beat her up! We need a better plan to get out of this mess!” Becky said in annoyance.

I glared at her. That's surprising coming from her, she's supposed to be the violent one! But in Brea's case, I am! SHE'S the heartless one, and a sell-out too! Now I know that Debra's no longer a factor. Because Brea Nooks has done worse.
“Girls, come downstairs! It's time for dinner!” My mom called out.

“Lets go,” I told Becky.

“What about our situation?” She sniffled.

“We're gonna have to come up with a plan to get out of this mess without anything or ANYONE getting in our way,” I replied.

“Okay then,” Becky wiped her tears away and continued with a rough tone, “Come on Stella, I'm starving!”

I smiled at her as I walked out of the room. If Harmony's right about this Darbie Rubies person, then I could relax a bit. Before I start planning, I need to do some research on this witch, Darbie Rubies before I make ANY plans.
The next day was my first day BACK to school and everyone wasn't glaring at us. They welcomed me back with apologies and smiles. At least my school days are back to normal. While walking through the halls of the school to go to class, I saw David by his locker. I was happy yet nervous at the same time. Because of the fact that I KISSED him without hesitation, and he kissed me back. Then we shared a “lovely” moment being in each others' arms before we were interrupted by Becky. But I was nervous because I don't know what to say to him. He turned around to see me standing there and smiled at me. Look at that beautiful smile! He made me blush, again!

“Welcome back, pretty girl,” He greeted.

I smiled and said, “Thanks David! How are you?”

“I'm doing great!”
I was still a bit nervous but I smiled at him and said, “David, about yesterday....”

“What about yesterday?” He asked.

“You've been a good friend to me. And even though you dated my friend, you saved our butts from darkness. And you let me cry on your shoulder when I was crying AND you showed my pathetic former boyfriend whose boss! I just wanted to thank you for being a good friend AND visiting me at the hospital,” I said.

David gives me a smug look crossing his arms.

“What I say is true David,” I said as he shakes his head, then he walks closer to me and...
He takes both my hands and kisses me! And yes I was shocked for a short moment, and I just gave in and closed my eyes and we started to make out. Deep down, I wanted him to kiss me. I said those true words because he IS a good friend. But it's been some time now and we both wanted to be more than JUST friends. My eyes discovered Brea glaring at me while I shared a kiss with David. I ignored her and continued kissing him. David has been good to me and I wont let this chick come between us, no matter how much of a threat she is to our lives. But she's not the only one that's trying to come between us. I haven't forgotten about being cursed! This would break David's heart if I tell him about ALL this mess! What am I gonna do with this dark info?! Readers! It's Becky's turn to be the narrator! Her scene takes place a couple of minutes after school. I hope you'll enjoy reading the last part of chapter 14. And Happy Simming! I wanted to be alone in my thoughts. So I went to an empty park and sat on the swings, in my depression form. My sister has this “Doom Curse” which causes her to have a short lifespan. I don't think I'll ever be myself if I lost my sister or ANY of my family members. That day, I was too occupied to realize that blonde chick from the hospital was my girl-buddy Harmony. I couldn't be mad at her. And speaking of Harmony... FLASHBACK TIME! (At the gym with Harmony)

I was thinking about my personal memories with Harmony. We would chill out at the gym, laugh and talk about our classmates, friends and enemies, (and frenemies). I just watch her in amusement as she struggles on the pump machine. The look on her face made me laugh.

Harmony: (glares at me) Shut up you!
Me: (laughing) I can't help it, girlie! You look so funny struggling on that thing!

Harmony: (smirking) I suppose YOU can do better on here?

Me: (smirking) You've got pretty legs though.

Harmony: Changing the subject? You wimp! (laughing) So you like my legs?

Me: Well, that's MY opinion.
Harmony got off the machine and walked up to me with a smirk on her face.

Harmony: (smirking) Better than Michelle's legs?

Me: Let's not go that far, buddy.

Harmony: You started, freak.

Me: (raising my eyebrow) I'm a freak?

Harmony crossed her arms and gave me an arrogant smile.

Me: (smirking) You're guilty of being one too, and you know it! Didn't you run into Michelle yesterday?

Harmony: Yeah I did, and I know she's gay. But at least she's got good taste. I was a bit flattered when she told me how pretty I was. And she did this!
Harmony took me by surprise once she grabbed and KISSED ME! I had my hands up and I had a numb expression on my face. I was too shocked and confused to push her away from me. I still couldn't believe she kissed me! I know she was saying that Michelle kissed her, but I didn't expect her to give me an example! This was NOT my first kiss. But it was my first time kissing someone of the same sex. She backed up from me and giggled at me as I was still petrified.

Me: What the heck was that for?!

Harmony started to laugh.

Harmony: Look at you. You look like a scared puppy.

She started to laugh even harder as I crossed my arms shaking my head. This girl is a wildflower. This moment I had with Harmony I'll never forget. Because we have something in common, we're BOTH free spirits. I didn't get to talk to her that day, but at least she's still here! I knew my girl wouldn't break our hearts leaving this world!

My “solo time” was interrupted by someone from my school coming here. I looked up at the guy with a frown and said, “What are you doing here?”

“You always treat your fellow classmates like that?” He smirked.

“You always avoid answering questions?” I asked back.

He started laughing. Then my frown turned to a smirk and said, “I'm not that mean, turkey boy! And you kissing me the other day doesn't change anything. You're still an amateur!

“Whatever Buggie, you liked it,” He said while he walks to the swing next to me.
“I seen your sister's not in the hospital. When did she get out?” Julius asked.

“Yesterday,” I answered.

“That's good. But it's pretty messed up that Dona girl's dead. You going to her funeral on Tuesday?” He replied.

“Yeah I am. I just hope Kenny doesn't get the same tragic fate,” I said.

“I believe I still owe you a rematch,” He brought up.
“You silly turkey, we did get a re-challenge. We gathered up our teams at the laser-tag arena that day. And I won!” I said.

“You lying snoot! It was a TIE, and you know it!” He corrected.

“At least I got my revenge by shooting your FACE!”

The time I demanded a rematch from him, I decided to claim my victory at this laser tag arena. There was eight on the two teams. And it was a wild but fun match. I didn't win, but neither did Julius, we were the last two people standing and we laser-shot each other at the same time. So he was right, it was a tie.
“So, you miss living in Twinbrook?” I asked.

“I do a little, but I have memories there that I wished I'd forget,” He answered.

“You got bad memories from the town you grew up in?” I raised my eyebrow.

“I had a great childhood, AND my high school life was great, but-,” His smile turned to a sad look.

“But what?” I asked.
“Remember one of those days you were at Twinbrook? When I pushed you on the swing?” He asked, I was quick to notice the subject changing.

But I decided to play it cool and smiled saying, “Yeah, what about it?”

“Let me push you again,” He requested as I gave him a smug look as he continues, “Come on Buggie! It'll be like old times.”

“Alright then. Push me TIGER!” I laughed a little.
He got up from his swing and started to push me. Then pushed me higher. I gotta admit, I was having fun. It felt so good being a kid again. Julius was right, it's just like old times, those days when we first met. I forgot why I was so depressed earlier. An hour later we both decided to leave the park and go our separate ways. But before that, I wanted to know a bit of his story. He's no newbie to me, but even this idiot's gotta have a love life.

“You say you have bad memories AND good at your old town, but do you MISS your town or not?” I asked.

“I do, but moving on helps me forget the bad memories I had,” He answered smiling at me.

“You got any girlfriends back at home?” I smirked.
After I asked him that, his smile was gone and looked away from me, crossing his arms. There was a little bit of depression in his tone of voice as he says, “Not anymore.”

I raised my eyebrow and asked, “What's with you all the sudden? You had a bad break-up, or something?”

“Yeah I did, but it was with my FIRST girlfriend. The second one wasn't,” He noted still looking blue.

“Well shouldn't you be happy? You're a single man!” I marveled.
He looked up at me with a serious expression.

“You are a single man, right?” I asked looking confused.

“I'm a widowed man, Becky,” He responded.

My confusion turned to shock. If he's a widowed man, that means his girlfriend died. Those must be the bad memories he was talking about. Dang I feel so bad right now.

“Sorry to hear that, man,” I said.

“Don't worry about it, Buggie. She was a good spirit, but yesterday is history,” He smiled.
After making a new discovery about my second rival having a dead girlfriend, I've gotten a soft spot for him by giving him a goodbye hug before we left the park. And you see me arriving at my home. I'm NOT falling for him, again! Just because we hung out at the swings like we did before as kids doesn't mean I'm in love. No matter how cute he is. After changing out of my school uniform and into my casual clothes, I relaxed in the living room watching some good TV with my three siblings. Until we heard the doorbell ring. Baby sister, Vicki jumped from the floor and ran towards the door saying, “I'll get it!”

I heard the door opening for the visitor, but I was too occupied by the TV show we were watching to see who it was. But once I heard a familiar voice greeting Vicki, “Hey there cute little girl.”

“Is that...?” Stella guessed.
I turned around to see it was Clover.

“Hi, I'm Vicki! Are you one of Stella and Becky's friends?” Vicki asked.

“Yeah, are they here?” She asked.

Vicki turned to look at me from the hall saying, “Hey Becky! One of your friends is here!”

“We know brat,” I got up from the couch.
The three of us sat in the dining room area, so we could figure out why she's here.

“How are you today?” Stella asked.

“I'm fine, what about you guys?” She asked back.

“We're doing NOT so good,” I frowned.

Stella glared at me.

“What?! I'm just being honest,” I barked.

Stella sighed and asked Clover, “So what's your visit about?”
Clover sighed heavily and announced that she wanted to tell us everything. And when we were relieved because we need to know what really went down about us being framed AND her being blackmailed. I asked her if it was Brea that blackmailed her, and of course it was her! Personally, I don't know Brea that well at all, but the fact that she's trashing us is making me believe that the chick is INSANE. “Can you girls promise me that you wont tell a SOUL of what I'm gonna say?” Clover pleaded.

“We wont tell, Clover. Whatever it is, it can't be that bad,” I said.

“Actually it is, Becky. You have NO IDEA what danger I'm in,” She sneered.

“What huge dirt does Brea have on you?” Stella asked.

“I'm a former gang member,” She announced.

“A WHAT?!” My sister and I said in unison.
SHORT FLASHBASK TIME (Clover Viles as a gang member)

This is a picture of Clover as a gangster back in the day. Here's her story: Clover's not even from our town, she was born in Sunset Valley. She was in this dangerous rebellion group called, The Black Bullets. But then she ditched the group against their will. Clover knows how dangerous they are, ESPECIALLY if you betray them. So she's been hiding and living a new life in Brooklyn Heights. Brea tells Clover if she's rats her out for attacking her, she could send The Black Bullets after her with a phone call.

To Be Continued...

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