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Published Jan 20, 2016

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Hi everyone!

I've been a bit busy with the new version of The Wicked story (now up on Wattpad) so this one took me a while to upload. I'll try to get the next chapter up as soon as i can. Thank you for still reading, and a big thanks to fredbenny for the mancave lot.

XOXO Alessa

Hi everyone!

I've been a bit busy with the new version of The Wicked story (now up on Wattpad) so this one took me a while to upload. I'll try to get the next chapter up as soon as i can. Thank you for still reading, and a big thanks to fredbenny for the mancave lot.

XOXO Alessa
“Oh, Talia. Did you not see the clothes I had laid out for you? Are you really still in that nightgown?”
No good morning from my future mother-in-law. Straight to the insults. Well, at least she wasn’t a hypocrite. “Did you even bathe?” She wrinkles her nose up like she was smelling something truly disgusting. I sniff my armpit, and shrug.
“Oh!” She gasps and I sit across from her, stuffing my face with pancake.
“No, no, no, no, no. Talia, drop that. Eden likes his girls thin.”
I don’t bother swallowing before I answer. “I can always get lipo. Been meaning to ask, does it hurt?”
“You’re asking the wrong person,” she looks down at her coffee as if hoping to find me drowning at the bottom of the cup.
If only I had been born pyrokinetic like that teen that accidentally set his house on fire. I would’ve warmed up her coffee by a few hundred degrees.
“Use the napkin. Oh, it’s no use. Eden is going to walk in any minute, and see you looking like this. Hair unbrushed, and makeup less. Could you at least attempt to be attractive for my son?”
“Would that require me leaving pizza? Cause I can’t do that,” I answer as Eden appears. He takes one look at me, and quickly darts his eyes away. Whatever. I wasn’t hideous, and it wasn’t like he hadn’t ever seen me looking like a hot mess...oh. He was avoiding talking about last night. I had made the mistake of talking to my fiancé. Ugh. That word.
“How can you stand being around them?” Alain asks as I’m finally in my room, watching tv with him by my side.
“Sarcasm, and stress eating. Pass me the chips.”
“Why do you have to pretend to be happy with him though? Its not like the whole town doesn’t know about your arrangement.”
“Because the arrangement was made in secret, so naturally everyone knows about it. They have to pretend they don’t know what happened that night Eden and I were born. No one wants the council to show up here.”
“So you pretend to be in love with him, he pretends to care about his powers, and the rest of us pretend that we are law abiding citizens who have nothing to fear from Matthias?”
“You got it.”
“That’s awesome,” he rolls his eyes and I throw him a chip.
“How you been sleeping? You look like hell.” He says, chewing on the chip that had landed on his jeans.
“Oh and here I thought I had left Vala back at her mansion.”
“I’m just saying you could use some more sleep.”
“Well excuse me for having serious pre-wedding jitters.”
“That’s why I’m trying to conjure you up a man.”
“Hurry it up then. I would hate to leave my fiancé at the aisle. I would just hate that.”
“There’s that sarcasm. Want more chips?” He smiles.
“Tali! Dad’s been calling you for the past ten-“ Emily stops yelling as she enters my room. “Oh, hi Alain.”
“Hey. You cut your hair?” He asks, cocking his head to the side.
“Yeah. Trying for a more mature look. Does it look bad?” She self consciously plays with a strand.
“Nah. Looks good.”
“See? I told you you looked great,” I tell her as I head out the door. She smiles widely as she flops down on the bed next to Alain.
“You were calling me?” I find my dad in the kitchen making dinner.
“That’s why you should leave your door open,” he answers with a wink.
“Eww, dad. That is so not going on with me and Alain.”
He knew damn well, but still brought it up any chance he got. He loved Alain like a son and hated Eden and his parents as much, or even more, than I did. It’s why it killed me seeing his crushed face every time we brought up the Sages. It was somewhat his fault I was in this situation. Soon our family and Eden’s family would be one big witchy family, and Eden and I would be forced to keep that bloodline going.
“So what’s up?” I ask him, knowing it’d be about the dinner last night.
Without looking up, he asks me how bad it went.
“Not too bad actually. E gave his parents more trouble than I did.”
“Really? Because I swear I saw a storm brewing over their mansion.”
“I told you to make an appointment with the doctor.”
He shakes his head with a smile.” You’re stronger than I am kid. How you can still joke despite what waits for you-“
“-don’t do this again. I don’t blame you. I blame them. You and mom needed help, and Matthias took advantage of that. It’s not your fault.”
“It is, but thanks kid.”
“Something smells good,” Charlotte says as she walks into the kitchen with groceries.
“That’s cause you’re not cooking, my evil step-mother,” I grin, and she sticks her tongue out at me.
“Look who’s talking. You could probably kill Eden with what you call your Sunday surprise.”
“Because the surprise is death!”
She laughs and my dad tells her not to give me any ideas.
After dinner, Danny and Emily wash the dishes while my parents watch tv. I know my dad loved my birth mother once, and I loved Charlotte and Emily too much to have it any other way, but sometimes I did wonder what it would have been like if my mother had never died giving birth to me. Would things be the same? Would I still be engaged to Eden? Maybe I wouldn’t have had to spend the rest of my life being miserable, and raising his children while he was sleeping with the maid in our own bedroom. I didn’t know if I even wanted children. No one ever asked me what I wanted. What if I couldn’t get pregnant? A ritual would be performed to fix that right away, but what if I didn’t want to go through with it? What if I didn’t want children, not just because they’d be Eden’s, but because I didn’t want them at all? What would they do to me then? It was so unfair. I didn’t ask for this. - - - - - - -
“..listen... voice, Ezra,” Maurice was saying. “Concentrate...eyes again. normal can have while being....Child, this is how...”
I know, I think. If I could open my mouth to tell him that, I would, but it was useless. The need to sleep outweighed my want to be awake to see the sunset. It would set in ten minutes, and as much as I wanted to see it, I couldn’t even open my eyes.
It was ridiculous. In ten minutes, I would jump up as alert as if I’ve been up for a few hours, but I couldn’t even manage to move a muscle until the sun had set. At least I was aware of this now. It was progress. Slow, but it was progress. Just a few weeks ago I couldn’t even hear Maurice as he screamed into my ears. If vampires could get sore throats, his voice would’ve been hoarse with all the yelling he’s been doing. “Much better,” he says as I jump awake. I fly to the front door above my basement dwelling, but the sun had set not a second before.
“I missed it again,” I point out the obvious.
“Yes but you were aware of my voice for a full twenty minutes,” he says behind me.
“That long?”
“Yes, and soon you’ll be awake all day and all night. Sleeping only when you choose to, and waking as soon as you want to,” he promises, and I look to him with admiration. He had taken me under his wing for no reason at all. He wasn’t even my master, but he took pity on me. He says it’s because I remind him of his deceased son.
“As a reward, I suggest you get out and try to actually make a connection with someone. It doesn’t have to be so lonely being a creature of the night. Just make sure you don’t bond with another demon. We know how well that turned out last time.” He grins. I assure him that won’t happen again. I had learned my lesson. She had been the reason I went on a downward spiral. The demon was the reason I had nearly lost my mind.
“I was only teasing you Ezra,” he laughs. “Forget the girl.”
“How can I? What if I become unstable again?”
He laughs again. “ You told me last night you wanted to feed on someone without their consent, but you didn’t. I don’t understand you, but if this is the way you want to live your undead life, then I will help you.”
- - - - - - -
“Not here! Alain we have to go somewhere where we won’t bump into Eden!” I tell him just as he was about to pull up to one of the only bars in town.
“Then how about the library? Wait, he’s actually smart. I’m out of ideas.”
“I’m not playing. I look pretty damn good in this outfit and I’m not wasting it.”
“Well I don’t know what to tell you. I’m not sneaking you out past city limits.”
“Aw come on. What are they going to do to us anyway? Please, buddy? Please? Just this once. Let’s go to Bridgeport. You go all the time and I’m stuck hostage in this town. Please? Please!”
“No,” he shakes his head. “I can’t afford to displease the Sages. This is my home, has been my family’s home forever. I’m not risking being banished from this town and any chance I have to someday get my powers because you want to party.”
“Come on, I already apologized a million times.” Alain dangles a drink in my face as I find myself using our usual pool table in our usual bar.
“Liar. It was only twice,” I say, but accept his peace offering.
“Well I’m sorry thrice. Try to see it my way. Everyone already thinks I’m obsessed, crazy in love with you and out to ruin your engagement with E. What would have happened if I snuck you out of the city? They’d say I kidnaped you, and then the Sages would have the council come down on me and my family.”
“I know. I’m sorry. I just wanted to go somewhere where people wouldn’t look at me like that.”
“Like what?”
“Look around,” I make a grand gesture with outstretched arms, earning pitied looks from the patrons. Alain laughs, asking what I mean.
“Everyone in here knows about my engagement. They all know about the Sages. Matthias with his black magic, and affairs, Vala with her meds and obvious distaste with having me join her family, and then there’s Eden. He doesn’t have a problem with loudly stating he hates me, and openly sleeps around with everyone. I understand we can’t leave town, but couldn’t he at least rent a motel like every other cheating dirtbag? That brings me to myself. Wait. I'm not even gonna go there, and don’t let me get started on you.”
“No, please continue. Don’t let my feelings stop you.”
“Alright buddy. So you’re clearly the other man I find comfort in.”
“What kind of comfort?” He gasps dramatically.
“I mean, poor me. Poor Tali. Engaged to someone who doesn’t and will never love her, but she is in love with her childhood friend, Alain. Oh and poor Alain, waiting for his powers to appear, and in love with the only woman witch-”
“-Shh. Not so loud.” He interrupts, looking around himself.
“-who has to go through with the dreadful engagement because the Sages wish it. What ever should we do now, my star crossed lover?”
“Aaand that’s enough drinking for you,” he laughs, chugging down my drink. Doesn’t matter. I’m already in the middle of the bar, calling him over for a dance.
“You’re making a scene,” he warns me as I mime pulling him towards me by the invisible rope I had lassoed around him. I don’t stop until he joins me.
“E won’t be happy when he hears about this,” he grabs my hand and spins me around, “but I guess that’s why we’re doing this.”
“Damn right, lover. Now spin me again.”
We danced, attempted to anyway, for three more songs when Eden showed up. The patrons all stopped what they were doing to witness first hand the fight that would take place between him, and the not-so-secret lover of the drunken woman who struggled not to roll her eyes to the back of her head. This would be the hot gossip on everyone’s lips for the next few days. Or at least until I managed to find myself in another one of these predicaments. Eden grabs me by the shoulders and shoves me aside. Honestly, it wasn’t as bad as it looked. I was just drunk and more prone to stumbling. Not that this gave him an excuse to shove me around, so as I struggle to regain my composure, Alain punches him in the jaw. You’d think that one of the gawking bystanders would jump in to stop them, but you don’t know these people, and you are wrong. Eden and Alain go at it, each holding their own, until I get between them and only because a fist got too close to my nose, did they stop. “What did I tell you about hanging around with him?” Eden yells as Alain asks me if I’m alright. I ignore Eden as I inspect my “lover” for blood. He is glaring down Eden who looks even more enraged than ever at having me in front of him.
“Okay fine!” I yell at his muddy red angry aura. “You made your point, Eden. Alain, let’s go.” I grab Alain’s hand, realizing too late that was a bad move. Eden shoves me away again to get to Alain, but this time they were each held back by the aforementioned bystanders. The owner of the bar, Nicky, demanded Alain to leave but asked Eden very nicely to please take it elsewhere. He waves me off in pity.
Where else was I going to publicly embarrass myself in?
“You really think I’m just going to let you leave with him? With everyone watching?” Eden asks as Alain walks me to his truck. “And have this getting back to my father?”
“You forget that I don’t have to ask you for permission to do anything,” I remind him, but Alain sighs.
“Just drop it, Tali. We already gave all these people something to talk about for the next few weeks.”
“That’s right. Listen to your pathetic friend.” Eden sneers and Alain’s aura is now muddy red too. I push him back before he can strike.
“He wants you to give him a reason to hurt you,” I tell him while Eden chuckles behind me.
“Aw no fight? Let’s get going then,” Eden orders and with another push at the seething Alain, I turn to him.
“You want me to go with you? Why would I do that?”
“You’re not going to humiliate me again. Get in the damn car.”
“Me humiliate you? You shoved me! Twice! You don’t need any help in embarrassing yourself.”
“I didn’t hurt you so stop playing the damsel in distress. Get in the car. I’ll take you home and make sure you don’t embarrass either one of us at least for the remainder of the night.”
“I’d rather walk and have my fancy new shoes, that you paid for, give me blisters,” I say immaturely.
We were stuck in a mafia staredown. Neither one of us planned on giving in. I certainly didn’t until I see Alain spit out what looks like blood. I charge at Eden, I can’t believe he’d use his powers on Alain, but Alain tells me it’s only a little blood and that he’s fine. I know he’d rather pull his tooth out than lie for Eden, and his aura shows he’s not lying either, so I let it go. Eden rolls his eyes and says that if it had been him using his powers, Alain would’ve needed an ambulance by now. He smiles cruelly and says he only had to use his fist to hurt my friend.
“Why are you even here?” I ask him.
“I had you followed,” he answers in a bored tone.
I demand he repeat himself because I know I must’ve misheard him, but he says he wasn’t going to let me embarrass him again. The dreaded wedding day was quickly approaching and he didn’t want to hear talk of his future bride and the shenanigans she was getting into. Something like that anyway. I was too outraged to be listening clearly anymore. I tell Alain to leave because I was going to commit murder, and preferred not having any witnesses. Quit being so dramatic.
I hated having him in my head.
You really think I wanted to spend my Saturday night like this? With you? Think again. Ava and I ...but then I get a call that you’re drunk at Nicky’s. You have no idea how much I hate you, Tali.
No, I get it. I hate you just the same.
- - - - - - -
She smiled at me seductively and for a second I think I could do it. Go up to her, flirt, take her home and not speak to her ever again. That’s what I would’ve done if I was still human. Maybe. I still had trouble remembering what I had been like before dying. I didn’t like thinking about my life, I might lose control again. I tear my eyes from her, and look away.
- - - - - - -
“Where the hell are we?” I ask Eden as he pulls into some fancy new lake house.
“Just get out.” He slams the car door and starts walking up the front steps. I stay where I am and look around myself suspiciously. Not that he’d actually hire someone to jump out and grab me, but you never know. After a minute, I run in back of him.
The place was beautiful. That was my first reaction. The next was shock. I find Eden out back where he was shirtless, and was just getting started on his jeans. I gape at him. I absolutely hated him with everything in me, but I guess I was just one of those weird folks who was a sucker for sexy men.
“What are you doing?” I clear my throat and try not to ogle at his happy trail of hair.
“Going for a swim.”
So he was stressed. What was he worried about?
“You really have to do this naked?”
He throws me a look so hateful that I suck in my breath, afraid to displease him even with my breathing. That lasts for a second before I roll my eyes.
“We don’t have clothes here,” he finally says as I unsuccessfully avoid staring at him.
“No duh. Why would we...” I stare at him, he glares at me, until I mouth “oh no” over and over again.
“That’s right,” he grins unpleasantly. “Because you can’t control yourself and risk having the entire world knowing that you’re a witch, I’m being punished along with you. And did you forget that we’re supposed to be getting married? That the council knows about every engagement? They won’t like hearing that our marriage is at risk. No marriage, no witch babies from the last Sage.” He laughs without amusement.
“We have to live here? Together?”
This can’t be happening.
“Of course we have to live here. Our wedding is a few months away, and if the council gets word about what you are, they’ll come down here and investigate. What do you think they’ll do to the only female witch? They stupidly believe in the prophecy, and instead of being grateful that my family is protecting you, you act out and-“
“-I know this already! Let’s just talk to your parents. I’ll go see Keene again if that’s what they want, and I’ll stay this time. No one will find out what I am. We can even pretend that we’re-“ Just thinking about it made me nauseous “-that we’re in love.”
“Everyone in town knows how we feel about each other. The only one stupid enough to think otherwise is my mother.”
“The town can be convinced to keep their mouth shut. It’s in their best interest to go along with it. They don’t want the council coming down here either. They all owe your father. They know that, and they know better than to cross him.”
“We’ll they’d be right to fear him,” he mutters. I don’t like the way he says it.
“What did he do?” I ask him, but he glares at me again.
“Whatever my dad has done for everyone in town, the council will overlook that because it’s nothing compared to what he and our families have done. Protecting a female witch. They’ll burn us all alive! That’ll mean that all this was for nothing! Having been paired since birth, forced into being each other’s only friends-“
“-like that ever worked-“
“-how miserable we’ve been since finding out what they decided for us, keeping Ava away-“
“-you’re not serious,” I interrupt him. “Please tell me you’re not serious.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. “You’re saying she’s not just another distraction? You’ve been with her for a while now, but I didn’t-you actually care about her?”
“Why is that so hard for you to believe?”
“Because you’ve never shown that you could actually care that way about someone. I mean, Eden, do you, you-”
“-I love her,” he says heading towards the back door.
“What? Why her?” I hadn’t meant to sound as hurt as I did, but he was the one who mistook what I was asking. I meant why her and not someone who was less human. Someone who had witch genes in her blood. Someone who could help carry on the Sage bloodline and cut me free from all this mess. Eden thought I meant why her and why not me. So he could’ve worded what he said next a little less hurtful.
“Because she’s everything you’re not and because I’m stuck with you, I can never be with her. That’s why I know you can’t possibly hate me more than I hate you. You’re not in love with anyone. I am. I love Ava. I want to be with her. Not you. It will never be you.” “At least you had a chance of falling in love! Despite what you think, and what everyone else thinks, Alain is just a friend, but yeah, I wish he wasn’t. I wish I was in love, just to know what that’s like. Eden, you have no idea how bad it feels that I can’t even hug my friend without the whole damn town calling me names, and whispering over how horrible I am! I can’t even put on a freakin lipstick without being asked if I look so pretty because I’m going to see you! As if I needed an actual reason for wanting to feel pretty. You have no idea what it’s like to be your fiancee, and of being stuck with the burden of saving our race! I don’t want to marry you either! I don’t want your kids! I don’t even know if I want to be a witch!” I attempt to catch my breath while trying to cover my mouth. So stupid! I had never said those words out loud, but I was surprised by how true they were. He starts heading inside, and I’ve annoyingly started crying.
“Doesn’t matter what you want, we both know that,” he says without turning back. “Welcome home, I guess.” He closes the door, and once again, I’m left alone. What else should I expect, really?

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#1WintersmithVIPJan 20, 2016

I wonder what it's like to be forced to marry someone you hate, to be stuck with that someone for the rest of your life. Poor Tali.
I don't care for Eden that much, but loving a girl you never can be with, that's so sad!
And more Ezra, please! Lol! I really like this story too!

#2freerealmsJan 24, 2016

I feel so much pity for Tali. I have no pity what so ever for Eden though. In fact I already hate him so much I would kill Ava and send him a video of me doing it (not going to let him catch me).

If I was in Tali's position I don't think I would have made it as long as she has. I would have snapped a long time ago and killed him and his entire family. I can't even stand being near someone who annoys me let alone someone I hate.

I want Tali and Ezra to meet and fall in baby boo love so they can run away together! Down with the Sage family! Burn them! Ezra and Tali forever! To be honest I would still like Eden if he wasn't so mean to Taili, everything else is perfect about him. I could forgive him easily but I don't like this Ava chick or the fact he's the one cheating and yet Tali is the only one who gets called out. If Ava died or they broke up and he stopped flirting around I would love him cause he is a HOT! I'll have a hard time insulting him. \:\(

Eden I hope Ava leaves your handsome smart self! I hope your cheating father gets herpes on his face and that your mom turns into a sack of old hag wrinkles (so that the outside matches her personality).

I'll think of insults for Eden. I'll try and have it ready for the next chapter! \:ph34r\:

#3MademoiselleTamiJan 27, 2016

This was sooooo good. Can't wait for the next chapter. I agree that Tali and Ezra should to meet. I just got a thought that what if the girl Ezra is eyeing at the bar is Eva and they fall in love. Now once Eden loses eva he then falls in love with Tali

#4WinterjusticeFeb 1, 2016

I am trying to understand how you can create such flawless Sims.

#5MaePerezMay 11, 2016

Oh my goshhh what agreattt startt.

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