Witch, Please-CH 2
Published Mar 3, 2016

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Hi everyone!

Here's the next one.

XOXO Alessa

Hi everyone!

Here's the next one.

XOXO Alessa
“Greetings. Don’t be scared and do come in,” Keene calls out as I enter behind a pair of girls around my age. He sees me and his dark eyes brighten. That expression on his face always saddened me, though I did miss seeing an emerald green aura. Love and compassion were not something the Sages threw my way.
Keene immediately waves me in, and turns back to the wary shoppers. The brunette was looking around herself excitedly, hopeful and positive, a pale yellow aura from her. The blonde rolled her eyes so hard I could see the whites in them. Her aura was a deep red. Strong willed, and realistic. She did not believe in my people at all.
“As an old school witch, I personally make things individually according to my clients needs but I’m sure you can buy what you need ready made,” Keene tells them as I motion that I’ll wait by the spell books.
“I have books, candles, potions, statues, jewelry, and even offer psychic services. Unfortunately, they are reservation only since I am booked well in advance with a waiting list-“
“-of course you are,” mutters the blonde.
Keene chuckles as the brunette hits her friend in the arm. “I’m sorry,” she says, “she doesn’t believe in all this, and I told her to be nice but apparently she didn’t listen.” She widens her eyes in warning at the blonde who was now grinning.
“Okay, I’ll be more respectful. Sorry,” she says. “It’s just that we came here from Bridgeport, wasting gas money as so she could buy a potion. ”
Bridgeport! I'd love to go to Bridgeport! Why would you leave the city?
“You acquire a love potion?” Keene asks the brunette who quickly answers that yes, her ex boyfriend had been cheating on her but she missed him and wanted him back.
Here we go again with the love potions that don't exist.
“Can you help?” She asks, and Keene smiles.
“Of course. That’s why I’m here.”
The girls leave and Keene drops the salesman smile for a more genuine one.
“You’re back,” he comments when I don’t stop messing with Witchcraft for Dummies. A best seller.
“Yup, and you just sold the girl pumpkin juice.”
“She’s looking for something that doesn’t exist, as you already know. Why are you back, Tali? The last time you ran out here and almost flooded my house. You were very upset.”
“Matthias paid for the damages, didn’t he? Look, I know you heard that Eden and I were forced to move in together, and this is my way of maybe hopefully getting Matthias and Vala off my back for a while.”
“It was your idea to come back? I thought surely Matthias would’ve wanted to train you himself this time.”
“Yeah right. Vala would never allow that. Not like Matthias would listen to her, but she’d make my life a bigger hell if that were to happen,” I say, putting down the book. “Anyway I’m back now. Vala wishes it too, so if she’s happy, I won’t be so miserable.”
“I’m sorry for what you’re going through. If you were my-“ he stops talking, and I give him a small smile.
“Keene, we’ve been through this. I’m not her. I’m not Lissy. I’m sorry that you lost your daughter, but I can’t be her replacement. I left because I hated making you so sad. Are you okay with me being here?”
“Of course I am," he smiles. "And here I was thinking you left because I refused to show you the black magic you’d need to get rid of the Sages,” he jokes and I grin.
“Right. Listen, if you want to teach me how to control my powers, thanks. But if you’re going to be miserable because of me, I won’t stay.”
“You do remind me so much of her,” he says, then quickly adds, “I know you’re not her. Still, I want to see you happy, and strong, and in control. That’s why I suggested to Vala that I train you instead of it having been her husband. She agreed simply because she didn’t trust her husband to keep his hands to himself, even if you are his future daughter-in-law.” It was obvious that he was stopping himself from calling Matthias every bad name he could think of. “I do want what’s best for you, you know.”
“I know. Thanks.” I could just about hug this man, but I knew he would end up sobbing on my shoulder, calling out for his deceased daughter.
“So I hear the weather can be quite unpredictable these days,” he eyes me knowingly.
“And you haven’t been practicing on your aura readings either, have you?”
“Tali, do I have to remind you of how important it is that you remain in control? Do you want the council to come down on all of us?”
“I know, I know,” I sigh. “Not like you have anything to worry about. With your tourist shop bringing in people. The council loves your law-abiding behind.”
He laughs, but he knows it’s true. He was loved and respected by practically everyone in Moonlight Falls. He sells potions because he’s good at what he does and the others are either bad at it, or too lazy. Every witch can make spells and potions, but like with everything else, some were talented and some weren’t. Besides, why do it themselves when they can buy it from him? He’s a good witch, and nothing dark is sold. Just medicine-like potions. Stuff to make life easier for the witch-having families, and even humans, if they truly believed that is.
There’s humans who seek us out. They look for our gothic shops with potions, and funky looking jewelry to take back home and talk about their creepy experience with a real witch. Then there’s the others who just see this shop as something exciting and fun or something to just roll their eyes at. They’re just passing through the “witch town” to get to their real destination. Moonlight Falls didn’t offer much for tourists, except for making them wonder what it’s residents did under a full moon. Not that we had werewolf packs in town. Supernaturals tended to avoid us, just as we did them. I didn’t care much for the blood sucking Night Children, but I always did want to see a werewolf with my own eyes. “We’ll get to the training tomorrow,” Keene was saying. “How’s everything going with you?”
“Same as always. Hate the Sages, and they hate me, oh but have you heard the latest? Eden has a new girlfriend in town. She’s from Bridgeport, but apparently she’s planning on staying. Yippee for me.”
“She can’t stay. Matthias have to tell Eden to make this girl go.”
“Are you new here? What power do you think I have over Eden? None. Nada. He didn’t even listen to me this morning when I asked him to leave me some orange juice. I walked in on him pouring it down the drain like the immature little brat that he is!” I take a deep breath and continue more slowly, “he’s not going to listen to me. Besides, he really likes her.”
“Did he tell you this? And you believe him?”
“His aura turns bright pink when he looks at her. I’ve tried to ignore it, so that’s one of the reasons I came back here so willingly. I need to learn how to block these things. I can’t go on the rest of my life with my future husband’s aura going bright pink because I know it won’t be turning that color for me. Not that I care but it’s annoying.”
“Colors can mean a number of things. Bright pink can mean compassion, and affection.”
“And it also means love,” I remind him. “Teach me how to block them out? Or do I have to hang around with the aura-less blood suckers?”
“Hanging around with the dead is not the answer. On second thought, let’s get straight to the training.”
- - - - - - -
Maurice complains that my pacing around wasn’t going to help me, but I can’t stop. I have to do something or I’d think about it again. I’d think about how I went insane. How I lost my mind, myself. How it was because of Meena that I was scared of what would happen, if it would happen again or even worse.
“I have to do something,” I yell. “I can’t just sit and wait. I have to-“
“-to do what? Go after the girl? Get your revenge on her? That’s out of the question.”
“Look at what she did to me! I-“
“-you’re not going to go after her. Is that clear?” Maurice wasn’t messing around. His word was final, but I had to make him understand.
“I don’t know who I am,” I whisper. “I can’t remember who I was before I became a Night Child, I can’t remember the one I loved, my family. All I have is this new life and that demon has nearly taken that away. How can you ask me to sit around and do nothing?”
“Ezra,” Maurice sighs, “she’s with the hunters. She’s a demon. Word amongst the supernaturals is that she’s training to be a hunter, and is now looking for the rest of The Wicked. Do you remember Verin? He hasn’t been heard from since confronting her. Abaddon? The king of hell? He’s missing. Meena has her hunter lover, Shade. His father is rumored to be the angel, Michael. They are on Laima’s good grace and right now, She is the ruler of everyone. We don’t want to bring Her attention to us. We lay low. Besides, Meena hasn’t come looking for you. I know you’re hurting, but she’s kept her word and stayed away. You will stay away from her as well. At least for now.”
“I can’t! Don’t you understand?” I ask him. “I met Meena when I was at a bad point in my life. I had just lost my master. I had no idea where she was. I was alone. Meena was the one who showed me where to feed. She took me to that place where vampire fans loved to hang out. How she found out about it, I had been too stupid to ask, though I am thankful that she was the one who introduced me to you. But she used me. She lied to me. She made me believe that she was as lost as I was. That she was just trying to figure out what kind of monster she was, and she knew that I was doing the same. I didn't know what I was. She used that against me! I had felt sorry for her. For the lost girl that was going through so much.”
“Ezra I know you trusted her, and she betrayed you but you need to stop obsessing over this. You will lose yourself again. We don’t want that to happen, do we?”
“No,” I sigh. “But I have to make her see that what she did to me was wrong. She told me she was one of The Wicked, a demon, and that she trusted me with her secret. Her secret that would make her a target by hunters and supernaturals alike. She trusted me with her life, and that’s what I had been missing at the time. I wanted someone who trusted me, I wanted someone to believe that I was more than just some vampire. Some monster. I was me, whoever that was. I was trying to remember who I had been before being turned into what I am now. I had wanted her help. I had trusted her in the way she said she was trusting me. But she had done the same with every supernatural she had come across. She had made them, me, us all feel pity for the lost girl. The Wicked girl who was just struggling to survive in this world just as we all were.” “I know she’s with the hunters, and Shade believes she’s in love with him. She has him, his hunter family, his possible angel father, and that’s not even mentioning the couple of witches in this city that she’s befriended, the wolves, even some vampires that truly believe she’s not a threat.” I stop before adding that she even had him believing she wasn’t any danger just because she kept her word that she’d stay away. Maurice was big on people keeping their word. He was from a time where that meant a whole lot more than just a collection of carefully crafted words. They all believed she wasn't dangerous, but she was. She was poison. Not just with what she had running through her veins, because she did make me have a taste for her blood once and it made me incredibly ill, but she was just poison. She was Wicked. She deceived, she knew exactly what to do and what to say to make us fall, to make us believe they’re something good, something they’re not. She was a demon, my demon, my poison. She had been practicing the extent of her demonic powers on me. She made me do things I had no control over, she took control of my body without actually possessing it, but I might as well have been possessed to stay with her. To stay despite everything. She completely messed with my head and I almost lost my mind because of her. How could anyone ask me to just let that go? - - - - - - -
“We’ve been at this for hours!” I complain to Keene who sits back, drinking his coffee.
“You’re still not controlling your little outbursts. You need to be in control of your emotions.”
“Well I’m tired and hungry. Can we pick this up tomorrow? I need a break.”
“You’ve been getting a break every time I have to greet another customer,” he reminds me. “What do you really need to do at home that’s more important than your training?”
“Home? Nothing. At the place I share with Eden, a lot. I have to be there before he is, or he’ll use it as an excuse to invite Ava over.”
“And you don’t have any say in him inviting her to your home?”
“Not my home. Anyway I told you he doesn’t listen to me. If I get there after him, I’ll find them together and that’s uncomfortable, but if I get there before him, he’d be forced to debate on whether it’s worth the risk meeting her somewhere in town. He doesn’t want this reaching Matthias.”
“Of course not. Everyone has something to fear from that man,” Keene says finally putting his cup down.
“Including you?”
“We’re not going to talk about me, Tali. Tell me how Eden met Ava. You need to be thinking of a way to separate them. If he’s too stubborn to listen, I’m afraid Matthias will step in and remove her in his own way.”
“That doesn’t sound ominous at all. I don’t know how they met. She’s from Bridgeport. He must’ve snuck out or something. Wish he would’ve taken me with him,” I say, annoyed he might have actually left this damn town and got away with it.
“You want to go to Bridgeport?”
“Anywhere actually. Are you inviting to sneak me out?”
“You know I can’t do that,” he smiles sadly.
“Yeah I know. I just want to go for like a day or something,” I sigh.
“And meet someone?” He asks with a raised brow.
“I’m not talking about meeting someone to save me from my sad life, I mean just anyone that doesn’t know about me and my situation. Okay, I’d like to meet some mysterious stranger. Have any potions for that?”
“Summoning spells, yes. Do you have a certain someone you want to bring to town?” He teases. We both know for that to work I’d have to have the person in mind. I couldn’t do that when I hadn’t met anyone worth using the spell for.
“How about the girl you just sold your ‘love potion’ to?” I tease him back.
“Poor thing is probably crying over how the pumpkin juice didn’t work,” he smiles. “She doesn’t need someone who broke her heart back in her life anyway.”
“Who are you to judge, oh great teacher? I think she was lucky to have someone she loved so much , that she was willing to believe that anything was possible. Even if it came in a vial of pumpkin juice she bought from a stranger in a creepy house.”
“Creepy house? I keep my home warm and inviting," he smiles, then grows serious. "Better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all? That’s what you’re saying? The guy broke her heart and she still wanted him back. Why be with someone who doesn’t want you like you want them? Why not save your heart for someone who will appreciate it?”
“Because at least she experienced being in love with someone,” I mutter.
“And you want that with Eden?”
“Hell no,” I say so quickly that he starts laughing. “I mean,” I say when I can catch my breath, “I want what Eden has with Ava. Why can’t I have that? I don’t want anything with Eden but with someone else? At least for the time being before I’m forced to have Eden’s kids.”
“I guess it would be the time to whip you up a love spell. Help you meet your mysterious stranger?”
“Okay but make him hot.”
“Anymore requests? Height, eye color?”
“You’re enjoying this too much,” I laugh. “I know you’d help if there was a way that such a spell existed. Alain is working on it too.”
“That’s because he wants to see you happy. We all do, Tali. So do me a favor, okay? Try to get along with Eden, at least be on friendly terms. Your marriage is inevitable, but your hate for each other doesn’t have to be. Try to work something out, and try to convince him to stop seeing that girl. Or at least to keep her very well hidden from Matthias.”
“Be friends with Eden? That’s highly unlikely but I promise I’ll try. As for Ava, what do you really think Matthias would do to her? What are you scared of him doing?”
“We all know how Matthias can be. Let’s leave at that. Now, on you go and try to keep your promise?”
I did intend on keeping my promise to Keene but as soon as I walk through the front door of what was now my home with Eden, Vala was waiting for me.
Auras still confused me. While Vala's was a muddy forest green, I knew she wasn't jealous of me. She wasn't insecure either. It probably meant she was about to blame me for something she knew wasn't my fault.
She didn’t bother in hiding her distaste for my choice in clothes, hair and makeup, so I didn’t bother to hide my disapproval in having her shown up announced. Eden was no where in sight, and trying to call him through our annoyingly special mental connection wasn’t working. Out of range. Eden wasn’t home. Vala had let herself in, and I was so not going to stay quiet about it.
“You have a key? “I ask her through clenched teeth, and after she’s done eyeing me up and down a few times, she nods.
“I have to visit my son, don’t I? Or do you plan on keeping him from me?”
“Vala, we all know I can’t keep Eden from doing anything. I would just really appreciate it if you give a heads up next time you want to drop in on us.”
“You’re being very rude,” she frowns. “I was worried about how the two of you were getting along, and you’re telling me that I can’t even see my son?”
“That’s not what I’m saying,” I sigh. My blood was boiling. Don’t hit your mother in law. Don’t hit your mother in law.
“Then explain yourself. You’re always muttering. Should I pay for a speech therapist too? I already paid for this house, your training with Keene-“
“-you’re the one that wanted Eden and I to move in together? I thought that was Matthias.”
“Of course it was my husband and not my idea. He wants the two of you to be absolutely in love by the time you get married. Why would I want you to move in with my son? To seduce him? Though I suppose it’s for the best. With the way you behave, seducing him won’t work, and under his nose, I don’t expect you to see other men. You’re to remain pure until your wedding night. We don’t need any unexpected surprises from you. I’m sure you didn’t even think about that, did you? What my son would go through if you were to be impregnated with someone else’s child?”
I tighten my fists by my sides just to keep them from kissing her face. There was the sounds of raindrops hitting the roof, so I close my eyes. I won’t lose control again, but boy was she testing my patience.
“I don’t want to do this,” I say, clenching my teeth again.
“Well neither do I. I just don’t understand why you get so upset with me. I want us to be friends. You are after all going to be my daughter. Look, I stocked the fridge with groceries. I want you to eat healthy, be well, and be strong. It was my idea that you go see Keene, you know. He’s the best at what he does, and I was so very worried about you. I want you to learn to control your powers. No one can know what you are, Talia. We have to keep you safe.”
I think I hear my jaw hit the floor. Did Vala have a good twin I didn’t know about? Did she grab a Snickers? What the heck was going on here? Her aura wasn't the dark muddy pink of dishonesty. Hers was yellow. She was feeling...optimistic? Inspired? Smart?
“You worry about me?”
“Of course I do. Which reminds me, I ordered you some clothes, and I got you a fitness trainer. You have to look good for my son.”
Yup. This was Vala. The mother in law from hell. She was so stereotypical. It had to be an act, but no she had always been this way towards me. One would think she’d have gotten used to the idea of me marrying her son sometime in the last 21 years, but no not Vala.
“I just want us to be friends, Tali.” She smiles, but I can’t help but narrow my eyes. She had never called me Tali before. I was always Talia to her. Reading her aura was giving me a headache, but I was still distrustful of the yellow shade hers was.
“I was blessed with Eden, but never with a daughter, and while you weren’t raised quite the same as my son, that's fine. Completely fixable. I'll take it upon myself to teach you etiquette and style and all those desirable qualities you never had a chance to learn.”
I raise a brow, and she puts her hands up in defense.
“I'm not saying it's your fault. Clearly it's not your fault that your mother died, and that your father married the first woman that blinked his way, and not that that meant your mother could've showed u the things I can, but you might have turned out..different. But enough of this, we'll have lunch soon, go shopping, find u a bra to give u some visible cleavage, I suppose you haven't considered surgery? We'd gladly pay of course what with Eden preferring well endowed women. Give it some thought.”
“I haven't thought of it, no, but feel free to call the surgeon that did yours. They almost look real,” I answer just as Eden walks through the door.
Ava was at his side.
- - - - - - -
“Are you planning on staying until tomorrow night?” I ask Teresa as she makes us more drinks.
“Why? Are you kicking me out?” She pouts.
“We both know that wouldn’t work even if I did,” I smile. “I was just asking. You know there aren’t any windows here. You’ll be fine sleeping wherever you choose.”
She bursts out laughing. “You can’t be serious! You actually don’t have any windows? Like at all? And I’m sleeping in your bed of course.”
“How is that funny? We’re vampires. Sunlight equals death. How much of that have you had to drink?”
“Ezra, I know we’ve only known each other for a few days, but wow. I had no idea you hadn’t at least heard about day walkers.”
“Day walkers?”
She grabs a drink and I follow her over to the pool table Maurice had bought in hopes it would be of interest to me. Something else to keep my mind occupied.
“What’s a day walker?” I pry.
“A vampire that walks in the day. Duh.”
“Without burning up? How is that possible? No. You’re lying. Maurice would’ve told me by now.”
“I’m not lying, and I don’t know why he wouldn’t tell you.” She smiles and adds, “unless there’s a reason he wouldn’t mention it. Are you a stable vamp, Ezra? Would it be safe for the human population that you prey on them during the daytime too?”
I ignore her, and grab myself a drink now. She was lying. Maurice would’ve told me about it. Why wouldn’t he tell me about it?
“I was only teasing you,” Teresa says. “Look, I’m not lying. See?”
She was showing me the tattoo on her back I had been eyeing earlier. Somewhat of a tribal sun.
“Cute,” I mutter.
“It’s not a regular tattoo, newborn. This was a gift from a witch friend.”
“Why would a witch want a vampire to walk during the day? Why would a witch help a vampire at all?” I ask her skeptically.
“Because this little witch of mine happens to be in love with me,” she grins.
“Why are you here with me then?”
“Because I can. Because I like you. Because this is what we do. You’re not strictly into women are you?”
I had thought she had been making fun of me before, now I knew she was. I tell her that it’s time for her to go.
“I’m not going anywhere. I was asking you, not to judge, but to help you out!”
“Help me out how?”
“Oh so now you want to be my friend? I don’t think so. I’m not in the mood anymore.” She starts heading back to the bedroom where she’s left her clothes.
“Wait, I’m sorry,” I say. “I told you it’s not easy for me to trust people. Even one of my own.”
“Aww, you’re so cute! Okay, so to get your own daywalking tattoo you’re going to need to seduce a man.”
“Because, newborn, the witches are all males. Being their friend isn’t enough. You have to make them truly believe they’re in love with you, and you with them.”
“I don’t know. I need to talk to Maurice about this.”
“Talk to the one that withheld this information from you? Don’t be an idiot, Ezra. Get a witch, make him fall, and you’ll be day walking in no time.”
“Why are you telling me all this?” I ask her.
“Because you’re so sad all the time, and you’re the only decent vampire I’ve met in years,” she answers quickly.
“You’re lying.”
“Okay! So I want you to introduce me to Maurice! Put in a good word for me? He happens to own all the nightclubs in town, and I want in. Just one little lousy place of my own!”
“A male witch?” I ask, and she laughs.
“Alright, alright. Keep this between us, but there’s actually a rumor that my witch lover told me about. It’s very hush-hush so you should feel honored to even know about this.” She winks. “There’s supposedly a female witch. I mean if you’re up for the challenge.”
“Challenge? Why is the only female witch a challenge?”
“So she’s a bit pathetic from what I hear. Miserable little thing. She’d be easy enough to trick into making you a day walker. But...”
“But what?” All this seemed too good to be true.
“Poor thing isn’t allowed to leave Moonlight Falls,” she laughs again.
“The witch town.” I raise my brows. “Of course it’s the witch town.”
“Yes but it’s only the town where a vampire will burst into flames a soon as he enters,” she downs her drink, and I smile.
“Well, Maurice does want me to get over my last failure of a relationship.”
- - - - - - -
Eden’s eyes darted from his mother, who was fuming at the sight of Ava, back to me, and I was struggling not to laugh. I was losing the fight.
“Mother? I didn’t expect to find you here,” Eden says and glares when I chuckle. Vala’s precious baby boy had lied to her.
“You again?” Ava scowls at me.
“Who. Is. This.” Vala pointed a perfectly manicured nail at Ava.
“Uhm,” Eden struggles.
“I’m Ava. I’m-“
“-I can explain,” I quickly say.
Their angry, distrustful, and shocked auras were way too much for me too handle.
They all turn to me with confusion.
“This is Ava,” I continue. “She’s a friend I met online and I had been just dying to meet her in person. I had Eden pick her up at the bus station since I was busy with lessons with Keene as you well know. Eden, your mom decided to just drop by unannounced. Wasn’t that sweet of her?”
What are you doing?
Just play along.
Ava opened her mouth to argue, but Eden was faster and said it was no big deal. “Just trying to keep Tali happy,” he says sweetly.
Before Vala could see Ava’s shocked reaction, I grabbed sweet mom-in-law and led her towards the door.
“So, Vala, about that shopping trip?..”
Ava wouldn’t stop throwing daggers at me as we waited for Eden to get rid of his mom. Her angry aura was giving me a headache. She had already ignored my idea that we watch some TV, share some wine, scratch Eden’s car. We were both in this awkwardness because of him.
“Stop talking to me,” she mutters.
“This is my house,” I remind her.
“Only because you’re refusing to leave Eden. He doesn’t want you. He wants to be with me! I don’t understand why his parents are taking your side instead of his!”
“Wow. You have this all wrong.”
“As if I’m supposed to believe anything you say.”
“Okay so why didn’t I just tell Vala that you're Eden’s girlfriend instead of some friend of mine? What would I gain from that?”
“That’s what I want to know,” Eden says, Vala-less thank the gods.
“Is mommy gone?” I ask him and he nods, now looking over at Ava who was glancing back and forth at the two of us.
“You okay?” He asks her, and I snort both at his question and at his bright pink aura. He was feeling compassionate. Worried about her when I was the one who had to make a shopping date with his mother.
“Yeah. She’s fine. I’m not the one with the I-can-make-you-hurt-with-just-my-mind powers.”
Ava asks what I’m talking about, and Eden once again asks if she’s sure she’s okay.
“Alright, so I’m gonna take a shower. I so don’t need the details of why you brought her here, just get rid of her. We need to talk.”
“Get rid of me?” Ava was yelling as I head towards the only bedroom in the house.
No doubt that was Matthias’s way of forcing me and his son to be closer than ever, but if that had been his only plan, he should’ve taken the living room sofa because that’s where Eden had slept last night. I shower, and change into my pjs when it hits me. There’s only one bed in the house, and he had obviously planned a sleep over with Ava, minus the part about actually sleeping.
“Oh hell no. Eden!”
He meets me storming up to him in the hallway, turns me around and guides me into the bedroom. I could hear Ava crying in the bathroom.
“What is it?” He asks me, rubbing his forehead.
“You made her cry?”
“That’s why you were yelling?” He sinks onto the edge of the bed.
“No, but I heard her crying and..did you tell her the truth?”
“Tell her that we’re forced into this arranged marriage? I can’t do that. Look, I didn’t invite her here, but she came, and I thought I could keep her happy for a day or two, convince her to wait for me in Bridgeport, but she doesn’t want to go without me. I brought her to our house-“
-our house? Did he just say our house?-
“-needed a place to hide her while I can figure out what I’m going to do. I don’t want her to leave, but if she stays here-“
“-she’ll get hurt. Yeah. That’s what I wanted to talk to you about. Keene warned me that if she stays and your dad finds out, well, I don’t really know what will happen, but it doesn’t sound good.”
“I need another drink,” he sighs.
“So that’s why you’re talking to me. Sharing feelings. Whatever. What are you going to do now?”
“I don’t want her to leave,” he repeats. “She thinks I don’t want her here, but I do. I just don’t want her to get hurt.”
“She’s in love with a guy that’s marrying someone else. I’m not going to feel sorry for her for falling for you, and I’m not going to feel sorry for you either.”
He nods, still staring at the same spot on the floor. “I know, but I need your help.”
“Damn. How much did you drink? Your aura is all over the place."
“That's an invasion of privacy." He was actually smiling at me.
"Yeah...I'm trying to get better at reading and ignoring them."
"How's that going?"
"You're being weird. What do you want?"
"I’m sorry, Tali. Sorry for how I treat you, sorry for taking out my anger on you when you’re in the same mess I’m in but-“
“-now you’re apologizing? To me? Should I be worried about alcohol poisoning?”
“I’m serious, Tali. I need your help"
“Wow. A Sage needs my help. You know you’re going to owe me huge, right?”
“Yeah. Whatever you want,” he attempts to grab one of my hands, but I take a step out of his reach.
“No touchy."
He apologizes again, and even looks embarrassed. What was going on with him today?
"I’m just doing this one favor, what is it again?"
"You're really going to help me? We're going to get in serious trouble with my father."
"That's exactly why I'm helping you. What are we going to do?"
I couldn't stop jumping up and down, never mind trying not to clap when he told me he needed my help with taking Ava back home. We'd have to go to Bridgeport.

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#1taj39759VIPMar 4, 2016

Yeah! I've been waiting forever!!!

#2freerealmsMar 5, 2016

First off, I want Ava to get hurt. I really don't like her and I couldn't care less how Eden feels about the girl she gots to go. Only reason I'll allow her to live for now is so that my girl Tali can get to Bridgeport and meet Ezra! If her and Ezra can get together then maybe I'll stop hating Ava. It all just depends on how things go but right now I'm waitin with a bat to get Ava and her ignorant smart mouth.

#3WintersmithVIPMar 6, 2016

Can't wait to see what's going to happen! And I really hope Ezra is not going to use Tali, 'cause then I have to borrow freerealms' bat, lol!

#4DegeraMar 7, 2016

No touchy... Hah, I love that movie.

#5MademoiselleTamiMar 7, 2016

Great can't wait for her to go to Bridgeport.

#6MaePerezMay 12, 2016

I'm guessing soon Tali and Ezra will meet? Ahhhhh cant wait \:\)

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