Yours - Chapter 11
Published Jul 27, 2015

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Hello! Finally here again :3 So this is not the end yet, but I'm afraid next chapter will really be the last one. HOW SAD IS THAT.

Anyway, let's get to the important stuff... reading! ♥ I hope you enjoy this :3

Hello! Finally here again :3 So this is not the end yet, but I'm afraid next chapter will really be the last one. HOW SAD IS THAT.

Anyway, let's get to the important stuff... reading! ♥ I hope you enjoy this :3
By the time I got home, I was so excited I couldn't even think straight. Maya had tried to follow me to my room with her questions, but I had said I was tired (which was obviously a lie and I didn't think that she would believe it, but it was an excuse), and escaped.

She had asked me in the taxi that took us back home what had I been doing. I just shrugged, but my face couldn't lie. She guessed about the kiss five minutes later and that's where the interrogatory began.
My feet flew to my desk before I could stop them. I sat, with that silly smile still glued to my face. Giggling, I turned on the computer, opened my book's document and started writing. There was something weird but relaxing in the way I got the words out of my mind, like if had been full of them and needed to let them go.

And suddenly, they were there, shining on the screen in front to me. I played with my hair, remembering the kiss (well, kisses) in my mind before turning off the computer again.
I laid on the bed thinking about said. I truly doubted I could ever think of someone else like that. But I guess that's what love is, right? I recreated all his words, all his moves and the way he caressed my lips before he met them with his.

And with him in mind, I fell asleep.
Two days passed, and there was no almost any news from Seth. I had received a message the day before saying 'how r you?', next to a ton of phone calls and messages from Dylan. I skipped all of his and directly answer to Seth, but I got no reply back. He hadn't go to work either, and I was so in the mood to write that I didn't even think about going to his (our) park.

I knew everything was okay. There was no need to make a drama out of him not coming to visit, or calling or texting. With that in mind and the everlasting smile on my face, I woke up.
I automatically walked to the computer, not bothering to go and have breakfast or to say good morning to Maya. It was early in the morning, so I still had time to make me some food, and Maya was probably still asleep.

Some weeks ago, she had mentioned that she liked my writing. I knew she read it all in secret, so I didn't need to ask about that. She had said something about sending my work to an editorial, but I hadn't given the idea a chance.

But that day, reading again all I had written, and with my good mood, Maya's idea didn't seem so bad to me.
Searching and searching, I found a forum for people who liked to write. The admins promised that real editorials entered the forum to find new talents. Well, I wasn't sure if that part was true, but I was certain that this was a way to make my work be seen by other people.

So I posted everything there, not really expecting to achieve anything, but still hopeful.
A week passed. Seven days and counting, and still I hadn't heard about Seth. Again, he messaged me the same thing three days before. A cold and strange 'How r u'. I just blanked my eyes and told myself he was just like that.

Nine days since the day we kissed. I missed him. But I wanted him to come.

Instead, it was Maya the one to walk into my room. She wore a big smile on her face and every time she opened her mouth, an excited noise came out of it. She held a letter in her hands.

''You have to read this'' she said.
She let me take the letter and climbed to my side.

''So? What does it say?'' she wiggled her eyebrows.

''Oh my god...'' I muttered. ''They... oh gosh Maya... they want to meet me''

''Who?'' she smiled at me with that familiar grin. I couldn't stop laughing hysterically between my words.

''The SS editorial'' I replied. ''They like my work''

''What does that mean?''

''It means that all I've written could turn into a book... I could be a real writer Maya'' the corners of my lips were forever up by the time I finished my sentence.
''The meeting is next week'' my smile disappeared instantly. ''At Starlight Shores''

''That's... really far, Jamie'' Maya frowned. ''And... what if they want you in?''

I looked at her, all the excitement I had felt drained off me.

''Then I'd have to move there''

She looked at the floor and nodded.

''You should... talk to Seth''

I closed my eyes when I heard his name. Okay, it couldn't be that bad. Slowly, I nodded.
It didn't take me more than five minutes to run out of the house looking for Seth.

On the one hand, the news weren't all that good. It meant leaving Maya, Seth, my work, and this place I had already got used to.

On the other hand, this was the biggest step towards my dream I had taken in my entire life. I was so close to it I could touch it. And I wanted to share it with Seth.
If he was hiding, he wasn't really good at it. I found him in the park, where he always was when he needed to think. There, sitting on the floor and concentrated in god-knows-what, I still couldn't believe he felt the same as me.

And I suddenly liked square printed shirts.
My heart started beating faster as I walked closer to him. That vertigo sensation I always had when he was near was now all over my body. My hands were shaking, so I took them to my back so he didn't notice.

''Hey'' I said, my voice sounding too weak for my taste. ''I have really good news''
His back stiffened all of the sudden.

'Okay, that's weird...' I thought. Maybe Maya had already talked to him and told him the news. Was he mad at me? No, it couldn't be. Maya had wanted me to come; she wouldn't talk to him about this before I did.

''Seth? Are you... okay?'' I mumbled.
He stood up slowly. I was expecting him to, I don't know, give me a smile or something. But he seemed as emotionless as a rock. He crossed his arms and stared at me like if he didn't know me at all.

I cleared my throat and waited for him to talk, but he didn't. I didn't understand anything. Why was he like this? Were we back to the rude-boy thing?

''Seth, I...''

''I don't want to talk to you, Jamie'' it hit me as hard as if someone had slapped me in the face.
I couldn't believe that was happening. That was supposed to be a day full of joy. What was all this about?

''What's wrong with you?'' I frowned.

''Nothing's wrong with me'' he replied coldly. ''I just don't want to talk to you''

I swallowed.

''Right now or like... never again?'' I looked at the floor.
For a second, the shell he hid himself in broke and the emotions were reflected on his eyes as he bit his inner cheek. It only lasted a second, though, and I still didn't have a clue of what was going on in his mind.

''All of this is wrong'' he said suddenly, talking fast. He was nervous. Or irritated. Or both things. ''Me. You. Everything'' I opened my mouth to interrupt him, but he lifted a hand to stop me. ''I thought I could do it, Jamie. But I can't'' He looked at the floor for a tiny second and I swear I heard something like 'she was right'.
I shook my head.

''No, that's not true. There is nothing wrong with you, nor with me. Not with us'' I said. ''You wanted that kiss too, remember? You said it'' I took a step closer, hesitating. He didn't move an inch. ''I don't know what is it that you think you can't do... but we can fix it. Together. Seth, I...''
But I wasn't able to keep talking.

''I said I can't'' he cut my words.

He didn't look at me while he walked past me and left the park. My feet were still glued to the ground when he was nowhere to be seen. My head was a mess, and I felt like someone was playing to make knots on my guts. I couldn't move. I felt my eyes heavier and my breathing faster.

Carefully, I turned around and started walking home, letting my feelings grow inside me instead of letting them out.
(Now this is gonna be written in first person, but is still Jamie writing it, so she'll talk about her in first person. Just think she's telling this looong after and that's why she knows everything)

Seth preferred not to think when he walked out of the park. Every time he did that, he ended up at my house. But of course, this time he couldn't come to me. Instead, he found himself in the hospital. In the first floor he had asked for a nurse called Virginia, but everyone had told him he wasn't allowed to visit patient areas if he was not a familiar.

So he had just pushed his way in.

''Oh, I should have guessed it was you when I heard there was a rude boy that wouldn't listen to anybody and was not afraid of the threats about the guards'' she said, rolling her eyes when she saw Seth.
He shrugged.

''What do you want?'' she asked, crossing her arms. He knew she didn't like her, but he didn't really care.

''I just didn't know who else to go to'' his voice trembled for the first time that day, and he knew he wouldn't be able to hide his emotions much longer.

''And what made you think you could come to me?'' the nurse raised an eyebrow.
''I... just need to talk and...'' his hands were starting to shake and his voice was trembling even more now. It happened every time he thought about his mother, but he had never got used to it.

Virginia noticed. Her eyes shone with something (pity?) before she nodded.

''Okay kid. Let's sit down. And you better not be rude again or I'll kick your ass off here''

He muttered a quiet 'yes' and followed her to one of the sofas.
They both sat down on the couch. Seth was expecting a weird silence, but the nurse, for his relief, was talkative.

''What is it you wanna talk about?'' she asked.

''Mmm... Do you remember Jamie?'' his heart skipped a bit when he said his name. He kind of hated when that happened, but at the same time he liked it.

''I'm not sure... was he your friend? The blonde one?''

He laughed at that, remembering one of the first things he'd told her. 'Jamie's no name for a girl'. He run a hand through his hair.

''No. The girl. The one that was with me'' the nurse made a recognition sound, but he kept going. ''The one with... those incredible blue eyes and...''

''Yes, okay. I got it'' Virginia interrupted him. ''What happens with her?''
''I just... keep trying to do the right thing, but it never feels the right thing and never is what I want to do but...''

''Stop there'' Seth closed his mouth. He sure wasn't used to people like Virginia. ''Explain to me what is the 'right thing' according to you''

He cleared his throat before answering. This was the hard part, when he was going to talk about that past he didn't want to remember. Unless, this nurse was a stranger. That made it easier.

''Someone told me long ago...'' he started, his voice weaker than ever. ''That I have a problem. There's something wrong with me. I... I can't love. I hurt people if I love them. I end up hurting them'' Virginia raised an eyebrow, but didn't say a thing. ''And if someone loves me, I will be the one hurt. I can't love''

''Okay, Seth'' he stared deeply into his eyes. ''Who told you that?''
''It was my mother'' he said. He was looking at the wall, lost in his memories of her. ''He used to say it all the time. 'You are can't love, neither be loved', all the time. She looked at me like if I was a freak. She hurt me. That was the first prove that she was right''

Virginia nodded in silence. 'She thinks I'm crazy' he thought. Maybe it had been a mistake to tell her all of that.

''You had a harsh childhood then'' she said, sounding serious. That took Seth by surprise.

''My dad disappeared when I was six'' he said without thinking. ''With another woman. My mother was pregnant back there'' he looked at his hands. ''My father's runaway made me sad, but I believe it drove my mom crazy. Plus she's schizophrenic'' he looked at her. He had never told that much about his childhood. ''And God knows I look just like my dad''
''Okay... look kid, you have a childhood trauma'' she said. He laughed at that. 'Like I didn't already knew that', he thought. ''A strong belief that your mom planted there. She has been taking all of her anger on you, and you are the one suffering the consequences''

He looked at her from the corner of his eyes.

''What if she's right? What if all I can do is hurt or be hurt?''

She shook her head.

''No. Everything she told you'' she closed her fingers around Seth's wrist and shaked it, ''were lies''
Seth nodded quietly. 'Lies' he repeated in his mind. He had thought about it sometimes, but then, all he saw was Jamie getting hurt because of him, or his mother having a bad time. And he tried not to feel anything, because that what he was supposed to do, but somehow it just made it worst.

''Now, what happened to the Jamie girl?'' Virginia asked in a mother tone. A real mother tone.

''I pushed her away'' he muttered. ''I always let myself go, but this time I went too far and I don't want her to... you know...''

''So what happened?''

''I kissed her. More than a week ago'' he smiled against his will, but just thinking about that kiss made him feel a bit better.

''And you think she was gonna be hurt because of that?''
''I.. don't know''

''Okay, Seth. You've suffered a lot as a child, and I understand it, but now it's time that you get over it, because this problem you have is hurting both you and Jamie'' she said.

He frowned.

''I know it's gonna be hard for you. You've had this belief until now. That's a long time'' she took her hand off his wrist. ''Let me ask you something'' Seth nodded, although he was unsure about this. ''Do you feel something for her?''

If he had wanted to deny it (which, by the way, was not the case), his face would have proved he was lying. A big smile spread across his face instantly, and he didn't even bother to hide it.

''Yes'' he replied, his voice finally sounding strong. ''Yes, I do''

''Then let her teach you how to love. Let her teach you how wrong your mother has been all this time''
''And let me tell you'' she kept saying, ''she likes you as much. That girl couldn't hide a single feeling that time you were here''

His smile couldn't grow bigger. Who would have told him a nurse that he didn't even know could help him that much?

''So what do I do now?''

''Go get her, tiger'' Virginia winked.
(First person again)

Some hours later, I found myself sitting on my bed, reading the letter over and over.

''Dear Ms. Harding

Our team has read some of your work and we'd be very interested in meeting you next week at our main building, being this located at the Principal Road in Starlight Shores (...)''

It was curious how all my world had changed in a matter of seconds and still everything was exactly the same.
I let myself lay in bed, not being able to take my eyes off the letter. And still, all I could think about was Seth.

For nine days, I had woken up with a smile on my face because of him.

And now, who knows for how long, only thing I was going to wake up with was heartache and the sensation of emptiness inside me.
Maybe I was expecting, deep inside, that he'd stop me from going. That he had wanted me to stay with him.

But that sheet of paper was my future, and now there was no one holding me back, for better or for worse.

''Good bye, Seth'' I muttered. The knot of emotions fell loose, and only then the tears started to wet my cheeks.
(Back to third person)

By the time Seth got home from the hospital, it was already late. Joey's apartment was far from the center of the city and he had chosen the decoration himself, so Seth had never felt there like he was home, but it was where he lived.

As he entered, the sound of voices reached his ears. One of them, as familiar as his reflection: Joey's voice. The other belonged to a woman, and he only had to take a step in the living room to figure out who it belonged to.

''This is serious, Joey, don't you see it?'' said Maya, apparently irritated.

Seth sighed and didn't bother to say hello; his mind was somewhere else.
He walked to the counter in silence, believing no one had realized he was there. But Maya turned around suddenly with a furious grin.

''You'' she pointed at Seth. ''What have you done?''

Seth didn't understand at first, but then he remembered all he had said to Jamie some hours ago.

''Is she okay?'' he asked. From the outside, his voice seemed cold, like he didn't really care about the answer to that question. It had taken him years to develop that skill, and only he knew how much he actually cared.
''Okay? Do you think she could possibly be okay after whatever you told her?'' Maya half-shouted.

Seth drank the words slowly. Jamie was not okay. And it was because of him. He'd hurt her trying not to hurt her. He felt the urge of shouting, of hitting a wall, of taking a motorcycle and drive as fast as he could until he felt nothing at all. But that was not going to happen.

''What exactly did you do to her?'' Maya kept saying.
''I'll fix it'' he muttered.

He saw Joey rubbing his neck over Maya's shoulder and knew what he had just said was only going to make her angrier.

''Fix it?'' both her eyebrows raised. ''Is this a game to you? Are you playing with her? Do you find funny breaking her heart?''

Breaking her heart. Seth crossed his arms to hide the shacking of his hands. He was finding terribly hard to hide his emotions while Maya told him all of that. He didn't know what to do.
''You know, some days ago I even thought you were a good guy'' she kept talking. He was just speechless, feeling his entire world breaking down on him. ''She was so happy, more than I have ever seen her. I thought you were finally going to do the right thing instead of staying with that attitude of yours'' she took a step towards him. ''And you know what I find when I get home one hour ago from the market?'' Seth bit his lip. His shell was falling bit by bit, and whatever she was going to tell him now wasn't good. ''My best friend, locked in her room, crying her heart out. She wouldn't talk to me'' Seth closed his eyes, trying to calm down. He felt so awful he would have asked Joey to slam him. ''Only thing she did was hold that damn letter like if it was a lifeboat'' ''A letter?'' he was confused now. What does a letter have to do in all this?

Maya opened her eyes in surprise.

''You don't know about the letter?'' she asked. When he muttered a no, Maya talked again. ''She went to see you to tell you about it. I guess you didn't want to listen?''

He bit his lip harder. If he kept doing it, his lip would start bleeding. He didn't care.

''Of course you didn't listen''

''What does the letter say?'' he asked, his voice trembling. He couldn't take more bad news, nor feel guiltier.

''An editorial has put their eyes on Jamie'' she said. For a moment he thought those were good news, but he didn't know the details yet. ''They want to meet her next week. In Starlight Shores''

Starlight Shores. That was far, far away from here. It took him time to process every word and its meaning.
''Don't you get it?'' Maya yelled at him. ''They want to work with her. She's moving, Seth''

He turned around so she wouldn't see his face. He felt broken. He was broken. 'How can a broken person be fixed?', he thought.

''You know what that means? No more Jamie, Seth. Never again''

The words sank deep inside him. Nothing ever in his life had hurt as much, apart from her mother's words. He tried to blame her on her, to believe it was her fault for making him believe pushing people away was the right thing to do. But even he couldn't believe that. It was all his fault. He was hurt only because of him. Jamie was hurt just because of him. And now she was leaving and he wasn't going to see her ever again.

Seth hadn't cried since the last day he saw his mother, six years ago. And for the first time in six year, tears were running out of his eyes again.
And that's all! MUAHAHAHA. Intense chapter wasn't it? But hey, finally you know why Seth is like that hehe. I'm wicked cause I made you wait a lot for that huuuh.

Anyway, hope you like it! Next chapter is the last one, people :3

Oh and, this simmie in the pic is Debbie, who will be in my next story. She will not play a very important roll but hey, she's cute okay?

Hope you're all having a wonderful day! ♥

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#1krystalchhakchuakJul 28, 2015

Finally Yay! ok let's comment XD
First of all I should be studying but Prettysgi stories are amazing *-*
Second, I love,love,love,love Debbie. I'm not a bad person but I love it when Seth is crying He.He.He is,is in-describable! Jamie and Seth SHOULD NOT be seperated or....I will slap you with a fish! hehe well, have a nice day full of laughter.

#2freerealmsJul 28, 2015

Ok all I got to say is for Seth and Jamie:

Jamie!! When the man you baby boo love tries to stop you from talking and doesn't even give you reason for leaving you. YOU SHOUT IT! Just like this: "WELL IF I'M SO MUCH TROUBLE YOU WON'T HAVE TO WORRY BECAUSE I'M LEAVING NEXT WEEK ANYWAY!" (the word I would've called him is not allowed) Just like that! That's how I would've said it. I'd even have the paper with me, balled it up, and thrown it at the back of his head cause when I'm hurt whether it's anger or sadness I'm feeling I always get a little violent first when I'm at my limit.

SETH! She not leaving right away!! RUN BOY RUN! Go to her! Didn't you hear the nurse right?! She said "go get her tiger". What she meant wasn't go get her the next day or the next week she meant RIGHT NOW! You went home!? What's wrong with you! When you really want something you go get it NOW! If I'm hunger and I want some food I'm not waiting until the next day to feed myself! WHAT YOU DOIN!? This is not the time to be crying! Forget the mother issues you already talked to the nurse about that! The past is the past! JAMIE IS RIGHT NOW! If I was there and saw you crying I'd slap you so hard you'd become Hawaiian and then I'd get in your face and yell: "BOY STOP THEM SISSY TEARS AND RUN LIKE YOU'VE NEVER RAN BEFORE! YOU BETTER BECOME SUPER MAN AND GET YOU BUTT DOWN THERE BEFORE I KEEP YOU FOR MYSELF!"

But I really don't want this story to end!

#3kinorikiJul 30, 2015

#4Oli-chanVIPJul 31, 2015

Sooo Mean!....nah, just kidding! \:wub\:
This chap was really good, I'm sad the next one is the last BUT excited all the same!
And can't wait for your next story! \:\)

#5wasabichiNov 30, 2015

*pushes Seth* no blame game here, i understand you and what you've been through but let's just set that aside, just go and get the girl naaaao, young man!!!
off to the next \:\)

#6MaePerezMay 8, 2016

Wow those tears! You are so good is Sims Pictorial!!!

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