Yours - Chapter 12 (FINAL)
Published Sep 6, 2015

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Heyyy! :D Welcome to the final chapter of Yours... I don't know if I'll post the prologue here, but you will sure have it in my tumblr!

Before you start reading, I wanted to thank you all for supporting me and the story, I love you all :3

That being said, enjoy!

(Chapter with two narrators in first person, sorry for that!)

Heyyy! :D Welcome to the final chapter of Yours... I don't know if I'll post the prologue here, but you will sure have it in my tumblr!

Before you start reading, I wanted to thank you all for supporting me and the story, I love you all :3

That being said, enjoy!

(Chapter with two narrators in first person, sorry for that!)
(Jamie's POV)

The day I got the letter, I spent the night thinking. About moving house, about leaving Maya, about achieving my dream. But most of all, about Seth. I wished he wasn't always in my head, but hopefully that habit would disappear with time, taking all the memories of him with it. Even if it hurts.

It didn't take me long to take the decision: before someone could make me change my mind, I had to go to Starlight Shores. I had to go right in that very moment.
That's why I spent all of the money I had saved on new tickets for the plain, and the train that had to take me to airport.

When I looked at myself in the mirror, I couldn't see the girl who was all laughs and books and shyness. I saw a woman. And I didn't know if I liked that.
When I got out of my room, Maya opened the main door and came in. She had spent the night at Joey's, but I didn't mind, I had wanted to be alone anyway. Her eyes opened wide when she saw the suitcase at my feet.

''Where are you going?''

I tried to put a convincing smile, but she just frowned at me.


''I'm leaving now'' I announced. ''I should have told you when I made the decision, sorry about that''
''Scrap that!'' Maya said, crossing her arms. ''Why are you leaving now? You still have a week''

She seemed mad, but she had to understand. I heaved a big breath and started explaining.

''This is a big chance, Maya'' I started, ''the bigger chance I'm ever going to get. If I stay the whole week, I know something, or someone...'' I swallowed. I hated the way my heart jumped when I thought about Seth. ''...will change my mind. And then I'll want to stay. And I don't want to screw this chance up. I have to take it''
''Can't you stay a few more days? Think more about it?'' her face relaxed a bit, but I could tell she was nervous.

I shook my head.

''No. I won't change my mind''

''Can't I try to convince you?''
''You certainly can, but I'm not letting you'' I let a small laugh go out of my mouth. It surprised me, how good it felt. ''Maya, thank you. For being my best friend, and bearing all my talk, and giving me the idea to send my book to a forum, and having me in your house''

''This will always be your house too, Jamie'' she said, sad face included.
''I will miss you, you dumbass'' she said, and hugged me.

''I love you, silly'' I said as I hugged her back.

I pulled back and sighed.

''My taxi is waiting outside''

She nodded and walked me to the door. It didn't felt good to hear the click of the door shutting. I closed my eyes and shook my head: no cold feet now, no. Behind me, I could still hear Maya's voice swearing, like a slight mutter. I smiled to myself and clicked the elevator button.
I felt a not in my throat the whole way to the train station. I didn't know if I really wanted this. Yes, it was my dream, but was it worth it if I had to get away from the people I loved? I emptied my mind. I wasn't gonna stay. No way. (Seth's POV)

I didn't sleep that night. Well, who am I fooling, I didn't sleep any night, except if I was with Jamie.


Her name never left my thoughts. I couldn't go see her yet, I was sure she was still mad at me. But tomorrow I would go see her, and tell her everything I felt, and everything would be alright. She would stay here, with me and Maya. And we would be happy.
Suddenly, my phone rang. I muttered a curse and slowly got out of the couch.

Jamie, my brain said. It had to be her. I wanted to listen to her voice, even if she was mad and shouting to me. She was cute when she was mad.

But the name on the screen of the phone was another: Maya.

''What the hell...'' I said as I pressed the green button and take the phone to my ear.
''Maya what...'' I started to say, but she interrupted me.

''Shut up and listen'' she said. She seemed pretty nervous. ''Jamie's leaving. Now''

The words hurt me like a punch in the stomach. In my mind, I made a list of all the curses I knew. It couldn't be happening. I was running out of time.
(Jamie's POV)

We were there in twenty minutes, counted. I walked in silence to the last door of the train, there was no one going into that wagon. Perfect.

I turned around and watched all the people saying goodbye to their beloved ones, hugging, kissing, crying. I felt bad all of the sudden. Maybe I should've asked Maya to come with me to the station. 'Too late', I thought as I entered the wagon.
I sat alone. Those plastic chairs were uncomfortable and I couldn't find the right posture. Again and again, I played that song, 'All by myself', in my mind. I hadn't been able to stop playing it in my head since the day Seth kissed me. But all of that was about to change.

''Bye Bridgeport'' I muttered. ''Bye, Seth''
(Seth's POV)

I felt the wind on my face as soon as I took a step out. The train was leaving. No. No, no, no.

''Jamie!'' I shouted, running, looking for her, hoping for her not to be in that train.

The people around me looked at me like if I was nuts. Maybe I was. But I had to find her, I couldn't let her go.
''JAMIE!'' I kept shouting.

And in that moment, I saw her, sitting in the last wagon, empty except for her.

''Jamie...'' I muttered, watching her leave right before my eyes. I bit my inner cheek.
''Damn it...'' I whispered once the train was out of my sight.

Now, the people who had looked at me like if I was crazy, was looking me with their sad faces and biting their lower lips. I rolled my eyes. I didn't have the time for their pity.

I heard footsteps coming near me, but didn't turn around.
''Where is she?'' a familiar voice said right behind me. Maya.

''I was late'' I answered. ''Damn, I was late'' I clenched my teeth, angry with myself.

Maya shook her head like she didn't believe it.

''You're not late, not yet''
''You have to go to the airport'' she said besides me.

''How...'' I started asking, but she wouldn't let me finish.

''We came in Joey's motorbike. Take it. We'll call a cab''

I nodded, silently grateful. I hoped she knew that. Then, I ran outside the station and took the motorbike to the road.
(Jamie's POV)

''Fifteen minutes'' I muttered to myself.

There were not a lot of people today at the airport, but that didn't bother me. In less than five minutes, I had already checked in my luggage and was walking to the queue for the metal detectors.
I heard someone screaming nearby and looked around. Some guy was running like crazy, shouting something that sounded a lot like my name.

''Lady, is your turn'' the police said.

''Oh, sorry, yes'' I started walking forward.
(Seth's POV)

I was running to the door when I saw her, waiting to go into the metal scanner. Oh, no. I couldn't go further than that.

''Jamie!'' I shouted. If only I could make her stay where she was one minute... She looked around, confused. ''Yes, yes... JAMIE!'' I called her again.
''Lady, please, come...'' I heard a woman say.

''Jamie, stop!''I shouted one more time, surrounding the wall, until I could see her, looking at me with shock reflected on her face. I stopped running to recover my breath; I was gonna need it to say everything I had to say.
(Jamie's POV)

''Lady, please, come...'' the cop insisted.

I continued walking, when I heard it.

''Jamie, stop!'' the man that I had seen earlier was suddenly running to me, shouting my name with an adorable English accent. I stared at Seth, my chest aching.
''Miss, who's that?'' the police woman asked behind me.

''That's... that's Seth'' I answered.

He was there, breathing heavily from the run, with a little smile glued to his lips when I said his name.

''And even if he doesn't care, I don't have time for him right now'' I said, trying to stop him from whatever he had floating on his head.
Suddenly, Maya and Joey ran besides Seth. I frowned. What was happening here?

''Jamie!'' she said. ''Stop for a moment. Let him talk, okay?''

I looked at her, then at Seth. He was looking at Maya with a stare that said 'thank you'. I was confused, and the cop was making an annoying noise with the tip or her shoe; I couldn't concentrate.
I shook my head at Seth.

''You hurt me'' I muttered, looking at him while I felt how everything inside me beated at one time. I wanted to cry my heart out.

''I know'' he replied. ''Jamie I... I need you to listen to me''

''I'm gonna walk towards you, and I'm gonna explain myself meanwhile'' he stopped, like if he was expecting me to stop him. Maybe I should have. ''You have to listen to me. If... if when I get to you, you still hate me...'' that made me laugh; like if I could hate him ''...then I will turn around and you'll never have to see me again''

I thought about it for a second.

He cleared his throat, looking at the two cops and the other guy, clearly uncomfortable. I felt sorry for him, knowing he didn't like talking about him or his feelings, but I didn't let it show.

''Okay, this is gonna sound weird...'' he said, fixing his gaze in me. All of the sudden, I felt like there were only the two of us there. ''My dad left us a long time ago, and that drove my mother nuts'' he started.
I clenched my teeth. I didn't think I was gonna like that story. But he was opening himself to me, and even if I was mad and hurt, he still deserved to be listened.

''That wasn't good, of course. She was already schizophrenic'' he stopped for a moment. ''I remembered her of my dad, so she... she started hating me'' he shook his head. ''All the time, since I was six until I ran away, she would repeat me day and night that I wasn't able to love, not to be loved either''
''And I... I ended up believing her'' he looked at the floor, as if he was ashamed.

I felt the sudden urge to jump the lace used as a fence for the queue and hug me. But I couldn't. Not yet.

''First prove I had was her hated towards me. Even my big sister thought my mom was right'' a sad, slight laugh came out of his lips. ''But I know now that she was not even near right''

''Sir, back up, you can't be here'' a cop said, approaching Seth. She took his arm, but he shook it off.

''Now you must think this is an excuse, and I could lie on my knees and beg you to forgive me, but...''

''Sir, don't make me call the...''

''Shut up'' I told the police, without even thinking about it. I'd probably regret it later, but in that moment Seth was all that mattered.
''Jamie'' Seth was suddenly right in front of me, his scent everywhere, the memories coming and going as I looked at him. ''Everything I told you... I'm sorry for not telling you earlier. I'm sorry for... trying to get away from you. You know, my... my biggest fear was that one of us would end up hurt and that's exactly what I've achieved...''

I bit my inner lip. I could not deny that.
''Now I could start giving you millions of reasons for you not to go'' he laughed a bit. ''Like... who will take my thinking place away from me...''

''And you're working place'' I added.

''Yes, and my working place'' he smiled at me. ''Or who is gonna wear a sweater every day of the year. Or who is gonna get in trouble no matter where she goes. Or who am I gonna argue with all the time, or have icecream for breakfast with''
''But'' he took a step forward and leaned his forehead in mine. For some reason, I didn't step back. '', turns out there's only one reason'' he took my hands over the lace, putting them in his neck. ''I love you'' he said, his eyes shining, looking at me like I was the only person he cared about in the world.

I was gonna die right there. It was taking me time to process everything he was saying.

''So... do you believe me?'' he asked.

I nodded, realizing I had the biggest of the smiles on my face.
He bent his legs to take me in his arms and lift me over the fence, to his side.

''Awwww'' the guy (who had been about to go into the metal scanner before Seth interrupted everything) said.

Carefully, he put me back on the floor, leaning on him.

''For the second time, Sir, you can do...''

''SHUT UP'' Seth, the guy and me said at one time.

I laughed and Seth lowered his head. I had been waiting so long for this.
And then he kissed me, and it was the sweetest kiss of them all. His hand pressed my lips against his, while he caressed my face with the other. I wanted him closer, if that was possible. There was a heat waterfall inside me, my cheeks burning, my hands trembling.

''I'm yours'' he whispered against my lips. ''I've always been yours''

''I love you'' I smiled, and he laughed in my mouth.
''Oh look at them, Joey!'' said Maya with her cheerful voice. ''Our babies are together again, what will we do now?''

''Maybe have real babies?'' he laughed.

''Naaaw shut up'' she replied, smiling.
I took my arms off Seth and ran to meet my friend. I hugged her tightly and we both almost fell to the floor.

''I love you'' I kissed her cheek. ''Did you know it? Now? Well, I love you''

She laughed in my ear.

''I'm so happy for you!'' she said. ''But I would have kicked his ass before forgiving him...''
''Thanks for helping me'' I heard Seth's voice. ''You too, Maya!''

Maya rolled her eyes, but she was smiling.

''Nothing to worry about'' she winked her eye at her. Joey smiled. And I was happy. The happiest person in the world.
''You better take care of my girl there, or I will kick you ass'' Maya said.

Seth laughed. It still amazed me how he never even smiled when I first met him, and now he laughed all the time.

''There... where?'' I asked.

''Of course I will'' Seth said, and walked to me.
When I less expected it, Seth came and hugged me. Of course, we both ended up on
the floor.

''Ouch'' I smiled at him while he moved me to his lap. ''Where are you taking me?''

''I'm not taking you anywhere, I'm following you'' he said. ''And we're gonna loose that fly to Starlight Shores''

''Wait, what?''
''You thought I was gonna make you stay here when there's a good editorial waiting for you in SS?'' he frowned. ''Nah, but it's seems like I can't live without you, so with your permission...''

''Oh God you're coming!'' I opened my eyes wide, looking at everyone. ''WE'RE BOTH GOING!''

He laughed and nodded.

''Geez I love you even with that hair that doesn't let you see''

''Nah you love it'' he smiled. ''As much as I love your boyish name'' my turn to laugh.
We asked one of the cops to take us a picture before we took the plain. Only Seth, and me. The plain that would take us to the adventure of our lives. Not as two people, but as a pair.

Cause he was mine, and I was his.

Aaand this was all! Hope you like the end of this story, CAUSE I'M SO SAD IT'S ENDING ;___; And to make it sadder (is that even a real word) the first main pic I used as the final pic...

Thank you all for your support through this story, see you on the next one! :D

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#1Lily-chanVIPSep 7, 2015

Excuse me for crying grossy here, but *makes inhuman noises* It's sooo sad ;U; but I loved every chapter of it! And now I'm sooooooooo sooooooooo looking forward to read Fay's story :3 ♥

#2AwaresimsSep 7, 2015


#3freerealmsSep 10, 2015

That was so cute! Honestly if I were her I'd make him chase me all the way to Starlight Shore. THEN I'd beat him up for making me cry. Then I'd forgive him. No man is going to make me cry and then not pay twice the amount I cried for him... that's if I'd let the guy make me cry.

Seth you should've stayed mine! IT's FINE THO CAUSE I STILL GOT PICTURES OF YOU!

#4Aisseret NagromSep 21, 2015

omg I Loveed it cant wait for ur next story

#5LarySep 24, 2015

OMG, your writing skill is level 10! I loved it and the pics! \;\)

#6sweetwilightOct 19, 2015

AWW! It was so cute!! I'm so happy it ended in good terms!!! So happy for Seth and Jamie!! Really liked it! Good job!!

#7wasabichiNov 30, 2015

btw, random guy in the airport: *high five*
HAHAHAHA! aaawwwww... i'm actually out of words.
i'm so so so late, Silvi, but let me congratulate you for this
you did a very great job!
just lovely! made my evening. now I can go to bed feeling all fluttery. HAHAHA!

#8MaePerezMay 8, 2016

Wow the eding was like that of a drama! \:o You did really goood in writing! I cant wait for your next work \:\)

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