Yours - Chapter 7
Published Mar 31, 2015

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Hellooo ♥♥♥ Told you I wasn't gonna take that long to submit this chapter... hehe. So, new cover because we're already in the middle (more or less) of the story.


PD: Laziness attacked again so... unedited pictures :D

Hellooo ♥♥♥ Told you I wasn't gonna take that long to submit this chapter... hehe. So, new cover because we're already in the middle (more or less) of the story.


PD: Laziness attacked again so... unedited pictures :D
Seth and I took a cab to the hospital that night. They told us where Maya's and Joey's rooms were, but no one welcomed us, not even their nurses. They were too busy taking care of them. So we didn't know how were they, all we knew for sure is they had had a car accident. I couldn't stand the waiting. The silence, the scent of the place, not knowing, it was all killing me. Only my footsteps echoed on the aisle. Seth just stared at me. He had lied to me earlier, but I didn't even care. All I could think about was Maya. I didn't want to loose her.

''Can you please stop?'' he suddenly said in an authoritarian, irritated tone.

I sighed. I was nervous, but didn't want to make him as nervous as I was, so I sat down in the couch, as far from him as I could.
He sounded so rude, yet I didn't found the strength to be mad at him. Maya's room was right in front on me, but I was not allowed inside. I tried to empty my mind, focusing on keeping my breath under control.
Seth seemed bothered, but I could see he was nervous. I saw his hand shivering before I sat down, though he started pressing it against his knee to stop its shaking. He was as scared as I was, but wouldn't let the world see it. I was jealous that he could do that and I couldn't, I wished I was that strong, I wished my feelings weren't always so obvious. ''I'm sorry'' I wouldn't have believed Seth had said that if I didn't know exactly what his voice sounded like: deep, hoarse, softened by his english accent.

I didn't answer, I didn't want my voice to break while I talked, showing my thoughts, my fears. I really wanted to seem as emotionless as he seemed.
But my curiosity took the control over me. Seth didn't apologize that often, I wanted to know what was he regretting.

''What for?''

''Lying to you'' he cleared his throat. He wasn't accustomed to say sorry, I could see he was having a hard time.

''Why... why did you think you could hide my best friend's accident from me?'' I asked. ''Did you really think I wasn't gonna learn about it? Do you really think I'm that dumb?''
I was concerned now. Points for Seth for keeping my mind away from Maya's health. Now I was angry, great.

''You're not dumb at all, Jamie. That's the problem'' he said. I looked at him from the corner of my eye. I didn't understand how his mind worked.

''I still don't get why you lied to me, like it was worth the try when I was gonna find out sooner or later'' I bit my nails, didn't care about hiding my agitation any longer.

He sighed.

''You probably are not going to believe this, but... I didn't want you to get hurt, and I could sense this would break you apart'' he said in a low tone.

I didn't buy it. Just remembering how he treats me all the time... that doesn't fit in his way of acting. However... that discussion we had a couple hours ago, his mood changed suddenly, and it seemed like he wanted to tell me something that was very deep inside his mind... Should I believe him or not?
I saw his hand moving from his leg, but I didn't expect him to grab mine. His fingers laced with mine. I was shocked.

''I'm already hurt'' I muttered.
''That's what I tried to prevent'' he squeezed my hand. ''It was worth the try''

''Why would you want to prevent my pain?''

''Why would I want you in pain?'' he asked back.
''I don't understand you, Seth'' I said, and I was serious.

''Well, for the record, me neither'' he smiled. It was one of those times when he could lit up the place. Such a weird thing, Seth smiling. Eclipses happen more often than this guy smirking.
''That's weird'' I answered.

''You're weird''

''Look who's talking''

His smile grew bigger. I looked at him, and it was like staring at the sun. My mind was all empty, I was not even angry anymore. It was just him. What was the name of that feeling? Was it normal or was I sick again?
He didn't talk, but start taking our hands closer to him, dragging me with them. I didn't refuse. I was so conscious of his closeness. I could feel something like tickles on my stomach, and his warmth went from my hand and spreaded all over my arm until it got to my chest. There were so many feelings, I didn't even know how he did it. Maybe he didn't know that he could provoke these strange things on me. ''Is this helping?'' he asked.


''Erasing the pain. Is it helping?'' He seemed to care. But I was afraid he would suddenly change his mood and stop caring, I was afraid all of this was just an acting. I didn't want to get hurt, and I knew I could get hurt because of him. I didn't know when he got that power over me, I just knew he did. But, what did that mean?
''You're not going to answer?'' he dragged me away from my thoughts.

''Em... yes, it is helping'' I squeezed his hand. Maybe he also needed support, even if he didn't let it show. He tightened his grip. Yes, in that moment, he needed me as much as I needed him.
He was starting to blush, and, apart from Maya's door, that seemed to be looking at me, all that was in my mind was 'he can be so cute sometimes'. I felt kinda silly.

I put my head in his shoulder and sighed. His fingers started caressing my hand and I remembered yesterday's night, when he came to take care of me and did the same thing when he though I was asleep and couldn't see him. This boy is seriously so, so confusing.

''Everything's going to be okay'' he said. ''You don't need to worry''

His voice was determined, but I could felt the slight trembles of his body. He was also worried.

''Same goes to you''

I heard a soft laugh before silence fell again, but this time I didn't felt it like a weigh on my shoulders. Somehow, having him this close made me feel better.
We stayed there another half an hour before we heard the footsteps. A nurse had just came out of Maya's room. I tried to take a glance inside, but the door closed before I could see anything. The nurse came closer and I immediately stood up. Seth followed me. ''Good night'' she slightly smiled. ''My name is Virginia. I suppose you're Maya Jones and Joey Smith's friends?''

''We are'' I said.

''I'm the one who called you. I'm sorry I couldn't talk to you earlier, we were a bit busy''

I swallowed. I was not sure if I was gonna like what she had to say.
''Busy enough to keep us uninformed?'' Seth said. I blanked my eyes; he was being rude again. I hit him with my elbow before I talked again.

''What happened to them?'' I asked.
''Your friend's health was more important'' she raised an eyebrow. Seth had annoyed her, it was clear. ''A car hit them while they were crossing the road'' she finally explained.

My heart started beating faster than usual. I needed Seth, I needed his hand in mine, but I didn't dare to take it.
''The boy, Joey, is the most damaged'' she cleared her throat. ''He pushed Maya out of the way, didn't move too fast...''

''H-how are they...'' I started stuttering.
''Well, he fell over something on the floor, a piece of a bottle or something, that cut through his arm. He was bleeding so much we thought his brachial artery might be cut''

''But?'' Seth was losing his manners.

''You're one impatient, rude, english boy'' the nurse said, frowning. ''But his artery is fine. The crystal didn't get to it. He's awake and having a blood transfusion''
''What about... a-about...'' I couldn't speak. I was trembling so much I was afraid I would fall.

''How's Maya?'' Seth asked for me. He ran a hand through my back to reassure me, then pull it away.

''She hit her head hardly. She also has some minor wounds, but we are waiting till she wakes up''

''How long has she been asleep?'' Seth continued asking.

''I wouldn't call it asleep, more like a temporal coma'' she said. I freezed. ''She's been like that since the accident, three hours or so''

''Is she...'' I didn't find the strength to talk.

''I'm sure she'll wake up, don't worry'' she smiled at me. ''If there's something I can help you with, just call me'' she went into Maya's room and shut the door behind her.
I sat down on the couch. She had just told me my friend might be in a coma... how could I face that...

Seth sat down near me.

''She will wake up'' was the only thing he said.

''How are you so sure?''
''How are you not sure?'' he asked back. ''You know her better than anyone, she will fight this out''

Maybe he was right. I had to believe in her. She could do it.

''Jamie, if you want to... mmm...'' he stuttered as he blushed. ''If you need me to...''

Somehow, I knew he wanted me to go closer to him. So I did it.
He laughed.

''So, now you read minds... can you be weirder?''

I smiled back.

I was no longer unconfortable because of the silence, the only thing in this place that made me feel sick was the white door in front on me. I so, so wanted to go inside. But I had to wait. She would get out of that sleep, I knew it. I just had to wait a bit longer.
I heard a noise, but didn't paid much attention.

''WAIT, YOU'RE CUDDLING'' a very familiar voice shouted. ''I KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN'' I stared at her. She was alive, she was fine, she was standing on her feet all healthy and jumping of happiness. For god's sake, she had just had a car accident and still she was all joy. My heart started racing and I jumped out of the seat.
''Oh my god, what happened to your face...'' I said as I approached to her.

''We should see how your face would be if you had a car accident'' she joked. ''Glad to see you too, silly''

And then I threw myself into her arms.
''I thought you would never wake up'' I said, hugging her tightly. ''You scared the hell out of me''

''Don't worry, I'll be more careful from now on'' she promised. ''By the way... what were you and Seth doing, you impish girl?''

I blanked my eyes.
''Can we not talk about it today?'' I asked.

''What about all the things you had planned on telling him? Did you do it?'' she insisted. ''I guess it's all fine because you two were so close. I almost believed you didn't like him but then I came out of the room and... BOOM! Look at that!'' she talked so fast I hardly could understand everything she said.

''Maya, not today''

She pouted.
''You'll tell me everything when we get home. Deal?'' she begged.

''Okay, deal'' I wasn't on the mood for an argument. Besides, it was uncomfortable talking about Seth when he was in the same room.
''Come here, mate!'' said Joey behind me.

Seth had a big smile on his face. I could bet he hadn't notice he was smirking. That made me smile too. I was starting to get used to this little strange things of him.
Seth hugged his friend. Their friendship was strong, I could see how much they loved eachother, they were like brothers. When I first met Seth, I though he didn't love anyone, that he was an emotionless person. But he did love. And he did care for people.

Ha cared about me. Or that's what it seemed like.
''So... what happened?'' I asked.

''Oh, we were crossing the road, apparently the men driving the car didn't see us. My lovely boyfriend pushed me out of the way'' he smiled to Joey. Is the first time I've seen her like that... she seems in love.
''Wasn't too useful, though'' Joey said. ''You're still injured''

''Oh shut up, it was useful. Unless I didn't got my artery cut, and that's because of you'' she argumented.

This was actually funny.

''Look at us, healthy and safe'' she smiled at him again. I was a bit jealous, I wanted to know what love felt like.
''We should celebrate! Lets go have dinner together'' Joey proposed.

Seth stared at me for the first time since our friends came out of their rooms. He was serious again.
He was thinking, and probably regretting everything he had done to reassure me. That's what always happened when he started thinking things through.

And maybe I needed to clear my mind too, to get my thoughts back together, relax, and try to figure out what do I feel. Because I feel something I had never felt before.
''Jamie!'' Maya called me back to the real world. ''We're in, right?''

''I...'' I was confused. ''You should go, I'll walk home''

''Are you sure?'' she frowned.

''Yes. I think I need to be alone for a while'' I smiled at her.

Little did I know the walk wasn't gonna clear my mind and feelings, but to confuse me even more. Maybe I was starting to know what love felt like.
That's all for now! No cliffhanger this time hehehe. I'll try to make next chapter soon, but I can't promise anything :/ Hope you enjoyed this!

Credits to all the creators of the CC used in this story ^-^

(By the way, the pose in this picture was made by sweetwilightsims, so if you want it, go grab it!)

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#1katwoman3Mar 31, 2015

Shoot, that is totally a cliffhanger! Now I want to know if Seth feels the same way, or if these two will even develop any sort of relationship. Seth seems like that introverted kind of guy who doesn't just share things with a Mr. Darcy type from "Pride and Prejudice". How lovely would it be to see him sharing things with Jamie! *___* Whew, thank goodness Joey and Maya are okay! I swear, for a second I thought maybe Maya had made the nurse say she was in a coma, just to see if she could catch Jamie and Seth being all lovey-dovey lol.

Love this chapter and I can't wait for the next one. \:D

#2behemoth_blueMar 31, 2015

Whoa, I'm so glad Maya and Joey are OK.
Those scenes with Jamie and Seth waiting together were soooo cute! \:wub\:
Oh, and lol at Seth's "Busy enough to keep us uninformed?" in that accent of his. \:D

Jamie, Jamie, of course you're in love with him, haha! Funny thing is, it looks like Seth is actually the first one who realized he was in love with her and now he's trying to keep her away (and doing a lousy job of it \:\)) because he's this silent, a bit insecure type. It'll be interesting to see how things develop between them.

Again, Sil, everything was so beautiful and I can't wait for the next chapter!

#3Senti88VIPMar 31, 2015

Love this series, really you're doing an awesome job! I cannot wait for the next one I hope it doesn't take too long!!! Keep it up!!!!!!!

#4sweetwilightApr 2, 2015

I got worried about Maya but good thing she is alright! Nice

#5krystalchhakchuakApr 3, 2015

Great chapter! btw Jamie's really pretty and Seth's really hot (match made in heaven)well ummm.............5 stars! XD.

#6wasabichiNov 30, 2015

slide 14 made me want to push them so that they'd kiss. HAHAHA!
Seth, can you be this sweet all the time so that I won't have any second thoughts regarding you liking Jamie? teeeheeeeheeee! and phew! good to know that Maya and Joey are well.
off to the neeeext! \:\)

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